Why Small Businesses Should Switch to a Hosted Phone System

With Hosted Voice, Small Businesses Say Goodbye to Big Phone Bills

More and more major corporations have abandoned their on-site phone service and made the move to the cloud, and it’s a no wonder why. Hosted Voice solutions offers scalability, flexibility and advanced features that traditional PBX-based telephone systems simply cannot…along with simplified management…not to mention lower operating costs.

But what about the SMB market? Can a cloud-based phone system bring the same big benefits to small and midsize businesses?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Let’s start with cost, because, if you’re a small company, you may not have the budget to pay for the installation and IT expenses of an on-premise system (let alone the space for a phone closet and all that bulky wiring). Hosted Voice runs on cloud-based software, making it easier to install and manage. With less maintenance and hardware, you’ll enjoy significant savings on your phone bills along with predictable recurring monthly expenses.

But a cloud-based phone system offers more than lower operating costs. It has the ability to quickly scale up—or down—with your company, without the need for more hardware and IT support. For example, if you need to add employees, simply purchase additional phones and connect them through your internet ports. No more adding lines or purchasing new hardware, like with traditional systems.

A hosted phone system also offers unprecedented flexibility. If your company has its own Virtual Private Network (VPN), your employees can make and receive calls anywhere that has a broadband connection, all from the same number. This means even if your office is out of commission for any reason, your communication system will remain fully operational. And if you’re on the road, your calls can “follow you” from your phone to your mobile device.
A Hosted Voice solution also gives small businesses functionality that was previously available only to enterprises, features like: auto-attendant, conference bridges, eFax and voicemail to email plus many more!

What if you’re a start-up company? All the more reason to start off on the right foot, with a centralized, hosted phone service that eliminates the costs, risks and inconveniences of dealing with outdated and expensive PBX equipment.

Are you a small to midsize business or start-up looking to improve your communication system and overall productivity? Our Hosted Voice offers a feature-rich and fully managed phone system, delivered over our wholly owned, fiber-rich network. Our systems are customized to fit your organization’s specific needs, with various levels of price and flexibility to fit any budget. Connect with us today and learn how our Hosted Voice solution will give you a more reliable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective communications solution.

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