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Get started with your home phone service

Set up your home phone with ease and start enjoying clear calls, increased reliability and 17 calling features that make it easier for you to stay connected with your colleagues, friends and family.

See who called,
from anywhere

Whether you’re home or away, you can manage your home phone settings all from your smart devices, or online with your computer, from anywhere.

Home phone shortcuts

Never miss an important call with this quick guide to your favorite phone features.


3-way calling

Anonymous call rejection

Call forwarding

Call return

Repeat call

Speed call

Selected call acceptance

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Replace number



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Block robo

Stop pesky, unwanted robocalls with Nomorobo. It’s easy to set up, simple to use.

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International rates

Know your home and mobile phone rates or access our nationwide calling plans.

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Global savers plan

Save money when you call internationally by adding our Global Savers Plan.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. There are three options for international calling plans. Global Saver Calling Plan has capped number of calling minutes and you choose when and where you want to call. The MiTelefono plan offers calling to 23 Latin American countries. Per-Minute International Calling covers over 200 countries with affordable calling rates.

Spam or robo-callers are a real problem. Block unwanted calls with Nomorob feature. This feature uses a list of phone numbers from the FCC Do Not Call list to block suspected calls.

There are seventeen convenient calling features included with your phone plan. Features like Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Nomorobo and more, you have all the power of advanced phone system right in your home office!

It’s easy to set-up and control your home phone settings. Manage your home phone settings all from your smart devices, or online with your computer, from anywhere. See who called, listen to voice mail, set call preferences, receive notifications, manage contacts and much more.


Not all phone services are available in all areas. Calls to international countries will be rated on a per-minute basis. Astound does not provide Caller ID equipment. Additional charges apply to new or moved phone jacks and may apply to additional cable jacks as well as custom or non-standard installation work. Other restrictions may apply.

When calling the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago and the Dominican Republic, dial 1 + Area Code + the number.

When calling all other countries, dial 011 + Country Code + Phone Number