Virtual Office: Business Class Productivity For Remote Employees

Connecting Remote Employees To A Virtual Office

IT departments are adapting to a new business environment that includes the need for employees to work from home. As a result, IT administrators are looking for new ways to securely extend the corporate network infrastructure to reach remote workers.

Bring Business-class Productivity to the Home-based Worker

That’s a big ask, as most IT administrators do not have visibility into home network environments. They cannot manage wireless access points, peripheral devices, or adjust bandwidth with so many people spread across disparate networks.

A new solution is needed that will allow IT administrators to bypass these roadblocks to build productive, secure work-at-home environments in parallel to residential services.

But is there such a product?

There is, and we call it the Virtual Office. This cloud-based, SD-WAN offering is expressly designed for organizations migrating to or increasing a distributed workforce.

Virtual Office Whitepaper

Virtual Office gives IT teams the network access, control, and visibility they require into the work-at-home environment, and remote workers a secure network experience that is as close to being on the corporate WAN as possible. Stop scrambling to find ways to support your remote workforce.

Download our white paper, Virtual Office: A Secure and Consistent Network Experience for Remote Employees to learn how IT leaders can implement a safe, repeatable, standardized solution that enables organizations to easily deploy a secure remote workforce.

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