Astound Business January 20, 2023
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Recognized as the
#1 Business Internet Service Provider

Eight-time recognized business ISP by PC Mag Readers

Rated Top Business Internet Provider

See what all the talk is about:

  • “Second to none when it comes to internet connectivity and reliability” (2021)
  • “Rated #1 for overall satisfaction with the highest ever recorded score“ (2021)
  • “Winner when it comes to solid, easy internet that makes office managers, workers, and IT all happy.” (2020)
  • “When rating ISPs for use in the workplace, the company continues to impress” (2017)
  • “Providing customers with services they really appreciate” (2016)
  • “A clear winner with PCMag readers, especially for the value it provides businesses.” (2016)

ISPs for Work – Why choose us?

We offer fiber Internet, award-winning connectivity, and Voice solutions to customers across the U.S.

The business world is constantly evolving and moving faster. Organizations require reliable and secure connectivity for mission-critical applications. To create. To share. To be responsive.

At Astound, we’ve been delivering advanced solutions to businesses from coast-to-coast for years. Your passions are what fuel us to keep innovating.

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Award Winning Internet

To be a top internet provider, meeting critical service elements is key. PCMag readers and customers voted us #1 for reliability, tech support, value, ease of use, setup, likelihood to recommend and overall satisfaction. With a whopping 8.7 for overall satisfaction, it is the highest score ever recorded in a PCMag survey.

Business Choice ISP 2021

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Thanks to our customers, Astound Business Solutions has been recognized as the #1 Business ISP

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