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Storm Recovery

Storm Recovery: We are continuing to monitor restoration to commercial power in our service areas. As commercial power is restored, we will be assessing all areas where Astound service has been interrupted and working to restore your service as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience as we recover from Hurricane Beryl.

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Maximize your mobile experience with our informative articles on data, plans, equipment and more.

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Traveling couple look at phone together in an outdoor bistro at night

13 ways to lower your cell phone bill

Cell phone bills can be costly. Discover practical strategies to lower your cell phone bill and save money without sacrificing connectivity.

Asian woman in metro station using mobile device

What’s the difference? WiFi vs. cellular

Learning the difference between WiFi vs. cellular data will help you understand and decide what options will work best for your data needs.

Dad taking a picture of his daughter holding a cupcake

How to secure your mobile phone from hackers

Looking to secure your mobile phone? Learn about the types of mobile security threats that exist and discover ways to secure your phone...


Can using a mobile hotspot replace home internet?

Thinking of replacing your home internet with a mobile hotspot? Learn about the differences between mobile hotspots and WiFi to help you make a decision.

Man uses mobile phone while hiking in wilderness mountains

What is the difference between data roaming and mobile data?

Understanding the difference between data roaming & mobile data helps mobile consumers avoid unexpected fees, manage data usage, and lower bills.

Kids taking a picture on a cell phone in the park

How to make mobile data faster

Do you want to learn how to improve your mobile speeds? Discover why your mobile data connection is slow and how to make it faster.

Woman in kayak films mountain scenery with mobile phone

How much cell phone data do I need?

Understand how much cell phone data you need and what cell phone plan can support your personal and or professional needs...

Group selfie with multiracial friend group

How to reduce mobile data usage

Learn how to reduce mobile data usage with these ten simple tips. Stay connected without exceeding your budget with our expert advice...

Woman outside with scarf and coffee checks her phone

What happens when you go over your data limit?

Learn about what you can expect if you go over your data limit and how you can check what your limit is...

Hands turn off mobile data when outdoors and away from wifi

What happens when you turn off your mobile data?

Learn why you might want to consider turning off cellular data on your smartphone and what happens when it’s turned off.

Couple on sofa feed a baby while checking their phone bill

What is the average cell phone bill per month?

Cell phones are an essential part of our lives, and like other necessities, they can have a significant impact on our budget...

Three women with multiple mobile devices gather around a table looking at a mobile phone

What are cell phone plans?

Learn what cell phone plans are, and how to choose the best mobile plan for you and your family...

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Astound mobile savings calculator

Think we can find the best mobile plan for you in just 3 easy steps? Let's find out.

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Switch to Astound Mobile deals

Make the switch to Astound Mobile and pay less for the nation's best network. Explore switching deals and bring your own phone to Astound.

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Cell phone, unlimited data & family phone plans

Your mobile plan should fit you. To do more. Be more. With Astound Mobile you only pay for what you need, by the gig or go unlimited!

Dad talks on mobile phone while holding baby

Do I need a new SIM card to switch carriers?

Are you thinking about switching carriers? Learn about SIM cards and whether you need a new one to make the move as simple as possible.

Man outside airport uses mobile phone while traveling

How to use dual SIM cards on your phone

Learn the benefits of using dual SIM cards on your smartphone and how to set it up for your personal and professional life to gain more from your service plans.

Posh dark-skinned woman shopping smiles at her new upgraded mobile phone

How do phone upgrades work? Everything you need to know

Find out all about phone upgrades, how to navigate the process and how to maximize your phone upgrade experience.

SIM cards next to a mobile phone

What is a SIM card?

Read to learn what a SIM card is, different types of SIM cards and the benefits and drawbacks of each...

What is eSIM - mobile phone with eSIM symbol in dark mode against techy background

What is an eSIM card?

Learn about the embedded SIM card, or eSIM, and how it works on mobile devices. Discover the advantages of an eSIM and how it compares to SIM cards...

Man activates mobile account

How to activate your Astound Mobile account

Follow these steps and tips to get off to a great start with your Astound Mobile service activation...

Mom and daughter lie in bed and check a mobile phone together

How to activate a SIM card or eSIM

Whether you're transferring a number from your previous carrier or getting a new number, we've made the activation process simple...

Man walking in the outdoors talking on his mobile device

Bring your own device

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows mobile customers to switch an unlocked, compatible phone from their current wireless carrier network to a new network.

man sitting on a couch scrolling his phone

Astound Mobile upgrade for current Astound customers

Switching to Astound Mobile is easy using your MyAstound account. Login now and add Astound Mobile today.

Two casually dressed young guys smile at something on a mobile phone

How to transfer your phone number

Keep your existing phone number when you switch to Astound Mobile. This process is referred to as porting a phone number.

America’s largest, fastest, most reliable 5G network

Get mobile on one of the largest and most powerful nationwide 5G networks that connects you to your world with speed, performance and reliability. Stream, browse, talk and text with confidence!


What internet speed do you need?

Explore your options to get the best experience for every device in your home.


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