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Storm Recovery

Storm Recovery: We are continuing to monitor restoration to commercial power in our service areas. As commercial power is restored, we will be assessing all areas where Astound service has been interrupted and working to restore your service as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience as we recover from Hurricane Beryl.

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Get Ultra-fast Gig Internet


$54.95No contract required.

Get 1.2 Gig Internet for only $10 more

Get Gig internet

*Includes $5 discount for 24 months w/ ebill & autopay. 1200 Mbps not available in all areas.

Introducing supersonic 1.2 Gig internet

Speeds of up to 1200 Mbps make a happy, faster home. With more speed you can power more devices – giving everyone a better experience whether you work, stream, learn, game or do it all.

*Includes $5 discount for 24 months w/ ebill & autopay. 1200 Mbps not available in all areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) is 1200 megabits per second (Mbps) Internet connection. 1200 Mbps may be referred to as 1200 Mbps, 1.2G, 1.2 GIG or 1200 Mbps.

Available to residential and SMB customers in the following (most areas):

  • Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, DC Metro – 1200 Mbps download / 20Mbps upload
  • Texas – 1200 Mbps download / 50Mbps upload
  • Washington, Oregon, California – 1200 Mbps download / 50Mbps upload
  • Not available in all areas. However, we will continue to work to make higher speeds available over time in areas where it’s not currently available.

1200 Mbps is available to new customers only at this time. Astound Broadband will provide equipment rental capable of delivering the 1200 Mbps speeds.
Current customers can visit and enter your information to get on our VIP list. We will reach out when it’s available.

This technology is the cutting edge of internet development. 1200 Mbps is so fast that it has surpassed the speed capabilities of the majority of today’s modems and routers. Older modems are not compatible with this service. Astound Broadband is providing every new 1200 Mbps customer with equipment rental that is capable of passing speed above 1 gigabit speeds.

Our equipment will ensure that customers will have the capability to handle 1200 Mbps speeds in their home. Upon launch, a customer will need to rent equipment from Astound Broadband.
2.5GE (Multi-Gig Ethernet) ports are newer types of Ethernet ports used on some modems and routers. 2.5GE ports support higher connection speeds than the Gigabit Ethernet ports previously used on most devices. To ensure your devices operate at full capacity, we will provide you equipment rental capable of handling the 1200 Mbps speed.

From smartphones, to PCs and tablets, to TVs, lights, HVAC controls and video cams – the majority of us use multiple internet connections every single day. If you have several devices connected or users accessing the Internet at the same time, 1200 Mbps will provide more total bandwidth which will, in turn, result in a better overall experience for everyone in your house.

The benefits offered by 1200 Mbps are real and very exciting, especially as technology advances – 1200 Mbps is the next generation internet for today’s home (faster downloads, quicker response times, streaming, etc.). While we provide 1200 Mbps speed, many factors can impact your speeds that are beyond our control.

Internet speed What you can do
0–5 Mbps ● Send emails

● Search Google

● Stream in HD on a single device

5–40 Mbps ● Stream in HD on a few devices

●Play online games

● Run 1–2 smart devices

40–100 Mbps ● Stream in 4K on 2–4 devices

● Play online games with multiple players

● Download big files quickly (500 MB to 2 GB)

● Run 3–5 smart devices

100–500 Mbps ● Stream in 4K on 5+ devices

● Download very big files very quickly (2–30 GB)

● Run 5+ smart devices

500–1,200+ Mbps ● Stream in 4K on 10+ devices

● Download and upload gigabyte-plus–sized files at top speed

● Run 10 or more smart-home devices in your abode

● Do basically anything on multiple devices

Speed requirements taken from’s How Much Internet Speed Do I Need? guidelines.

1200 Mbps internet is worth it if you use a large amount of bandwidth on a regular basis. It’s also worth it if you share your Wi-Fi with a bunch of family members or roommates. It all depends on your household’s activities and the number of activated devices which could take up more bandwidth and thus require much faster speeds. Today’s average household has 25 connected devices. 1200 Mbps will provide more total bandwidth for your home, which will, in turn, result in better overall performance and happiness for everyone in your house.

1200 Mbps internet is ultra fast and offers huge benefits for your home. If you have multiple devices connected to the internet or individuals accessing the Internet at the same time, 1200 Mbps service will provide more total bandwidth to go around, which will result in a better overall experience for every device and user in your house. 1200 Mbps speed enables you to run all your devices at the same time and have faster downloads, quicker response times, good streaming, better video viewing and more.

You could have everyone in your house streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify, and gaming all at the same time! Every person in your home can be doing something on every device – all at once simultaneously in seconds. Or you could watch some future super 8K video service that doesn’t exist yet. And you can brag to your neighbors that yours is bigger, stronger, faster.

Benefits of high-speed internet:

  • Quick downloads
  • Fast load times
  • Lower chance of buffering or dropped connections
  • Reliable connection on video conferencing and livestreams
  • Better support for multiple users on the same Wi-Fi network

Today the average household has 25 devices tied to one Internet connection in the home. These devices can be smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, home security systems, appliances or game consoles. Higher Internet speeds will offer you an online experience that fits your lifestyle and needs. For the same reason you’d want the latest gadgets – you want the best experience for you and your family. Not to mention you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Ask yourself: do you want to curl up on the couch and watch a show you recorded on your TiVo earlier in the week…while someone else in your house is on a computer catching up on the day’s events…and another is watching a trailer for the next superhero movie then jumps to the latest TikTok craze…while someone else is watching Stranger Things on Netflix…? All while you are simultaneously doing a software app update on your Tablet and smartphone – and all of you are doing these things faster than ever.

With 1200 Mbps you can do all this without giving it a thought – it’s fast, it’s awesome. Your life doesn’t come to a halt while waiting for that frustrating spiraling circle or hourglass to disappear or having to shut everything down and start it back up. You just get quality, fast, reliable streaming – for everyone, on all your devices.

These specifications/configurations are known to work. If you do not have these, you may not get the most from your 1200 Mbps plan:

OS Windows 10 Mac OSX 10.8
Processor Intel Dual Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5
Hard Drive 64GB 64GB
NIC (1.2G) 2.5GBASE-T 2.5GBASE-T

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*Internet speeds may vary & are not guaranteed. Certain equipment may be required to reach advertised speeds. DOCSIS 3.1 modem with 2.5GE physical LAN port is required for 1 Gigabit speeds and higher. See for why speeds may vary. To view Astound’s FCC Network Management Disclosure see Modem required for Internet service. No contract required. Subject to availability. We substantiate that the cable modem equipment provided, and the configuration of such cable modem, meets the broadband speeds advertised when attached to a wired connection based on SamKnows testing procedures.

Not all services, speeds, packages, equipment, channels, tiers, pricing, streaming services, product offerings and product features are available in all areas. Offers valid only for new residential customers or previous customers with account in good standing who have not had our service within the last 60 days. All names, logos, images and service marks are property of their respective owners. Other restrictions may apply.

Pro-Gaming: Activation and installation not included. $12.95 per month is an additional monthly fee and includes 1 Pro-gaming router. NETGEAR, the NETGEAR logo, NIGHTHAWK, the NIGHTHAWK logo, NIGHTHAWK PRO GAMING and the NIGHTHAWK PRO GAMING logo are trademarks of NETGEAR, Inc. DumaOS is a trademark of Netduma Software, Ltd. Any other trademarks in this communication are for reference purposes only. © 2024 NETGEAR, Inc. © 2024 NETGEAR, Inc. NETGEAR, the NETGEAR Logo, NETGEAR Armor and Nighthawk are trademarks of NETGEAR, Inc.

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