Astound Business February 10, 2022
IP transit services

IP Transit

Built for performance with the lowest latencies and shortest routes.

Why choose Astound Business Solutions?

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Extremely high-performance and guaranteed packet delivery

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Available from over 100 designated data centers

Depiction of full port-speed throughput

Full routing participation using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

Icon depicting protected and point to point path options

Static route connection with IPv4 or IPv6

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24/7 Network Operations Center Support with SLA service guarantees

The speed, dependability, flexibility, and route efficiency we provide is powered through our pure IP fiber backbone, the most fault tolerant network available in the market.

We select the best route from your data center presence to the internet through optimized private peering relationships with other major carriers, content providers, and access providers.

Our carrier-grade network is ideal for Application Service Providers (ASP), content providers, and other users demanding high-quality performance and connectivity into the Internet backbone.

The network is continuously upgraded to ensure there are no bottlenecks at either the core or edge, allowing us to stand up to the most demanding online events without slowdowns.

Our IP Transit provides:

  • All entry points include carrier grade facilities and fully-redundant power
  • Massive capacity at the network edge allows for traffic failover without customer impact
  • Custom Access Control Lists (ACLs)
  • Fully-redundant core network infrastructure
  • Fully-diverse connections to every major peer in multiple markets
  • Multiple peering points spread across footprint
  • Fully-diverse and redundant fiber paths to every data center
Routes and Coverage
  • Options for full site and path redundancy
  • Dynamic protection routing in the event of service threats
  • Faster connections with less congestion because of Wave’s extension with over 300 peer connections like Akamai, Netflix, Google, and Amazon routing through seven Tier 1 providers

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