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Top 9 benefits of mesh WiFi

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A reliable, stable internet connection with broad coverage has become necessary for many households. With more connected devices and an increased demand for consistent speeds, traditional routers have struggled to deliver continuous coverage in large homes or offices.

Mesh WiFi offers a solution by extending WiFi coverage and improving network reliability, enhancing your internet experience. This article explores the benefits of mesh WiFi and explains why it is a great investment for your home WiFi.

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What is Mesh WiFi?

Mesh WiFi is a wireless networking system consisting of multiple interconnected devices that work with a router to provide consistent internet coverage across an area. The devices, called nodes, create a network that maintains the WiFi signal’s strength and covers the dead zones throughout your home.

The nodes communicate with each other and act as relay points, transmitting data to and from other nodes and devices within the WiFi network. If one node fails or disconnects, the mesh system automatically reroutes data through different nodes, ensuring the network remains operational.

Benefits of mesh WiFi

Here are some benefits of having a mesh WiFi network in your home.

1. Great coverage throughout your home

Mesh WiFi systems improve coverage and ensure that every corner of your home receives a solid and stable WiFi signal. They are particularly beneficial for larger homes with complex layouts because they provide blanket coverage across all floors and rooms.

Traditional routers may struggle to broadcast the signals through walls or floors in the house, but the mesh WiFi nodes can easily be positioned in each room or floor to achieve comprehensive coverage.

2. Improved network performance

Mesh WiFi systems optimize network performance by optimizing WiFi speeds compared to traditional routers. They distribute internet signals faster and more evenly across the connected nodes rather than concentrating all traffic on a single router.

As you move throughout your house, your devices will automatically connect to the strongest available node without interruptions or delays.

By offering faster speeds and reduced lag, mesh WiFi systems are ideal to handle bandwidth-intensive activities like streaming and online gaming. These benefits provide lower latency and fast real-time response for a smooth gaming and streaming experience.

3. Easy setup

Setting up a mesh WiFi system is straightforward and user-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions. They come with a mobile app that allows you to set up the network, monitor and manage it from anywhere. The app also allows you to check speeds, add new nodes, set parental controls and manage device bandwidth.

4. Scalability

If your initial mesh WiFi setup does not provide enough coverage, you can quickly expand the network by adding additional nodes. Its scalability allows you to adjust your mesh WiFi system to your internet needs without requiring a total overhaul. Add a node to any area of your home that has less coverage.

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eero Plus

eero Plus protects your family online with a password manager to safely create, store and share passwords, virus and malware protection and a VPN that lets you browse the web safely and securely.

5. Enhanced security

Many mesh WiFi systems include modern security features, such as WPA3 encryption, to secure your WiFi from unauthorized access and cyber threats. They also receive automatic firmware updates to provide the latest security patches and bug fixes.

Some mesh WiFi systems offer built-in threat detection and prevention measures, including antivirus and anti-malware software. These features protect your home network from viruses, malware and other malicious threats from hackers.

6. Parental control features

Many mesh WiFi systems offer advanced parental control features that enable you to monitor and manage your children’s internet access. You can filter inappropriate content, set device time limits and pause internet access when needed.

7. Guest network feature

Mesh WiFi systems often offer the option to create separate guest networks, allowing you to provide visitors with internet access while maintaining the security of your primary network. Separate guest networks improve security and privacy by isolating guest devices and preventing potential cyber threats from accessing data or devices connected to the primary WiFi.

8. Smart home integration

Many modern mesh WiFi systems offer integration features with smart home devices, such as Amazon Alexa, that allow you to control the devices.
You can also manage bandwidth in your mesh network and prioritize specific devices or applications to ensure optimal performance for your smart devices.

9. Extend battery life for connected devices

Using a mesh WiFi system that supports WiFi 6 technology implements Target Wait Time (TWT) technology.

This technology helps devices maximize their battery life by allowing devices to decide when and how often they wake up to receive and send data. Devices won’t consume as much energy by trying to maintain a stable connection, resulting in improved battery life.

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Mesh WiFi with eero Secure

Enhanced Whole Home WiFi enables multiple WiFi routers (or eeros®) to work as a team, resulting in improved range, speed and stability of your WiFi network. Plus, with eero Secure now included at no additional cost, it keeps your family safe with parental controls, ad blocking and internet backup so you’re always connected.

Why choose eero mesh WiFi?

Consider the eero mesh WiFi system for your home network. It offers a range of features and benefits that enhance your overall internet experience. Some of the key features and benefits include:

    • eero’s TrueMesh technology adapts to your internet usage and needs by intelligently routing data through the most efficient paths in the network to eliminate dead zones. It optimizes the network by ensuring your devices are always connected to the strongest available node to provide consistent connection.
    • eero’s mobile app is a central hub for managing the network’s settings. It allows you to track personal information on devices and monitor them for potential threats.
    • The eero Secure service provides advanced eero WiFi security features, including content filtering, parental controls and ad blocking. Astound includes eero Secure at no additional charge in our basic Whole Home WiFi eero subscription.
    • eero Plus is available as an add-on to your eero subscription and adds additional security features including a password manager, a VPN service and anti-virus and malware protection.
    • eero mesh WiFi routers have built-in smart home integration features, which allow you to connect to your smart home devices through the eero app or voice commands like Alexa.
    • The eero mesh WiFi system supports the latest WiFi 7, WiFi 6e and WiFi 6 standards, which enable faster data speeds, lower latency and improved network performance for your home WiFi.

Choosing the eero mesh WiFi system enables you to enjoy consistent, comprehensive coverage and a high-performance internet experience throughout your home.
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Conclusion: Elevate your home network with Mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is a beneficial addition to your home WiFi, offering advantages including extensive coverage, increased network performance and enhanced security.

Consider investing in a mesh WiFi system such as eero to elevate your home network and enjoy the benefits of fast, reliable and secure internet access.

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Frequently asked questions

Mesh WiFi is a better option than a WiFi extender, as it creates a unifying network of nodes that provides full coverage and a consistent connection throughout your home.

On the other hand, WiFi extenders require manual switching between the extenders and the router while rebroadcasting its signal, resulting in frequent disconnections and poor network performance.

Mesh WiFi systems are wireless network systems that do not necessarily need to be hardwired, but connecting them using Ethernet cables between each node can improve speeds and network stability.

The main mesh router (gateway router) that connects to the traditional router or modem should be placed as centrally as possible in your home. The corresponding wireless nodes should be spread out across your home but not more than 50 feet away from each other for optimal coverage.

In addition, place the nodes in the open on elevated positions, such as tables or shelves, away from obstructions like walls or other devices. Obstruction can block or interfere with the transmitting WiFi signals.

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