Astound Business September 15, 2022
Wave Business Contact Center

Contact Center

Get better visibility into your call center.

Enhance customer experience with
our cloud-based Contact Center

  • Ensure your callers speak to the person or department that can help.
  • Calls are not missed and customers receive a first-class experience.

Increase efficiencies in your call center

  • Easily manage inbound calls through automatic routing to more than 10 queues.
  • Make staffing and queue adjustments based on call volumes by monitoring dashboards and accessing reports.
  • Add flexibility to your operations by enabling agents to work from anywhere through our mobile client.

Enhance your team’s quality of work and effectively manage your business

  • Help your agents through real-time monitoring, coaching, and joining the conversation features.
  • Set a “wrap-up time,” so agents can complete orders and verify information is correct before receiving the next call.

Get easy visibility with the following Contact Center Supervisor Dashboards and Reports:

Supervisor Summary Dashboard
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Callers Waiting
  • Logged in Agents
  • Overall Activity
Queue Dashboard
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Number of Callers Waiting
  • Number of Agents Logged In
  • Number of Calls Received
  • Number of Calls Answered
  • Current Logged In Agent State
  • Number of Calls Queued
  • Number of Calls Rejected by Agents
  • Average Call Duration
  • Logged In Agent State Over Time
  • Disposition Codes Used When Closing Calls in Queue
  • Number of Calls Queued That Timed Out
  • How Long the Caller Was in Queue Before Abandonment
  • Number of Attempts to Exit From Queue
  • Time Before Exiting from Queue
  • Hunt Attempts That Timed Out
Agent Dashboard
  • Calls Answered
  • Calls Timed Out
  • Time in Queued Calls
  • Time Logged In
  • Time in Wrap Up
  • Agent State Over Time
  • Time in Internal Calls
  • Time in External Calls
  • Time in Outgoing Calls
  • Time Otherwise Unavailable
  • Disposition Codes the Agent is Using
  • Agent Summary
  • Calls by Day
  • Calls by Queue
  • Daily Traffic Summary
  • Inbound Summary
  • Queue Summary
  • Abandoned Call Summary
  • Agent Status Summary
  • Agent Status Summary by Individual Agent
  • Call Detail by Agent
  • Call Duration Summary
  • Detailed Call Log
  • Frequent Caller Summary
  • Frequent Caller Summary by Queue
  • Hourly Usage
  • Hourly Usage by Queue
  • Short Calls by Agent
  • User Statistic

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