6 Ways SIP Trunks Can Improve Business Communications

More and more companies are replacing traditional phone lines with SIP trunks. And for good reason, SIP trunking integrates voice, video and data traffic over a converged access service making it a flexible, cost efficient solution for a growing business. Let’s review the different ways SIP trunking can help with your business’s growing needs.

  1. Cut the Cost of Expensive Equipment

    Unlike traditional business trunks and PRIs that require PBX hardware, SIP trunks are virtual connections that can integrate with your IP-based PBX without the need for expensive trunk cards and additional equipment.

  2. Operate Efficiently

    Converging voice and data traffic over a single access service is more efficient and cost effective than paying for separate voice trunks and Internet access services. However, it is essential with SIP that there is adequate Internet bandwidth to support both voice and data needs and that Quality of Service is implemented to prioritize voice traffic and ensure voice quality.

  3. Scalability

    If a business needs more voice calling capacity with traditional PRIs they have to buy more trunks and install the associated termination equipment. With SIP trunks, however, growth is as easy as calling your service provider and increasing your data connection’s bandwidth and purchasing more SIP trunk virtual connections.

  4. Savings on Long Distance Costs

    Long distance services are usually a great deal less expensive with SIP trunking. SIP calls are carried over the Internet and only transferred to the PSTN at a point near the dialed number. SIP trunks, therefore, provide affordable long-distance and international calling options, as well as other features such as advanced caller ID, caller name, and voicemail.

  5. Reliability

    Technical failures and outages can happen, so it is critical to find a SIP trunk provider with around the clock network monitoring and network redundancy to provide alternate routing for your business calls in case of emergency.

  6. Flexibility

    Since SIP numbers are not tied to a particular location, you can have a virtual presence in any area your provider is located. You can activate telephone numbers for a specific region before a site even opens or create local phone numbers for areas you service even if you don’t have a physical office in that region.

As you can see, SIP trunking can bring your business to a new, more efficient level. If you’re ready to make the switch contact us today and let’s discuss SIP trunks as an option for you today.