Here’s why cloud computing should be in your plans

The changing dynamic of how and where people work is driving the need for more data storage capabilities among organizations. More importantly, heavy dependence on telecommuting and dependency on application and software services to operate, has been a big reason why cloud usage has risen. Data storage and accessibility are expensive because of the required capital expenditures and need for skilled staff. However, there is an alternative. Cloud computing is a key IT solution that can change how various businesses and industries function. These new computing models improve the otherwise expensive storage and processing functions.


More organizations are moving to the cloud due to its accessibility, This should not come as a surprise since several program and software companies are making the switch to the cloud because of the benefits like quality, flexibility, speed, proficiency, and most importantly security. Enterprises that adopt a cloud computing service instead of using physical storage drives can reap those benefits as well.

Productivity Tools

Modern Customer Relation Management (CRM) software, applications, and tools are cloud-based, making access to customer information just a click away on any IP-enabled device. Having that data readily available through a cloud service allows your employees to immediately provide a high-quality experience to your customers no matter where they are and regardless of the hour. Additionally, most cloud services have increased their usability by allowing users to drag and drop files between local storage and cloud storage irrespective of the device.

Data Storage

Keeping data safe and secure while still having easy access is the key to data storage. When it comes to business communications, having accessibility to stored files in the cloud eliminates the need to attach them to emails thereby reducing bandwidth usage while adding an additional layer of data security.

With physical data storage, you have factors like additional space needed to house that equipment, the hardware cost associated with those drives, the IT team needed to maintain, update, and secure that hardware as well as the expense related to building out a redundancy/recovery plan for when disaster strikes.

Database administration

Database administration requires skilled personnel, but with a cloud service, those employees do not have to be on your payroll. The cloud eliminates not only the additional expense of IT staffing, but also the worry of whether your data is secure with automatic patches, updates, and backups. These patches and updates help combat any cyber threats and meet your compliance needs. The backup ability provides your enterprise with business continuity.

The Astound Business resilient, reliable, and robust network can advance your cloud computing access. You can gain enhanced security and resiliency that is independent of the public Internet through a dedicated, point-to-point, fiber-based, Ethernet connection. To learn more about cloud computing or other related information, visit our Insights and News page.