How PBX Fits Into a Simplified Business Communications Systems Strategy

To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain, news of the demise of the PBX is greatly exaggerated. Companies looking to modernize their office phone system are leveraging their existing Public Branch Exchange (PBX) phone system and switching to a business trunk.

Most existing PBX equipment can support both PRI and SIP trunk connections. By choosing to support your PBX phone system with a business trunk service, it can provide the connections the company needs to develop a simplified communications system. Business Trunks delivers several key components of a simplified business communications systems strategy.

Multi-Location Capability

Regardless of the number of locations your company has, business trunks can expand the capability of your PBX phone system by a virtual connection to a managed data network. Business trunks allow your company to operate more efficiently by reducing the number of calls and transfers it takes to reach someone no matter where they are located. Additional features like Office Mobility seamlessly extend the capability of your business phone system through a mobile device or computer.

Flexible Support for Size, Scale, Growth, and Agility

When making a business trunk decision for your business, the amount of users, simultaneous phone calls, and scalability for future needs are all important items to take into consideration. Expansion is possible with both a PRI and SIP trunk connection. Each PRI connection can provide a maximum of 23 concurrent calls. In the event that a business demands more, additional PRI lines can be purchased. SIP trunk expansion allows each user to get a virtual connection of an extension or individual phone number based on their needs.

Integration into the Overall System

Business trunks are flexible in both the support and interface of legacy systems. This means, when trying to maximize your existing PBX phone equipment, you do not have to incur the additional expense of replacing it.

Low Cost of Ownership

In addition to the savings your company would obtain by integrating business trunks into your existing PBX phone system, you can save on the cost of downtime as both PRI and SIP trunks have the ability to configure for overflow and failover.

Astound Business Trunks are a flexible and cost-effective way to deliver a PBX phone service over Astound’s reliable, high-capacity network. Connect your regional telephone networks with business trunks, and let us help accommodate your user and IT requirements. To learn more about different methods connecting your business to a regional telephone network, visit our Insights and News page. Discover more custom Astound Business Voice solutions that can help you meet the demands of your company’s environment by scheduling a free consultation today.