Astound Business December 22, 2023
Secure Healthcare Networking Solutions

Healthcare Solutions

We can carry the massive amount of files you need, effectively and securely.

  • Medical images
  • Patient records
  • Clinical research data
  • Radiology images
  • CT scans and MRIs

Let us manage the transfer of your ever-growing files. Our fast, powerful network allows doctors and medical staff, health insurers, and clinical trial specialists to reduce the wait time for large file transfers. We have 99.999% network availability with up to 100Gb of bandwidth. We’re also in most of the major data center POPs up and down the west coast.

We have served leading U.S. hospital networks, health insurers, pharmaceutical companies and life sciences organizations for more than a decade. You can trust us with your voice, data, video and internet services.

We understand that uptime and performance are vital to your operations. Our network is physically diverse from most other leading service providers, inherently offering added reliability. Our next-generation proprietary platform allows us to respond to your changing needs faster.

Enable your business continuity and disaster recovery plans with scalable solutions

  • Improve business productivity and delivery of care with low-latency options for remote monitoring systems, stereotactic surgery technologies and efficient radiology transmissions
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction and patient care with a robust voice network
  • Accelerate drug R&D cycles through enhanced collaboration among dispersed teams using cloud-based applications connected by a WAN designed for security

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