Astound Business January 28, 2022
Commercial building solutions

Coast to Coast

Whether you need infrastructure or services, Astound Wholesale is designed to meet your network needs.

Our network

Our expanding footprint provides concentrated network coverage areas across the United States. We provide wholesale partners with alternate access options beyond our existing fiber footprint, and we specialize in building into underserved markets and expanding network to meet specific client needs.

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Our internal engineering and construction experts collaborate to build and maintain our leading edge, high capacity, 100% fiber network.

7,500+ route miles in urban, suburban, and underserved areas

Our dense fiber network currently covers close to 31,000 route miles across the United States; and we will add up to 1,500 more miles every year.

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Our backbone has nearly one Terabit of external connectivity and we’re adding more virtually every day. We can scale to meet any need as easily as turning up additional ports.

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