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Attention Telephone customers: We recently completed an update to your telephone service. To turn on call forwarding, please dial *72+the forwarding number; to shut call forwarding off, please dial *73. To learn how to set up your voicemail, please click here. For any additional questions, please reach out to our care team at 325-646-9493.

What's Next

Outlined below are important changes and enhancements to your account. Some changes require your action. We’ve included links to how tos and we’ll be sending details, over the coming weeks, to your inbox.

New Bill Statement

Customers can expect a new bill format, new payment address, new account number and a new security/PIN.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Astound’s acquisition of Harris service areas will be joining the existing Astound system in Texas. Our robust fiber-rich network assets will allow us to deliver even more communications services to customers in the Brownwood areas, offering both residential and business customers new products and services. Our immediate focus will be on continued excellence and customer service support. We also expect to leverage the best practices we offer today from our family of companies to continue to provide current customers with the best services possible.

You may have previously seen our communications that Grande acquired the systems that support the Harris service areas. Grande became Astound Broadband powered by Grande in early 2022. Our commitment to bring our customers exceptional care is still the same.

We offer Astound Broadband services across the country and are the sixth largest telecommunications provider, serving eight of the top ten metro markets in the United States providing critical infrastructure to local communities. The company offers residential, business and enterprise class broadband Internet, telephone and cable TV services using their own fiber-rich network. Astound Broadband services are provided to over one million customers in California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, the DC metro area, and Washington State. The Astound Broadband name reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.

All existing services and customer support will continue without interruption. Grande previously became your service provider1 but communicated with you under the Harris brand for a limited time as we complete the transition of operations to Astound. During this transition, customers continue to receive the same quality services that they enjoyed from Harris. If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate them in advance.

We are committed to giving customers the best value and service. Our long-term focus is to introduce new offers featuring greater value and convenience for customers. Current package prices and promotions will remain the same and, if any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance.

We want the transition to be as smooth as possible, so it will take several months for the transference of systems to occur. We will provide you with more information as we make progress.

Now that our billing system has transitioned, your billing statements will now come from Astound Broadband powered by Grande.

We will maintain the same high level of support you have been enjoying. If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance.

You should continue to call the number you call today, 325-646-9493. If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance.

Please send all payments to

PO Box 679367
Dallas, TX 75267-9367

Now that our billing system has transitioned, please update your autopay information to reflect your new account number (found at the top of your Astound billing statement). Payment information should also be updated so that payments will be sent to

PO Box 679367
Dallas, TX 75267-9367

We have a best-in-class network of partners and look forward to welcoming Harris partners to our network. Partners will realize several benefits as Astound expands on Harris’s existing capabilities in the long-term, including the addition of advanced product offerings. If any changes are made in the future, we will communicate in advance.


1Grande Communications Networks, LLC dba Astound Broadband and Astound Broadband powered by Grande in Texas (“Grande”).