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Storm Recovery

Storm Recovery: We are continuing to monitor restoration to commercial power in our service areas. As commercial power is restored, we will be assessing all areas where Astound service has been interrupted and working to restore your service as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience as we recover from Hurricane Beryl.

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eero mesh WiFi router

eero Mesh WiFi
for your home

Get a reliable and ultra-fast mesh WiFi router with speeds up to 1500 Mbps

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What is Whole Home WiFi?

Looking for greater internet connection and reliability throughout your entire home? Enhanced Whole Home WiFi is a mesh network that enables multiple WiFi routers (or eeros®) to work as a team, resulting in improved range, speed, and stability of your WiFi network.

WiFi so good, it practically sets itself up

From day one, the TrueMesh technology adapts to your usage and needs to maximize your connection. So you can get a reliable network throughout your home and outdoor space.

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Control is in your hands

With the eero app, you have complete control in the palm of your hand.

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Safe and secure WiFi

eero Secure is included with your Whole-home WiFi experience. Advanced security, parental controls, ad-blocking and more so you can connect with confidence. Learn more.

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Gets better with time

Set schedules, create profiles for devices or shut the whole thing down.

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Set up a guest network

Grant access to friends and family or share your home’s WiFi access while in your home.

WiFi that fits any home

Mesh WiFi that fits any home (or office)

No matter if it’s an apartment, a townhome or a single family home, enhanced Whole Home WiFi works no matter the shape or size.

Supersonic speeds up to 1200 Mbps

Supersonic speeds up to 1500 Mbps

If you have multiple devices and users connected to the Internet at the same time, speeds up to 1500 Mbps will provide more total bandwidth, which will, in turn, result in a better overall experience for everyone in your house.

The eero app

Manage your entire home network in one place

Network Status

Check your speed, connected devices, manage your internet usage and troubleshoot issues on your home’s network.

Network status

Enhanced Security

Keep your digital devices, personal information, and your home network protected from online threats with eero Secure, included with your Enhanced Whole-home WiFi subscription.

Enhanced online security

Managing Devices

The eero app is designed to easily manage and view all the connected devices on your home network.

Managing your devices

Diagnose & Fix

Check the status and health of your network at any time. Then, uncover and resolve issues to improve your WiFi experience.

Diagonose and fix network errors

Parental Controls & Guest Network

Create user profiles and assign specific devices to them. Set schedules, pause internet access, and apply specific content filters. Allow guests to join your home network in seconds while they visit.

Parental controls for home network
● Safeguard your wireless network with eero Secure+

Safeguard your wireless network

Safeguard your wireless network with eero Plus. It provides advanced encryption and security with access to top-rated security apps.

  • 1Password – Password manager
  • Malwarebytes – Antivirus software
  • – VPN Protection
  • DDNS – Dynamic DNS

Frequently asked questions

A mesh network is a WiFi system that uses multiple access points to provide your home with fast, reliable coverage on a single network.

For a traditional router, the most common way to extend a network’s coverage is to use a range extender. However, extenders rely on a single radio to both receive and transmit information. Think of it like a walkie-talkie — you can either listen or speak, but not both at once. Since data only has one path in or out, these extenders end up cutting bandwidth in half. Connecting more and more devices — phones, tablets, laptops, etc. — puts additional stress on that single radio, further affecting performance. Only a single range extender can be added to a router in any given direction. If your router’s located in a far corner of your home, it’s not possible to add multiple range extenders in a row to provide coverage to the other side.

A mesh network works by placing multiple wireless access points strategically throughout a space, so you and your devices are always close to one. It’s essentially like having multiple routers throughout your home, all working together to bring WiFi to every corner. You can add as many wireless access points as you need, and in any order. And, unlike a single router and a range extender that only transmit data in one direction, eeros allow data to make multiple “hops” to travel throughout your home.


With our Whole home WiFi powered by eero, the set up is easy. Simply download the eero
app before your technician arrives. eero devices plug into the modem in your home. The app will help determine where to place the eero devices within your home to get the ideal connection based on your home’s layout.

Every home is unique, and Whole Home WiFi powered by eero was designed to be flexible so that it can be a fit for any home. Generally, we recommend the number of eeros needed based on the number of bedrooms and/or floors in a home.

  • Apartments and Small homes: Since 1-2 eeros are recommended per floor, in these home settings, a great fit would be up to 2 eeros.
  • Most homes: If you have a home that has two or more floors, you will likely see best results from 2 or more eeros to deliver the best-connected home experience.
  • Larger homes: If you have a larger home, meaning more than three floors, you may benefit most from 3 or more eeros, depending on square footage. Additional eeros are available to rent from Astound.

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*Internet speeds may vary & are not guaranteed. Certain equipment may be required to reach advertised speeds. DOCSIS 3.1 modem with 2.5GE physical LAN port is required for 1 Gigabit speeds and higher. See for why speeds may vary. To view Astound’s FCC Network Management Disclosure see Modem required for Internet service. No contract required. Subject to availability. We substantiate that the cable modem equipment provided, and the configuration of such cable modem, meets the broadband speeds advertised when attached to a wired connection based on SamKnows testing procedures.

Not all services, speeds, packages, equipment, channels, tiers, pricing, streaming services, product offerings and product features are available in all areas. Offers valid only for new residential customers or previous customers with account in good standing who have not had our service within the last 60 days. All names, logos, images and service marks are property of their respective owners. Other restrictions may apply.

Whole Home WiFi: Activation and installation not included. Up to $40/mo for Whole Home WiFi equipment. Additional eero devices available for an additional cost, per device. ©2024, Inc. or its affiliates. eero and all related marks are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. c/o eero LLC, 660 3rd St. San Francisco, CA.