5 Signs You Need To Upgrade Your Enterprise WiFi Network

The Benefits Far Outweigh the Effort

“Don’t fix what isn’t broke” is an adage we’ve heard our whole lives. While it may be sage advice for many of life’s perplexing challenges, when it comes to network connectivity for business productivity, complacency is the enemy of progress and innovation.

Has the time come to upgrade your Internet and WiFi network? Here are five sure reasons to make the move to business-grade WiFi — now.

#1 – Your Team Has Grown On the Same Old Network

Emerging from the last few trying years, many businesses are now reporting team expansion. However, while adding personnel, whether onsite and/or remote, many have also delayed upgrading their network. It’s likely that the simple mathematics of that decision, or indecision, are now catching up and overloading their networks.

#2 — Lagging Speed

Are employee complaints about throughput bottlenecks on the rise? Do they report error pages popping up more often or screens freezing and apps seizing on their workstations and wireless devices? These are probably not fluke issues. Extended loading time for web pages and the need to keep refreshing is a sure indication a WiFi upgrade is needed.

#3 — Dashboards Keep Crashing

You’ve implemented costly and sophisticated software so your team can service customers in real time. But the dashboards they use to monitor production or keep orders on track aren’t updating in time to be useful, or they keep crashing during customer/client interactions. This not only compromises productivity, but can also adversely affect customer loyalty and revenue. If this is you, it’s time.

#4 — Video Conferences Repeatedly Stutter or Freeze

Videoconferencing today is more essential than ever. As remote workforces expand, video calls are now part of our everyday experience. But nothing impedes progress and wastes more time than participants freezing mid-sentence or being bounced off a session. The longer you put off upgrading your network, the more frustrated your team and your stakeholders will be.

#5 — Security Vulnerabilities Are Threatening Your Data

Even if your aging WiFi network isn’t causing day-to-day performance issues, how can you be certain your network security is still providing adequate coverage and protection? As threats such as phishing scams, ransomware, and system hacks advance in sophistication, so must your security and encryption solutions. The firewalls, algorithms, and security protocols of older WiFi networks just haven’t kept up with the latest threats. For this reason alone, your business warrants a WiFi upgrade.

As Productivity Downgrades, Upgrade Your WiFi

The culminating effect of the five signs above, and many others we haven’t covered, is a slow but steady slip in network dependability and team performance. It’s easy to attribute this to many other factors, but chances are, an upgrade to business-grade WiFi could be just the solution you need. The bottom-line benefits of added speed, productivity, reliability, and security make it a must-do investment. And with the right partner, it’s easier to implement than you think.

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