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Understanding your bill

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Welcome to your new billing statement

Your new statement is designed to be easy to read and review. Take a look through the numbered sections on the sample images below for tips to quickly understand your bill.
Learn more: 5 ways to pay your bill
Note that the images provided are for demonstration only and any specific services shown are subject to local availability. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Understanding your new statement

Statement first page

1. Account Number and Payment Due Date
This is your 13-digit account number and the date your payment is due.

2. Account PIN
You will be prompted by Customer Care to provide this 6-digit security code when inquiring about your account.

3. Contact Us
Flexible options to help you reach us.

4. Summary
Previous and Current Charges each summarize your bill amount, payments previously received, and current charges with the total amount due.

5. Messaging Center
Important account information or news from Astound Broadband.

6. Payment Coupon and Balance Due
Simply tear off and return with your check or money order for the Total Amount Due by the Due Date shown.

Getting to the details

Statement detail page

7. Payment, Charges, and Usage Detail
These sections detail your payments received during the last statement period, current monthly charges, and any other usage charges.

8. Taxes, Surcharges & Fees
Consolidated details of taxes, surcharges and fees applied to your account are grouped in one simplified section.

9. About Your Cable TV Services
This section is a breakdown of the cable TV charges on your statement. Basically this identifies how many dollars are associated for cable TV only.

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Don’t have a MyAstound Account?

Here’s how to register:

  1. Visit MyAstound Account Signup
  2. Fill in the registration form
  3. Have your Astound Account number from your bill handy!

Frequently asked questions

Visit the Customer Center to create a MyAstound Broadband account for free online access to your Astound Broadband account. Be sure to have your account name, number and security password ready to sign up. Once logged on you can view and pay your bill online or if you’re mobile download our Astound Broadband Mobile app! Astound Broadband accepts payments using the app or online using credit or debit cards with the VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express logo and by direct debit from a bank checking account.

Understanding Your Bill provides an overview of the information that appears on your residential bill each month.

To avoid the possibility of incurring late fees, Astound Broadband recommends paying your bill immediately upon receiving your monthly statement. Your due date will be listed on your monthly statement.

Astound Broadband encourages customers to make timely payments to avoid late fees and possible service interruption. Astound Broadband reserves the right to charge late fees when payments are not made on time. If you are charged a late fee, you will be notified through a printed message on your bill.

Call 877-Astound Broadband-BILL (877-726-2455) and select the option for making payment arrangements. This will put you in touch with a customer service representative who will help you settle your account.

Call 877-Astound Broadband-BILL (877-726-2455) and select the option for making payment arrangements. This will put you in touch with a customer service representative who will help you settle your account. And yes, you will have to pay a reconnect fee for each Astound Broadband service (cable, phone, Internet) that has been shut off due to late payment and reconnected. If you have any past due balance, it must be paid in full before Astound Broadband can restore your service.

Yes! Visit the Customer Center to create a MyAstound Broadband account for free online access to your Astound Broadband account. Be sure to have your account name, number and security password ready to sign up. Once logged on you can choose the billing method that’s right for you, look for Paperless Billing. On-the-go? Download the Astound Broadband Mobile app for easy access to view your bill, make payments, update your billing method and more!

Visit the Customer Center and register for our My Astound Broadband service. Once you’ve registered and logged on to the system, visit the Account Summary page. Then click on the “View Previous Statements” button below the current statement. You will be presented with a list of past statements. Click on the statement you want to view. Astound Broadband will keep up to 12 months of statements online. We recommend that you copy the PDF files to your hard drive for safe keeping.

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer in order to view your bills, which are displayed as PDF documents in your web browser. (Many web browsers/computers come with Adobe Acrobat already included, if yours does not, download Adobe Acrobat now).

Yes. To pay an Astound Broadband bill for a friend or family member, call 1.800.RING. Astound Broadband and use our automated phone system to make the payment. You will need to have the account number handy for the bill you are paying. Currently, you cannot pay a bill for someone else online. This option is only available through our automated phone system.

Astound Broadband does not collect a deposit for cable TV converter boxes.

Only dial-up Internet customers may pre-pay for a year of service. Astound Broadband does not currently accept pre-payments for other services.

Astound Broadband does not currently offer bills in other languages.

All cable TV, phone, and Internet services are available on one bill from Astound Broadband. If you have been receiving separate bills and wish to receive one bill, then call Customer Service at 1.800.RING.Astound Broadband.

We’re sorry to hear that you want to downgrade or cancel your service. Please contact us at 800-RING-Astound Broadband (800-746-4726) so we may assist you.

Looking for something else?

Check out the Support Center for all billing help and support-related information.


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