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Storm Watch
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A winter weather advisory is in effect for Western Washington from 1pm Tuesday, 11/29 until 10am Wednesday, 11/30. Forecasts predict snow accumulations mixed with sleet and rain. Commercial power outages are possible. Please be patient, take precautions, follow advisories and, above all, stay safe.

Be assured that when weather events threaten our area, we take appropriate measures to monitor and respond to the possible impact of the storm. More information >>

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DOGTV - the first TV channel for dogs

DOGTV is a TV channel dedicated to dogs as viewers, using scientifically developed content to improve the lives of stay-at-home dogs and consequently, their owners. The channel provides safe content to stimulate, relax and entertain dogs that are left home alone for many hours every day.

New! DOGTV now also various shows for dog parents too including Paws For Love, The Dog Chef and many more!

To access DOGTV, go to channel 1 or push the On Demand button on your remote:

  • Scroll down to Special Interest folder
  • Go to the DOGTV folder
  • Select Programming


Visual and auditory content
that your dog will love.



Programs were scientifically designed with some of the world’s leading pet experts.

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

Great for reducing stress and separation anxiety. See for yourself!

Trailers & Extras

The whole world is barking about it!

Everything you need to know about the first TV channel for dogs.

Dogs Watching DOGTV

Some amazing moments of dogs watching DOGTV, sent by our viewers.

How to Use DOGTV

DOGTV’s expert discuss the advantages of DOGTV.

DOGTV is now available

DOGTV is now available

DOGTV’s programming was designed after three years of research, alongside 60 universities and some of the world’s leading pet experts. DOGTV caters to the unique way dogs see and hear, including color vision, sound and point of view.

New! In addition to hundreds of programs for your dog, DOGTV’s channel now includes various shows for dog parents too including Paws For Love, The Dog Chef and many more!

Try it today!