Astound Business October 28, 2022
Enterprise Cellular Backhaul

Cellular Backhaul

Carriers choose us for:

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Fiber backhaul solutions for macro and small cell networks

7,500+ route miles in urban, suburban, and underserved areas

More than 41,000 route miles in urban, suburban, and underserved areas

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1,500 new route miles added annually

Over 2,000 towers—and growing

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Lit and Dark Fiber solutions

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Internal engineering and construction expertise

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Industry-leading SLAs

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24/7 network operations support

Custom solutions

Astound is the go-to provider to extend network into hard to reach areas and create scalable capacity solutions. We are committed to expanding our network to support our customers’ growing data traffic needs.

Solutions include custom engineering, network design, and construction. We also offers competitive Small Cell solutions and will build out both lit and dark fiber to meet your specifications.

National coverage

Our network spans the U.S. and includes eight of the top ten largest markets.