Mobile Collaboration—what does it mean for your organization?

We live in a connected world, where organizations face challenges to maintain and manage their network portfolio of business services while achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and experience. This makes effective communication critical to business success.

There are many apps to help you interact with your employees and customers, most of which operate across the globe. But even with all that technology at your fingertips, the key to effective communication is a strong sense of teamwork. To satisfy this need, look to the latest evolution in business efficiency known as mobile collaboration or, more specifically, business mobility.

Mobile collaboration technology has boomed with the rapid growth of IP-enabled devices in the workplace. You can use this type of technology to transform your business strategy and, in the end, the success of your business. Here are a few ways mobile collaboration can benefit the growth of your business:

Increased Collaboration
No more waiting for an email response or playing phone tag. With mobile collaboration platforms, you gain more access and real-time responses from key decision makers, as well as employees who work remotely or often travel. Unified communications, particularly SMS messaging, has greatly increased the ease of communication. For example, an office manager of an energy company can text electricians in the field who may be in situations where taking a phone call would be difficult (on ladders, in confined spaces, etc.). A text message allows the electricians to respond when they are in a more convenient environment.

Office Flexibility
Mobile collaboration provides the opportunity for employees to complete their work on their terms, whether they are using Wi-Fi at an airport, working from home, or using their mobile phones as a primary channel of communication. And since collaborative apps separate business and personal data, employees can work off of one device without worrying about sharing their private information. This technology-based process creates additional flexibility that you can leverage when recruiting additional talent.

Customer Contact Retention
Collaborative apps allow you to establish mobile sales numbers that will keep you connected to customers and prospects even if the sales rep dealing with them leaves your company. For example, if a car dealership loses a sales rep to a rival business, the dealership retains ownership of the mobile sales numbers, so when a customer calls their prior contact, they will reach the dealership rather than the rep who has left.

Enhanced Customer Service
When working with customers, it is often beneficial to have relevant information readily available in a secure format. Mobile collaboration with accompanying technology like virtual private network (VPN) allows for safe and quick access to customer data regardless of your employee’s location.

Your network is just as critical as the business mobility enabled through mobile collaboration. To obtain a reliable and secure connection for all your IP-enabled devices within the office, find a provider with a fiber-rich network. To learn more about how Wave can help your business succeed at mobile collaboration, contact us today.