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Why is my data not working?

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Before troubleshooting, make sure of the following:

      • Your line of service is active
      • You are in an area that has coverage
      • Airplane mode is turned off
      • WiFi calling is turned off
      • You are not connected to VPN
      • There is no visible physical damage to the SIM card

If your device meets the criteria above and you still have no data connectivity, proceed with the troubleshooting steps below.

General issues

Common general issues regarding mobile data connectivity may be network related because of the following issues:

1. Out of the coverage area

Some smaller towns, rural areas, and some parts of cities might not have network connectivity for data transfer (download and upload). Please review the coverage map to check cover.

2. In an area with limited coverage

Depending on where you are when you’re using your mobile device, sometimes obstructions such as buildings, terrain, and limited network coverage may be the primary cause. Please review the coverage map to check coverage.

3. High traffic congestion

Occasionally there may be times when there is heavy data usage across the network in high density areas or during large events which may have an impact on data speeds and connectivity. This issue will generally correct itself.

Network outages

Network outages are caused by a wide range of factors including weather, natural disasters, technical failures and vendor partner related issues. Please visit our website or contact us for updates.

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Airplane mode

If your phone isn’t connecting to your cellular network or WiFi, there’s a good chance Airplane Mode is enabled. Airplane Mode prevents your phone from connecting to any kind of network. It’s also in the quick settings panel of most devices, so it’s easy to toggle for travelers.

If Airplane Mode is enabled, turning it off should fix your cellular data. In your phone settings, please ensure that the toggle button is turned off when not traveling by air.

Restart your phone

Most data connectivity issues (and many other software issues on the phone) can be resolved with a simple restart. To restart your phone, long-press the power button then hit on Restart.

Enable data roaming

Data roaming is when your phone leaves your primary carrier’s network and connects to a different one so you don’t lose service. No network covers the entire nation, and in this regard the big three national carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile) formed roaming agreements that allow their customers to use each other’s networks.

Phone cellular settings

Data roaming is usually enabled on your device automatically because it’s a free service from most carriers. However, if roaming is turned off, your phone won’t connect to cellular data if you lose signal to your carrier’s network. Check the cellular options in your settings to make sure it’s turned on.

Reset your network settings

Resetting your network settings should be one of the last steps you try because it disconnects you from all networks and erases your connection history.

After it’s complete, your mobile device will connect to the cellular network automatically, but all WiFi networks, Bluetooth pairings, and VPN information will be erased.

Customer care

If mobile data is not working on your iPhone or Android phone, then it could be a problem with your network or your device and you have tried troubleshooting the steps above please contact us at 1.800.427.8686.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Astound Mobile data usage is securely tracked each month and is driven by how often you use your phone to make calls or access the Internet. Your data usage is continually updated, so you know how much you’re using throughout the month.

You can see your data usage on your Astound Mobile online account or through the Astound Mobile app. Select the “Activity” tab to view your data usage details.

If you use up the data allotment included with your plan, you will need to purchase additional GB of data. The cost will vary depending on which plan you have selected. You can make a purchase of additional data through or the Astound Mobile app.

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