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Did you know there are many definitions of the word “draft”?  It’s a preliminary version of a piece of writing; compulsory recruitment for military service; a beer drawn from a keg; a current of cool air in a room; and, finally, a group or individual selected from a larger group.  As you may have surmised, I have been thinking about the word “draft” a great deal the past week – the “selection” kind.

My last blog was about Lafayette’s Natalie Kucowski being “draft”ed by the WNBA as the 35th choice overall in the nation.  This week on Thursday, all NFL fans are aware that there will be an NFL “draft”.  Then, there is the NBA “draft” and the MLB “draft”.  And as I sit here in my office with an open window, I feel a “draft” (okay, I’ve gone too far).

I bring this up (again) because I think it must be both exciting and nerve-wracking to be a general manager and owner when it comes time for your team’s draft.  There are so many talented players to choose from and there will be plenty of criticism when you make your choices.  You know, everybody has an opinion.

With that in mind, I decided to make myself the General Manager of the Lehigh Valley High School basketball draft.  There, obviously, is no such thing, but this is my blog and I can do what I want.  If I had five picks to start my team from this year’s crop of players that I had a chance to see this year, then here are my choices by position (in no particular order);

CENTER – Christian Fermin – 6’9” Junior – Pocono Mountain West

Every great team needs a center and a big one is even better. Christian had great numbers (17.5 points; 12 rebounds; 6.8 blocks) and is being highly recruited by multiple Division I programs.

FORWARD – Jevin Muniz – 6”3” Senior – Executive Education Academy

1,512 career points says most of it, but not all.  He was both the VIA and Morning Call player of the Year.  Who am I to doubt those experts?  He has my pick.

FORWARD – Nick Coval – 6’1” Freshman – Parkland

I know he is not truly a forward, but he has such great range (41-3’s at 42% in a shortened season); rebounds like a forward; passes like a guard; and was one of three MVPs in the EPC.  Plus, he has such great basketball IQ that I figure I could play him anywhere.

GUARD – Nate Ellis – 5’9” Junior – Allen

Nate became a 1,000 point scorer this year, becoming only the second Allen player in history to accomplish that feat before being a senior (and this was a shortened season).  He averaged 17.3 points a game.  He led Allen to three titles in his three years.  He, too, was an EPC MVP.

GUARD – Tyson Thomas – 6’1” Junior – Central Catholic

Another co-MVP in the EPC, Tyson led his team to a PIAA state championship title.  He averaged 15.5 points a game, while running the Central offense.  The ball was in his hands for the winning basket in the 41-40 state championship win over Hickory.

I know there were other very talented players and I know there will be differing opinions about my choices, but I am the mythical GM here.  Argue amongst yourself.  Now, if I drank beer, I would go have a “draft”.


  1. The news came out this week that Bethlehem Catholic’s Taliyah Medina will transfer from Villanova to Lafayette College to play basketball this coming season. She was the 2020 Pennsylvania Player of the Year in 4A.  Taliyah was All-State in both her sophomore and senior years, after being injured her junior season.  Her teams won two state titles.  I can’t wait to see her in a Leopard uniform.
  1. So who will the Eagles pick in the draft this week? They certainly need an outstanding wide receiver (Jeffery and Jackson are gone).  I like Jalen Hurts at quarterback so I do not think there is a critical need there.  The defense needs some shoring up.  A solid linebacker would help.  We’ll find out this week.
  1. Many experts believe that three quarterbacks will be the first three players selected in the NFL draft on Thursday – Trevor Lawrence by Jacksonville, Zach Wilson by the Jets, and Justin Fields or Mac Jones by the 49ers. The first non-QB will be TE Kyle Pitts or OL Penei Sewell.  The most interesting part of the draft will be the trades that allow teams to move up the board.
  1. When you throw a no-hitter for a team that has never had one in their 50+ years of existence, there are rewards. The San Diego Padres’ pitcher, Joe Musgrove, did just that and in his hometown.  He went to high school in San Diego.  He now has been promised free beer for life at Point brewing and free sandwiches for life at two San Diego restaurants.  The no-hitter also significantly helped his parents’ coffee shop business located just outside San Diego.  He’ll probably get free drinks there.
  1. Finally, on a personal note, I am writing this blog on Sunday, April 25. That happens to be my 75th  I can’t believe it either!