Best Benefits of Transitioning to a Cloud Computing Service

There was a time the telecommunications industry saw cloud adoption as a controversial and relatively undeveloped technology. Today, cloud computing services are established networking solutions that are gaining widespread acceptance and deployment.

What is the cloud, you ask?

Other than a meteorology term, it is the ability to store and access information, and services, over the Internet instead of being restricted to a local storage device like a computer or hard drive. Cloud computing is part of almost everything we do daily. From listening to your music, checking your bank account balance, or just updating your Facebook status, the cloud is crucial to everyday life.

Small to large businesses are moving from test environments and placing more of the essentials of their operations or organization into a cloud service to increase efficiency, improve their capital, and stay ahead of the competition. Vanson Bourne reports that, “businesses taking advantage of productivity-enhancing cloud services grow 19.6% faster than their counterparts that don’t.” To help make the choice to switch easy, we’ve compiled a list of the best cloud computing service benefits that will help your business achieve growth, agility, and new business capabilities.

Simplified Management

Cloud-based services provide relief from the constant pressure of high-cost related decisions such as updating your hardware and software, document control, asset protection, and disaster recovery. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the time and space that software and hardware will take away from growing your business. Cloud computing services take care of those concerns by managing them off-site and providing automatic patches and updates for not only software, but your business security as well. When developing your disaster plan, you have the choice to implement closed-based backup and recovery solutions that save time when trying to recover.

Accessibility and Flexibility

The need for reliable document control increases when more people are collaborating. Cloud computing services allow businesses and their employees to access, edit, and share files around the clock, anywhere. These items get stored in a central location and are updated in real-time providing greater productivity as well as visibility despite multiple time zones and regions yielding a prosperous return.

Cloud-based applications, such as SD-WAN and Hosted Voice provide many advantages including the elimination of upfront CapEx for hardware and software, and OpEx for resources to manage a solution. Your company will have direct access to a dedicated and trained team of experts who are constantly managing your network security and phone services.

While your business grows, so can your cloud-based services. You have the flexibility to quickly expand your cloud capacity as well as scale back when it is no longer needed, giving you operational agility over your competitors.

After reviewing how using a cloud computing service can ease managing your business as well as improve the accessibility and flexibility, you should feel confident that making the switch to a cloud-based service will result in a positive change for your business. Don’t miss this opportunity to move to the cloud and grow your business.