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Astound TV set-top box self-install

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This guide will assist you in connecting and setting up your Astound TV Set-Top Box. Our installation guide is easy-to-use and will get you off to a great start!

Step 1

Connecting the set-top box (STB)

1. With the TV powered on, connect the HDMI (B) cable from the STB to the input of the TV. Please ensure that the TV is on that input source.

TV Set-top box Steps

2. If the STB is close to your router, connect an Ethernet cable (A) from the router to the STB. If your router is not close to the STB you will need a strong Wi-Fi signal available to connect to.

3. Plug in the power cord (C).

Step 2

Upon powering up you now see the following screens.
The Boot up process takes approximately 2 minutes

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 3

If you have an Android phone, you may use it to complete the STB set up.

Select Continue and follow the on screen instructions.

TV Set-top box Steps

If you don’t have an Android phone, please select Skip to use the TV and Remote to complete the set up. Proceed to Steps 4 & 5.

Step 4

If your STB is not wired to your router you will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Locate your network’s name and press OK on the remote.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 5

Using the remote, enter the password for your network (this is case sensitive). When your password has been entered, highlight the forward arrow button and press OK on the remote.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 6

Your STB will now connect to your Wi-Fi network, and check for any firmware updates.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 7

Sign in to make the most of your experience by getting apps, recommendations, movies, the assistant and more from Google.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 8

Use your remote to complete your login using your Gmail account information.

TV Set-top box Steps
TV Set-top box Steps

Step 9

Accept the Google Terms of Service.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 10

Turning on the Google location will allow your device’s location to improve your experience. Your STB is powered by Astound, and you can help improve the experience by sending diagnostic information to Google.

TV Set-top box Steps

You can adjust these permissions at any time from the device settings.

Step 11

If you have not signed into your google account, you can still use the Google Assistant if you choose to.

TV Set-top box Steps

Step 12: Tips

The next few screens will help you fine tune your Google Assistant and Astound TV experience.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

    1. Choose a name for your Pyxis-Astound: Give your device a name to identify it when casting or connecting from other devices
TV Set-top box Steps
    1. Your Pyxis is powered by androidtv: Walk through the features with a click of the arrow button
TV Set-top box Steps
    1. Get apps from Google Play: The Google Play Store offers apps you’ll love — watch shows, livestream sports or play games
TV Set-top box Steps
    1. Talk to the Google Assistant: After Setup, press the mic button on your remote to verbally find movies, the big game, or control your TV
TV Set-top box Step 12
    1. Cast to your TV: With Chromecast built in, you can quickly cast photos, videos and music from your phone right to your TV
TV Set-top box Steps

Step 13

The TiVo Experience will now start up…you are almost done.

The TiVo picture will remain for a few seconds. It will scan for devices and will require your information. Follow the on-screen prompts to pair the remote to an Audio Receiver if recognized.

TV Set-top box Step13

Step 14

You will be given the option to set a few “One Passes” and preload a few popular Streaming Apps. You can select the items that interest you and click Done, or you can skip this step.

TV Set-top box Steps
TV Set-top box Steps

Congratulations! Your Astound TV Set-Top Box is now set up and will arrive at the TiVo Home screen.

TV Set-top box Steps

From here you can watch Live TV, go to your MyShows (DVR) list, get inspired with What to Watch, view the Guide, find Apps & Games to play and so much more.

TV Set-top box Step14

To use voice controls, press and release the Google Assistant button on the remote.

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Now that you’re connected to Astound TV service, you can download the Astound TV+ App on your Apple TV, Fire TV, phone, tablet and other devices.

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*Ability to stream content out-of-home may be limited and is dictated by the content provider.

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