The Edge is Just Around the Corner

Something’s gotta give. Data traffic is rising and you’ve detected a bump in latency.
Some of your accounts have noticed too and that’s not a good thing. Customers with
ultra-time-sensitive applications like financial transactions, healthcare, video
conferencing and logistics requiring real-time or nanosecond responses will quickly
become dissatisfied. To provide the experience customers expect, information needs to
be close at hand – on the edge – as opposed to waiting for a centralized data center to
receive and process requests. Edge computing allows for faster responsiveness by
placing information and some computing resources closer to users for an improved

But like anything else, there are risks and rewards associated with migrating to edge
computing that impact issues such as speed, cost, security, application performance,
versatility and scalability. We invite you to download our white paper, Edge Computing:
Get Closer to the Cloud, to learn more about the advantages edge computing provides
over traditional forms of network architecture to deliver a better user experience.

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