Astound Business September 15, 2022
Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Communication services to improve productivity
and efficiency for your business.
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Success in today’s fast-paced business world relies on effective communications.

Businesses need to be mobile, nimble, and responsive to customers while fostering collaboration among employees. Our comprehensive Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution delivers numerous communication services to improve productivity and efficiency for your business.

  • Hosted Voice is a fully managed cloud-based solution on which calls travel unencumbered along our secure network over a continuous connection that means less packet loss and higher reliability.
  • Mobility, through an application, provides an advanced way to extend access and control of your desk phone to a laptop or mobile device.
  • ConnectNow is a video/audio conferencing service where a moderator can initiate a video conference meeting within just a couple of clicks of a mouse and invite up to 300 attendees.
  • Cloud Contact Center provides greater visibility into call center phone activity through reports and dashboards, and it allows you to manage multiple incoming calls at the same time seamlessly.
  • Attendant Console is a specialized softphone with advanced capabilities for receptionists and front desk managers that allows them to handle multiple incoming calls at the same time seamlessly.
Optimize the User Experience

Dedicated and secure data connection over our privately owned and operated all-fiber network delivers a more reliable experience

Reduced Costs

Our OPEX vs. CAPEX model is less expensive than maintaining an outdated, on- premises solution.

Improved Resource Utilization

You can redeploy human resources on more strategic initiatives and stay focused on your core business.

Future Proof Your Business

Leading edge technology and automatic upgrades ensures you have the most recent technology at all times.


Full redundancy ensures improved reliability and disaster recovery ability compared to traditional premise based systems.

Scalability and Flexibility

Add phones for quick growth when necessary, or consolidate for cost savings when you need to.

Fully Hosted and Managed Solution

We provide an alternative to expensive on-site hardware-based PBX or Key Systems which allows you to rest easy knowing experts are managing and monitoring your phones with 24/7/365 local support.

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