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Is eero Plus worth it?

If you’re looking into security options and already have a mesh WiFi network, you might be wondering what eero Plus or eero Secure is.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of those plans and help you determine whether or not it makes sense for your home.

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What is eero Plus?

eero Plus is a subscription service that enhances your internet with additional security features beyond standard eero offerings. It includes advanced security measures to protect against online threats, internet backup for maintaining connectivity, ad blocking for a cleaner browsing experience and VIP support for premium customer service.

Subscribers also gain access to a suite of tools for network management in the eero Plus app, including historical data tracking and content filtering for safer internet usage.

eero Plus integrates with any eero system, providing a comprehensive solution for your network’s internet safety, security and reliability.

eero Plus features

At a high level, eero offers WiFi scheduling, multi-admin access, a smart home hub and guest network creation—all right out of the box. Astound’s basic Whole Home WiFi eero subscription includes eero Secure for free. Both eero Secure and eero Plus have the following features:

    • Internet backup: An operational network in case of wired downtime.
    • Ad blocking: Network-level blocking of certain ad networks and trackers across all devices connected to your WiFi.
    • Advanced security: Enhances online safety by preventing access to sites known for phishing and viruses and by safeguarding against potential cyber threats.
    • App blocking: Network-level blocking of entire categories of apps for a certain device or profile.
    • Content filters: Network-level blocking of entire categories of sites for a certain device or profile.

If you want to gain the following additional features, simply subscribe to eero Plus:

    • DDNS: Remotely access your network regardless of dynamic IP changes.
    • VPN: All members get virtual private network access for up to five devices.
    • Malwarebytes: All members get a malware detector for up to three devices.
    • 1Password: All members get access to a 1Password Family membership for up to five accounts.

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eero Plus

eero Plus protects your family online with a password manager to safely create, store and share passwords, virus and malware protection and a VPN that lets you browse the web safely and securely.

A closer look at advanced features

Let’s examine four of these advanced features more in depth below.

Ad blocking

Ad Blocking blocks most ads across websites and applications, enhancing browsing, reducing distractions and improving page load times. However, it currently does not block ads on platforms like Hulu or YouTube.

Advanced security

eero Plus enhances the safety and security of eero networks with additional protective measures. Though eero devices receive regular security updates, eero Plus offers extra safeguards against malware and unsafe content across all network devices.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to see how many threats it has blocked.

Content filtering

With content filtering, users can set filter levels per profile to block unsuitable content across devices. Users experiencing unexpected site access can adjust settings or report inaccuracies with eero plus content filters.

Additionally, users can gain insights into filtering activity, giving an overview of the network and user behavior.

Backup internet

eero Internet Backup provides a backup internet connection via a mobile hotspot or WiFi network in case of outages. It automatically switches to this backup, keeping your connection to your network and smart devices, then reverts to the main connection once restored.

Up to eight backup sources can be set, making sure your home and devices stay connected during any disruption.

eero Plus vs. eero Secure

After setting up your WiFi in your new home or apartment and integrating your mesh WiFi, it’s time to decide how to secure your home network.
While both products offer great network protection, eero Secure should be treated as the baseline when considering security tools. Astound customers with a Whole Home WiFi subscription receive eero Secure at no additional cost.
Building on eero Secure, eero Plus adds dynamic DNS, a 1Password family plan, Malwarebytes protection, a VPN and WiFi Radio Analytics. As it offers more comprehensive protection, eero Plus gives users the control they need to create an optimized and secure online experience at home.

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Mesh WiFi with eero Secure

Enhanced Whole Home WiFi enables multiple WiFi routers (or eeros®) to work as a team, resulting in improved range, speed and stability of your WiFi network. Plus, with eero Secure now included at no additional cost, it keeps your family safe with parental controls, ad blocking and internet backup so you’re always connected.

Do I need eero Plus?

Statistically, every 39 seconds hackers try to penetrate or gain access to sensitive personal information. With hacking and cybercrime on the rise, a security solution is necessary for anyone accessing the web.

Cybercrimes can result in the theft of sensitive information, leading to reputational damage and financial loss for companies or individuals. It’s important to establish strong home network security measures to protect your digital life and mitigate the constantly evolving threats posed by cybercrime.

Learn more: 12-step network security checklist

Most home networks have a range of devices connected to them, such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs and home automation systems. Implementing basic steps to secure your home WiFi network will prevent hackers from infiltrating and stealing sensitive information.

Even though you may be able to protect yourself, the same can not be said for other users on your network. With eero Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that your network is safe for any user with enhanced security features.

So, do you need virus protection even if you have eero Plus?

Yes and no.
The service protects up to three devices with the included MalwareBytes subscription. If you’ll need to protect more devices, you may want to consider additional virus protection.

The simplest answer is to make sure you have some form of technology installed that can preview downloaded files, and only download applications from trusted sources.

However, if you live in our service zones and qualify, you can add McAfee Total Protection to your existing internet plan.

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Getting eero Plus with Astound

If you want to access the benefits of eero Plus, Astound makes it hassle-free to start now.

In addition, Astound includes eero Secure for free as part of your eero subscription. If you’re not already a subscriber, check your internet speed to understand where you’re starting from. After checking your internet speed, look into speeds that might be right for you or your household, such as 1 Gig internet or 1500 Mbps internet.

Once you’ve chosen a plan, you’ll have the option to install whole home WiFi, and we’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on getting your family connected. With whole home WiFi by eero set up, choose an eero Plus plan and start browsing securely.

eero Plus and VPN

With eero Plus, you get access to Guardian VPN on up to five devices to ensure secure browsing. The VPN, integrated within the eero app, protects devices it’s installed on.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) secures your network by stopping people, software and web browsers from being able to access your connection, and ensures the information you transmit and receive is secure and anonymous, rendering that information useless to anyone who might intercept it.
Protect your network with a whole home system like the eero Plus*, which includes a VPN.

*eero Plus requires subscription to Whole Home WiFi powered by eero.

If you’re looking for a safer web browsing experience, or just want to gain more control over your home network, try eero Plus.

You’ll benefit from enhanced network security and management over eero Secure with additional features like Guardian VPN for secure browsing on up to five devices, Internet Backup for connectivity during outages and advanced content filtering for family safety online.
eero Plus offers a comprehensive solution for those seeking robust protection against cyber threats and improved internet experience, making it worth investing in for users who prioritize network security and control.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. If you run a small business from your home office, you might consider working on your eero Plus network. However, if you’re a larger organization or commercial enterprise, we recommend looking into eero For Business.

Combining TrueMesh technology with business-focused tools, up to 100 devices can connect securely to your network and it’s just as easy to set up as eero Plus. You’ll benefit from Multi-SSID, captive portal and internet backup features, making WiFi management even easier for your company.

Yes. eero Plus can protect all the devices on your network—not only those with an interface, or the ability to install software. With eero Plus, you can trust your devices are protected from external threats.

Yes. If you’re looking for real-time threat detection and alerts, review the Activity Center in the eero app for a comprehensive overview of network security actions, including inspections, threat blocks and content filtering activities. You’ll be able to review detailed analyses of each security category, and see the safety measures eero is taking in real-time against malware, spyware, phishing and botnets.

Yes. With eero Plus, you’ll be protected against phishing and malicious websites.

Yes. Within Family Profiles, parents or guardians can create custom content filters and set specific filter levels tailored to age groups or content categories. You’ll also be able to access insights into blocked content, making sure your family is protected from unsuitable online material.

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eero Plus is available for an additional $9.99/month and requires subscription to whole home WiFi powered by eero.