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Behind the Mic – January 4th

January 15, 2013 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

2013 is upon us, so I thought I would take one last look at the top 10 national sports stories, in my opinion, for 2012: 10.       Tiger Woods wins again, but not very often. 9.         Peyton Manning released by the Colts; he has a great year with the Broncos. 8.         Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, and…

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Behind the Mic – January 7th

January 7, 2013 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

As I offered up my sports highlights for 2012 last week, I decided to venture into the world of New Year’s resolutions this week.  I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile other than “Play more golf”, so I decided to research the most common resolutions and see if  I would be able to fulfill them.  In…

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Behind the Mic – December 26th

December 20, 2012 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

The NFL is considering expanding the regular season and/or expanding the number of playoff participants.  Is this really necessary?  The great thing about the NFL as opposed to the NHL, the NBA, and Major League Baseball is that the regular season games have tremendous importance.  A 16 game schedule puts greater importance on an NFL…

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The SportsTalk Shop – December 18th

December 18, 2012 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

With the holidays approaching, it’s only natural to take a look back at the past twelve months and do some reflecting, and for the 3rd straight year we’re going to be doing just that on December 20th’s “RCN SportsTalk” with our ‘year-in-review’ program. The show is live and you’re welcome to participate with your memories…

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Behind the Mic – December 12th

December 13, 2012 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

I know this blog is called “Behind the Mike”, but this week it would be better titled, “Behind The Computer”.  I thought you might be interested in how news and sports people find some of the stories that they report.  You probably often wonder how a reporter went out and found some of the unique…

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