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How to stream full-time as a college student


If you’re trying to stream full time and attend college, you may feel like you’re managing multiple lives. Coursework, friends, extracurriculars and other commitments might challenge your dedication to streaming full time.

With the right scheduling management tools, an understanding of the necessary technology, and strategic thinking, you can stream full time as a college student.

Read on to learn more about the logistics of streaming, how to balance your schedule, and what you’ll need to get started immediately.


How do you find time to stream as a student?

If your class schedule is always full, you can still find time to stream and manage your academics.

Check out our suggestions below for organizing your time.

    • Use calendar management tools like Google Calendar to manage your classes, streaming times, and other activities.
    • While you should prioritize your academics, you can also choose classes that allow more time for streaming.
    • Free project management tools like Trello can help you organize your assignments, streaming requirements, and other activities with deadlines.
    • If you don’t take classes on the weekends, you can use them to do most of your streaming.
    • If you have a study group, you can combine it with streaming by inviting your friends to stay for a streaming session afterwards.

What if I work part time, stream, and go to college full time?

Are you working part time and taking classes? The demands of a tight schedule can affect your schoolwork, job, and health.

The following tips may help you balance your activities while streaming.

    • Start small. Viewing streaming as a hobby rather than a high-pressure activity will help make it feel more like fun than work.
    • Make it a habit. Schedule an hour or two of daily streaming after finishing schoolwork and your job.
    • Use tools. Time-tracking tools like Toggl can help you track the time you spend streaming, working and on schoolwork. You can create time reports on how long those activities take and plan for the future.
    • Track your progress. Check in with yourself to see if you are successfully allocating time to your academics, job, and streaming plans. Revisit your calendar and determine when you can put more time into streaming.

You may need to reduce your streaming or take breaks sometimes, especially around exam periods or if you have job deadlines.

Learn to set limits and prioritize one obligation over another when necessary.

Asian-college-student-streams-with-high-quality-equipment-to demo-products-in-dorm-room

How does streaming in a dorm room work?

Not all college dorm rooms have a reliable internet connection, which presents challenges if you want to start streaming. Call your university’s tech support to confirm you have sufficient bandwidth to stream.

Regardless of the bandwidth, you’ll need to consider getting the following dedicated equipment to stream from your dorm room or anywhere else.

The right equipment counts:

    • A machine to stream from, such as a gaming console or PC.
    • A powerful gaming router.
    • An account with a streaming platform, such as YouTube Live, Twitch, or Discord.
    • High-quality microphones and audio mixers.
    • A high-quality web camera.
    • Lighting fixtures like LED rings.
    • Streaming software like Twitch Studio, YouTube Studio, or OBS Studio.

You can also stream from your smartphone, but this may require a more intensive setup.


Potential streaming restrictions and rules to be aware of

Streaming poses some obstacles since a dorm room is a shared living space. Here are some ways to mitigate potential problems that might arise from streaming in a dorm room:

Shared space strategies

    • Timing. Be cautious of volume and stream interruptions. Give your roommates notice and plan together for a schedule that fits everyone’s needs.
    • Cooperation. Involve your roommates in the stream by playing multiplayer games.
    • Bandwidth. Your college may limit the bandwidth available to students or slow speeds during peak times. Streaming needs gigabit speeds that provide reliability. You can improve your internet connection using Ethernet cables or add mesh WiFi system to your router to boost your internet speeds.
    • Content firewalls. Colleges usually have strict firewalls and policies around the types of content that can be created or shared within their networks. Content considered illegal, obscene, or violating the college’s code of conduct may block your device’s IP address.

IP unblocking

If your device’s IP address is blocked, you can try the tips below to unblock it:

    • Some colleges blacklist Twitch or other streaming platforms. Contact the IT department at your college and explain your situation. They may allow your IP address or provide a solution.
    • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to bypass different IP bans by encrypting your internet traffic and redirecting it through another server, making it appear to originate from a different IP address. However, be cautious to ensure you are not violating any restrictions by using a VPN.

The total gaming solution

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Create a dedicated streaming space

You’ll need a dedicated streaming space, the right equipment, and adequate internet speeds, such as those provided by fiber internet, for your streaming setup.

A streaming space can be within your dorm room or in another location at your school.

Young-woman-streams-in-her-college-dorm-in front of a curtain room divider

Setting up in your dorm room

You can create a streaming space in your dorm room using the following tips:

    • Soundproof your streaming space with thick drapes, blankets, or acoustic panels so viewers cannot hear background noise.
    • Establish physical boundaries, such as backdrops, curtains, or room dividers, to give your roommates privacy and space.
    • Use signs to indicate that you are streaming.
    • Make sure your internet connection is stable. You can set up your gaming router to provide faster speeds for a smooth streaming experience.

Alternate streaming locations

If you cannot set up a streaming space in your dorm room, try to make one within the school. A great way to achieve this is by creating a streaming community within the school.

To create a community, you can:

    • Join a computer science or video game club and tell people you want to stream. If there’s no such club, start your own and register it with the school.
    • Use a tool like Canva to create posters or flyers announcing your streaming channel and post them around the school. Encourage your friends to hand out the flyers, too.
    • Create social media accounts so your friends can follow you. These accounts will help build your digital presence and get people around the school talking about your channel.
    • Start fundraising for charities you are passionate about in school and create campaigns to support these charities. Platforms like Tiltify, JustGiving, or DonorDrive are fundraising platforms that allow you to create campaigns to support charity organizations.

Securing your stream

In addition, you should pay attention to data security and online privacy to avoid being targeted by hackers and other cybercriminals.

If you use your router, secure your WiFi using the following tips:

    • Ensure you use a strong password for your Wi-Fi and enable two-factor authentication to secure your streaming account.
    • Don’t disclose sensitive information about your streaming accounts to anyone.
    • When creating an account for your streaming platform of choice, use a different email address from your most used email account. Also, use a fake birthdate.
    • Ensure physical security by covering your webcam when not in use.

Set realistic streaming goals

To become a successful streamer, you must define what you want from streaming, which can be a career or a hobby.

According to Streamerfacts, you will need to have at least 100 to 200+ concurrent viewers to make around $1500 to $2000 and more from Twitch, and extra income from other sources such as merchandise or sponsorships.

With these numbers of viewers, you would be a Twitch partner and can monetize your channel through subscriptions, ads or bit donations.

Some of the strategies you can use to achieve your streaming goals are:

    • Set a viewership goal per stream, for example, 10 or 20 viewers. Be patient, as your early streams may have fewer views.
    • Record and review your first month’s streams to check what you can improve in the broadcast, video, and content. Make plans to improve the quality of your streams.
    • Monitor your live-streaming activity in real time with YouTube Channel Analytics or your Twitch Creator Dashboard. Discover which videos have more views and center your streams on that content.
    • Seek out ad or affiliate partners to further monetize your channel. Make a list of possible accounts, brands, or products that you could advertise on your channel and reach out for partnership deals.
    • Determine how much money you expect to bring in within six months from channel viewership, ad, and affiliate partnership revenue. Revisit your estimate every six months.
    • Check your expected revenue against your earned income and forecast your earnings to learn where you may need to optimize your streaming offerings.

Make your live streams unique and memorable

As a beginning streamer, it’s important to set yourself apart from other streamers on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. The following tips can help you create content unique to your channel:

    • Find a niche or play obscure games. Conversely, look for what games are trending and play those.
    • Be yourself and allow your personality to shine. Talk to your audience in the chats by acknowledging and thanking them for their subscriptions or donations.
    • Pick random followers and invite them to play with you as your audience grows. Audiences like to play alongside their favorite streamers.
    • Provide perks and rewards to your viewers, such as free games and merchandise, or give them roles on your Discord server.

How do you manage stress as a streamer?

Streaming can be both a rewarding and demanding experience. To beat burnout and keep your passion for streaming alive, consider the following:

    • Establish a self-care routine to improve your mental and physical health by exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep.
    • Set limits and be selective to avoid filling your plate with too many activities.
    • Schedule time for social activities and networking.
    • Build a support system with fellow streamers who understand the challenges of streaming and can offer support when needed.
    • Recognize when you need to take a break and watch tv or engage in another relaxing activity.

Final verdict: Can you stream full time as a college student?

Yes, streaming full time while in school is possible. You must understand your priorities and schedule your classes, part-time jobs, and streaming accordingly to balance these responsibilities.

You also need the right equipment to start your stream, such as gaming consoles, reliable internet, a suitable streaming platform, cameras, and audio. Additionally, dedicate a streaming space in the dorm room or a room within the school.

To grow your audience, create a streaming community through gaming clubs and social media platforms. Finally, set realistic goals for your streaming career and establish self-care routines to manage stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Streamerfacts, you will need to have at least 100 to 200+ concurrent viewers to make around $1500 to $2000 and more from Twitch, and extra income from other sources such as merchandise or sponsorships. With these numbers of viewers, you would be a Twitch partner and can monetize your channel through subscriptions, ads or bit donations.

Small Twitch streamers might only bring in a few hundred dollars a month or fall short of the $100 minimum withdrawal requirement. According to Brave, an average streamer on Twitch can make between $3000 and $6500 monthly from subscriptions.

The cost of becoming a full-time streamer is determined by various factors, including living expenses, preferred lifestyle, and the cost of streaming itself. It’s also important to realize that streaming income can fluctuate, with some months being more profitable than others, making financial planning and budgeting necessary for full-time streamers.

Full-time streamers in the business make a living streaming for about 8 hours a day and get their income from the streaming platforms.

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