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Wi-Fi Solutions

Fast, reliable, and secure business Wi-Fi

Enhanced Whole Business Wi-Fi, powered by eero

Now your business and your customers can enjoy reliable, secure Wi-Fi coverage in any part of your location without congestion and slow downs.


Automatically routes Wi-Fi traffic to avoid congestion and slow downs.


Constant security updates keep your office, lobby or store protected.

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Easily share a Wi-Fi access code to allow customers to join your guest network.


Automatic software updates bring new features and improved performance over time.

Four Squares

The mobile app makes it easy to manage your network in a few clicks. No separate IT department required.

Total Wi-Fi Control

The eero app gives you total control over your business wireless network.

  • Check speeds and connected devices.
  • Set schedules and create profiles for devices and users.
  • Provide customers access to a guest Wi-Fi network.
  • Automatically get updates, security patches and more.


Safeguard Your Wireless Network

When was the last time you logged into your router to update your security? Not on your radar, right?

Fortunately, eero protects your wireless network with advanced encryption and security protocols that update automatically, so you can rest easy.

Optimizes To Your Business

As soon as you set up your system, eero TrueMesh™ software begins learning from — and optimizing for — your space, devices, and network usage. So your Wi-Fi is not only fast and resilient, but intelligently adapts to your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fastest Wi-Fi speeds I can get for my business?+

eeros’ max rated transmit speeds are about 240Mbps at 2.4 GHz and about 600Mbps at 5 GHz. Over a wired connection, the max throughput locally is 1Gbps. Maximum wireless speeds are also dependent on the capabilities of the client device. It’s important to keep in mind that these are the maximum speeds we’ve seen with eero, but we like to think of Wi-Fi speed more in terms of what you can do with it. eero uses the latest standards to make sure you’re getting the speed you pay for in every corner of every room. It’s that perfect combination of speed and coverage that’s going to let you work, stream, play, or download anywhere in your business

How many eero do I need for my small business?+

Every business is unique and Astound’s Business Wi-Fi was designed to be flexible so that it can fit any business. Generally, we recommend one eero base or Beacon for every 1,200 square feet or 1-2 eero Beacons per floor. For small offices you will see best results with two eeros. One will replace your existing router and connect directly to your modem. The other will be placed at another spot to help blanket your business in fast, reliable Wi-Fi

My office has really thick walls. Will this solution work for my business?+

Yes. If you are having trouble getting Wi-Fi when you are not in the same room as your wireless router, several eeros that mesh together in a system will enable you to get Wi-Fi coverage throughout your business. Because thicker walls make it more difficult for Wi-Fi signals to pass through them, you may need more eeros to cover your business.

Does eero replace my current business Wi-Fi router?+

Yes, Astound’s Enhanced Business Wi-Fi is designed to replace your current router with a Wi-Fi system that provides greater internet connection and reliability throughout your business.

What is a mesh network and how does it benefit my business?+

Mesh networks enable multiple routers to work in unison to deliver hyper-fast, super-stable Wi-Fi. Each device in a mesh network connects to the other devices, rather than each device connecting to your Internet Service Provider. Unlike a typical network which is built around a centralized hub, a mesh network consists of multiple routers communicating with each other. The cool thing about mesh networks is that they enable multiple routers to work as a team. When all your routers can communicate and share information with each other, they can improve three important features of your network: range, speed, and stability.

How is a “mesh” network different than a range extender network?+

Unlike the familiar router-to-range extender network configuration, eero is a Wi-Fi system that uses multiple access points to provide your business with fast, reliable coverage all on a single network. Range extenders can expand the reach of your existing wireless network. This enables you to access the Internet when you’re not close enough to your router to receive a good signal. While range extenders can be effective in increasing wireless range, they reduce throughput and create performance issues. Range extenders can cut bandwidth in half because they rely on a single wireless radio to both listen for and broadcast data. This results in a slower connection when you’re receiving a Wi-Fi signal from your range extender and can also impact your connection speeds to your router.

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*Whole Business Wi-Fi: Activation and installation not included. $19.95 per month includes 1 eero base and 1 eero beacon/device. Each additional eero device beyond that is $5.00 per month, per device. ©2023, Inc. or its affiliates. eero and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. c/o eero LLC, 660 3rd St. San Francisco, CA.