Astound Business January 13, 2022
Wave Business Contact Center

Contact Center

Get better visibility into your call center.

Enhance customer experience with
our cloud-based Contact Center

  • Ensure your callers speak to the person or department that can help.
  • Create a seamless customer experience by integrating with your CRM.
  • Calls are not missed and customers receive a first-class experience.

Increase efficiencies in your call center

  • Easily manage inbound calls through automatic routing to more than 10 queues.
  • Make staffing and queue adjustments based on call volumes by monitoring dashboards and accessing reports.
  • Add flexibility to your operations by enabling agents to work from anywhere through our mobile client.

Enhance your team’s quality of work and effectively manage your business

  • Help your agents through real-time monitoring, coaching, and joining the conversation features.
  • Set a “wrap-up time,” so agents can complete orders, enter information into your CRM, and verify information is correct before receiving the next call.

Get easy visibility with the following Contact Center Supervisor Dashboards and Reports:

Supervisor Summary Dashboard
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Callers Waiting
  • Logged in Agents
  • Overall Activity
Queue Dashboard
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Number of Callers Waiting
  • Number of Agents Logged In
  • Number of Calls Received
  • Number of Calls Answered
  • Current Logged In Agent State
  • Number of Calls Queued
  • Number of Calls Rejected by Agents
  • Average Call Duration
  • Logged In Agent State Over Time
  • Disposition Codes Used When Closing Calls in Queue
  • Number of Calls Queued That Timed Out
  • How Long the Caller Was in Queue Before Abandonment
  • Number of Attempts to Exit From Queue
  • Time Before Exiting from Queue
  • Hunt Attempts That Timed Out
Agent Dashboard
  • Calls Answered
  • Calls Timed Out
  • Time in Queued Calls
  • Time Logged In
  • Time in Wrap Up
  • Agent State Over Time
  • Time in Internal Calls
  • Time in External Calls
  • Time in Outgoing Calls
  • Time Otherwise Unavailable
  • Disposition Codes the Agent is Using
  • Agent Summary
  • Calls by Day
  • Calls by Queue
  • Daily Traffic Summary
  • Inbound Summary
  • Queue Summary
  • Abandoned Call Summary
  • Agent Status Summary
  • Agent Status Summary by Individual Agent
  • Call Detail by Agent
  • Call Duration Summary
  • Detailed Call Log
  • Frequent Caller Summary
  • Frequent Caller Summary by Queue
  • Hourly Usage
  • Hourly Usage by Queue
  • Short Calls by Agent
  • User Statistic

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