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Coming Soon: Your new ‘’ email address

Your email address is changing. Read here for more information.

As part of the transition from WOW! to Astound Broadband, we have to move where your email accounts are hosted. Because of this change, we have to issue updated email addresses using the ‘’ email domain.

All customers’ email accounts will be moved beginning late November and through the month of December. We’ll be in touch with specific details about when your email account will be moved to the new servers.

No, you will not lose your emails. We are going to copy all emails that are in your WOW! email inbox and move them to your new Astound email in inbox so you will continue to have access to them. In addition, we’ll also retain all contacts and calendar entries.

For a limited period of time, you will still be able to access your WOW! email inbox. After 3/1/2023, you will no longer be able to login to the WOW! email account.

We will send you what your new email address is so you have it for your records. For the majority of customers, you will continue to use your WOW! login, but it will now end with ‘’ So if your email address previously was ‘’ it will now be ‘’ Our email notification will tell you what your ‘’ email address will be.

You will use your current WOW! password for your initial login so please be sure to take note of it so you have it for your records. If you don’t remember what your current WOW! password is, please call our care agents to help you reset it at 1.800.427.8686.

Yes, if you use your WOW! email address to login into third-party sites such as your bank, healthcare provider, streaming services, shopping sites, etc., you will need to update your email address before 3/1/2023 so you may continue to receive emails from these businesses/services.

Yes, you will need to update your login information on all mobile devices prior to 3/1/2023. Make sure to change your incoming and outgoing server information to

No, there should be no changes to your inbox except you’ll see the Astound logo. It will look the same and how you use it should be the same.

If your device or client supports it, auto-configuration should do most of the work for you.  

If you are manually entering the configuration, your incoming and outgoing mail server will be  All standard ports and encryption methods are supported and we recommend using encrypted settings.

Here are links to instructions describing how to configure your device(s) to access your new Astound email:

Apple iPhone, iPad:

Apple Mac:

Microsoft Outlook:

Windows Live Mail:




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