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What to watch on Netflix
(February 2023)

The best shows and movies to watch on Netflix this February include Outer Banks, You, Freeridge, Ginny & Georgia, Big Mouth, That ‘90s Show, Emily in Paris, The Recruit, Vikings: Valhalla, Wednesday, and First Kill.

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Reality shows & documentaries

Perfect Match (1 Season)

A mix of some of Netflix’s most famous reality stars return as they search for their perfect match.

Dream Home Makeover (4 Seasons)

The McGees work to give families the homes of their dreams.

Bling Empire (3 Seasons)

Come along for the fun as wildly wealthy East Asian and East Asian American partygoers take on L.A. in this reality series.

Buy My House (1 Season)

Homeowners try to convince experienced real estate investors to buy their houses.

The Ultimatum (1 Season)

A deadline is set, and in just eight weeks, couples have to decide whether to get married or move on.

The Mole (1 Season)

Contestants must work together to win this reboot of the classic competition series.

Nailed It! (6 Seasons)

Another batch of “bakers” try their hand at creating the least terrible confection in exchange for $10k.

Bake Squad (1 Season)

Four talented bakers, selected by Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi, compete to see whose extravagant dessert will be chosen for someone’s special day.

Wild Babies (1 Season)

Get a glimpse into the lives of the littlest wild animals, including lions, elephants, penguins and pangolins in this nature documentary.

Love is Blind (3 seasons)

People looking for love engage in an entire courtship, up to getting engaged, without ever seeing their potential suitor.

The Circle (4 Seasons)

A competition to see who has the most social media clout, with players only communicating with one another via social media platform called “The Circle”.

Floor is Lava (3 Seasons)

Teams have to complete an obstacle course where the floor has been flooded with fake lava.

What to watch this month

Looking for something new to watch? We’ve got a round-up of the best new releases available On Demand and what’s coming to Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix this month.

Freeridge (1 Season)

This coming-of-age comedy centers on a group of friends who accidentally unleash a deadly curse.

That ‘90s Show (1 Season)

This spin-off of That ‘70s Show follows Donna and Eric’s daughter, Leia, as she spends the summer of 1995 with her grandparents Kitty and Red.

Ginny & Georgia (2 Seasons)

An angsty teenager, Ginny often feels more mature than her dynamic and unpredictable mother, Georgia.

Blockbuster (1 Season)

Blockbuster Video is down to its last store in the country, and it’s Timmy Yoon’s job to keep it relevant.

The Recruit (1 Season)

 A CIA lawyer is endangered when a former asset threatens to reveal her identity.

Wednesday (1 Season)

A young Wednesday Addams discovers she possesses psychic abilities. She tries to prevent a killing spree and solve a mystery that happened 25 years ago.

Emily in Paris (3 Seasons)

Emily has to decide what path to take, both in career and love.

Big Mouth (6 Seasons)

Nick (Nick Kroll) and his friends continue to navigate growing up in the latest season of the edgy animated series.

Never Have I Ever (3 Seasons)

Devi copes with high school pressures, home drama and new romantic relationships.

Cobra Kai (5 Seasons)

Terry Silver continues expanding the Cobra Kai empire to spread his “No Mercy” karate style.

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The best kids shows streaming on Netflix right now are:

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous (5 Seasons)

The campers face new dangers even as they are closer to going home than ever before.

Fate: The Winx Saga (2 Seasons)

In this live-action version of Nickelodeon’s Winx Club, Bloom learns how to control her magical powers in the Otherworld.

Locke & Key (3 Seasons)

The Locke family believes they have destroyed the big demon, but more danger awaits them.

Lost in Space (3 Seasons)

The Robinson family fights hidden dangers after crash landing on a distant planet.

Scaredy Cats (1 Season)

Willa receives a birthday gift that reveals a secret world of talking animals, witches and more!

You (4 Seasons)

Serial killer and stalker Joe moves to London to hunt his latest obsession.

Outer Banks (3 Seasons)

A group of teenagers finds themselves marooned on a desert island after leaving the Outer Banks.

Kaleidoscope (1 Season)

A heist series with retribution and disloyalty that you can watch in any order.

Vikings: Valhalla (2 Seasons)

This follow-up series to ‘Vikings’ is set 100 years later and follows the adventures of Leif Erikson, Freydis and Norman King William the Conquerer.

Manifest (4 Seasons)

When a commercial airliner finally lands after being missing for several years, the passengers discover they have unusual powers.

Stranger Things (4 Seasons)

Six months have passed since the Battle of Starcourt, which brought terror and destruction to Hawkins. After the attack, our friends find themselves separated for the first time.

The Lincoln Lawyer (1 Season)

Mickey Haller, an iconoclastic idealist, runs his law firm out of the back of his Lincoln, taking on cases big and small across Los Angeles.

Lupin (2 Seasons)

Assane’s quest for revenge has torn his family to pieces. With his back to the wall, he now has to think of a new plan, even if it means putting himself in danger.

Selena: The Series (2 Seasons)

Selena fights to balance time with her new husband and family as she continues her journey to stardom.

Jupiter’s Legacy (1 Season)

This epic drama follows the children of super heroes as they fight to live up to their legacy.

Shadow and Bone (1 Season)

Dark forces conspire against orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov when she unleashes an extraordinary power that could change the fate of her war-torn world.

First Kill (1 Season)

A teenager vampire and vampire hunter can’t decide whether to kill or date each other.

Fakes (1 Season)

Two teenagers inadvertently build a fake ID empire.

Who Killed Sara? (3 Seasons)

A man decides to avenge his sister’s death after spending nearly two decades in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Savage Beauty (1 Season)

This South African series focuses on a woman who exacts revenge on a powerful family with a global beauty empire.

Ozark (4 Seasons)

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star as a couple who move to the Ozarks and have to launder money for a drug boss.

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