Why TV is Vital Tool for Your Business

Long before televisions became wider, flatter, and cheaper, we’ve been accustomed to seeing them in places like bars, airports … and especially airport bars.

These days, it’s not strange to catch the local news while having your car repaired, waiting in line at the bakery, or as an alternative to thumbing through a months-old magazine in your doctor’s waiting room.

If television has enhanced your own experience as a customer at those kinds of businesses, what could it do to improve the experiences of your own customers?

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

There are several experiences that customers have with your business that are not necessarily part of the actual service you offer, but nevertheless impact their perception of your brand.

These might include the availability of parking and condition of your lot, any signage that directs them to your office, whether you have clean restrooms, etc. But in terms of “non-service” touch points that impact a customer’s opinion of your business, waiting time probably tops the list.

Unfortunately, the very act of waiting for your service is likely to be the first direct interaction that customers have with your business. Although you could probably find ways to reduce the time your customers wait, you’ll likely never eliminate it.

But you can improve their perception of the time that they must wait. Having a television in areas where your customers are gathered and otherwise doing “nothing” can result in a more positive experience.

Improving Employee Experience Matters Too

Internal engagement is also important. Having a television in break rooms is a great way to boost morale. According to a 2018 study by talent firm Robert Half that analyzed employee interest in the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, “allowing workers to enjoy sports-related activities for even a few minutes can be time well spent. Staff will appreciate the opportunity to bond with colleagues and return to their desks rejuvenated.”

Even if your workforce isn’t composed of rabid sports fans, they likely would welcome television programming during downtime. And you don’t always need to show afternoon reruns of CSI — you can use TV as a source for relevant corporate messaging or training videos or have wraparound messaging during regular programming.

Maximize Control and Connectivity

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To learn more about what Business TV can do for your business, please check out our TV page.