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More All-Stars & Track League Champs ’24

June 25, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We continue to honor our local student athletes in the Astound TV coverage area here at “The Shop.”

First, here’s pictures of the Northwestern boys and Southern Lehigh girls track and field Colonial League champions…


Next, here are the EPC girls field hockey “all-conference” players for the 2023-24 campaign…

First Team

Sr. FWD – Jocelyn Morgan, Easton

Sr. FWD/MID – Morgan Herceg, Nazareth

Sr. FWD/MID – Raegan Iasiello, Northampton

Sr. FWD/MID – Melea Weber, Emmaus (MVP)

Sr. MID – Lexi Causa, Easton

Sr. MID – Elaina Fragassi, Parkland

Sr. MID – Aurora Gery, Parkland

Sr. MID – Eleanor Kirkwood, East Stroudsburg South

Jr. MID – Alyssa Laubach, Freedom

Sr. MID – Ruby Miller, Liberty

Sr. MID – Riley Tepper, Stroudsburg

Sr. G – Mackenzie Mann, Nazareth

Second Team

Sr. FWD – Kendall Iasiello, Northampton

Sr. FWD – Ava O’Connor, Stroudsburg

Sr. FWD – Molly Sobers, Pleasant Valley

Jr. FWD – Tiana Weeks, East Stroudsburg South

Sr. MID – Cameron Alvino, Nazareth

Jr. MID – Autumn Kernechel, Emmaus

Sr. MID – Ella Steirer, Northampton

Jr. MID – Abby Wortmann, Nazareth

Sr. MID/DEF – Dakota Stiff, Pocono Mountain East

Sr. DEF – Raegan Day, Easton

Sr. DEF – Mena Kazista, Nazareth

Jr. DEF – Mackenzie Lopez, Pocono Mountain East

Jr. DEF – Sydney Moritz, Stroudsburg

So. DEF – Morgann Orobono, Emmaus

Jr. G – Lily Trocki, Whitehall

Third Team

Jr. FWD – Emmy Horner, Emmaus

So. FWD – Julianna Zumas, Liberty

Sr. FWD/MID – Haley Kvacky, Emmaus

Fr. MID – Jodi Bowen, Pocono Mountain West

Jr. MID – Lydia Keppel, Whitehall

Jr. MID – Aubre Krazer, Easton

Sr. MID – Aubrey Steiner, Whitehall

Jr. DEF – Jordan Brunnabend, Parkland

Sr. DEF – Ashlee Gensits, Nazareth

Jr. DEF – Ava George, Liberty

So. G – Lilla Berces, Bethlehem Catholic

Sr. G – Emma Cari, Emmaus


Last but not least, here is the rundown of Easter Pennsylvania Conference’s girls softball “all-league” players for their recently completed season…


2024 Softball 1st All Conference Team

1st Base – Brianca Pridham, Pleasant Valley

2nd Base – Kate Miller, Freedom

2nd Base – Alina Weaver, Nazareth

3rd Base – Maia D’Amico, Freedom

Shortstop – Madison Glick, Freedom

Catcher – Hannah Duerr, Northampton

Outfield – Brooke Rummel, Freedom

Outfield – Addison Sabo, Liberty

Outfield – Molly Yard, Emmaus

Outfield – Lydia Borger, Pleasant Valley

Designated Player – Maria Moore, Parkland

Utility Player – Abby Derr, Emmaus

Pitcher – Adelynn Smith, Liberty (MVP)


2024 EPC Softball 2nd Team All-Conference

1st Base – Emma Cozy, Emmaus

2nd Base – Kylie Eberts, Northampton

3rd Base – Rosalie Echevarria, Northampton

Shortstop – Ariana Castillo, Liberty

Catcher – Shauna McNamee, Nazareth

Outfield – Vanessa DeFalco, Stroudsburg

Outfield – Alyssa Mayorca, Easton

Outfield – Natalie Chloros, Nazareth

Designated Player – Souadou Barrie, East Stroudsburg North

Utility Player – Allison Hunsberger, Parkland

Pitcher – Kailyn Getz, Pleasant Valley


Division All-Conference Teams

2024 EPC North Softball 1st Team All-Conference

Brianca Pridham, Pleasant Valley

Johanna Carey, East Stroudsburg South

Eva Massaro, East Stroudsburg North

Dorothy Elko, Stroudsburg

Sierra Thieme, Stroudsburg

Souadou Barrie, East Stroudsburg North

Lydia Borger, Pleasant Valley

Vanessa Defalco, Stroudsburg

Hailey Krock, Pleasant Valley

Kailyn Getz, Pleasant Valley


2024 EPC North Softball 2nd Team All-Conference

Karlie Jurasits, Pocono Mountain East

Elizabeth Molinaro, Stroudsburg

Riley Evans, Pocono Mountain West

Madison Nadasi, East Stroudsburg North

Alexa DelGiudice, Pocono Mountain East

Sarah Tsantker, East Stroudsburg South

Isabella Thomas, Stroudsburg

Jillian-Grace Alvarez, East Stroudsburg North

Katie Verwys, East Stroudsburg South


EPC West 1st Team All-Conference

Emma Cozy, Northampton

Kylie Eberts, Northampton

Rosalie Echevarria, Northampton

Ashley Cruz, William Allen

Abby Derr, Emmaus

Maria Moore, Parkland

Molly Yard, Emmaus

Anna Belletieri, Parkland

Page Tacker, Whitehall

Hannah Duerr, Northampton

Autumn Held, Emmaus


EPC West 2nd Team All-Conference

Avery Deibert, Northampton

Hailey Kahr, Allentown Central Catholic

Taylor Gitski, Emmaus

Brianna Amey, Emmaus

Alison Hunsberger, Parkland

Taylor Bruckler, Emmaus

Aubrey Steiner, Whitehall

Ava Cascario, Northampton

Gianna Montone, Allentown Central Catholic

Masielys Hiciano Reynoso, William Allen


EPC East 1st Team All Conference

Leah Onia, Liberty

Alina Weaver, Nazareth

Kate Miller, Freedom

Maia D’Amico, Freedom

Madison Glick, Freedom

Shauna McNamee, Nazareth

Brooklyn Pronovich, Freedom

Brooke Rummel, Freedom

Addison Sabo, Parkland

Alyssa Mayorca, Easton

Adelynn Smith, Liberty


EPC East 2nd Team All-Conference

Hailey Mandala, Nazareth

Faith Zimmerman, Easton

Taylor Friel, Nazareth

Ariana Castillo, Liberty

Madison Noll, Liberty

Natalie Chloros, Nazareth

Lily Moretti, Nazareth

Hannah Heidemann, Freedom

Kylie Grover, Nazareth


Congratulations to all these honorees!

We appreciate our local athletic directors and conference chairs for sending this information to my attention.  If you would like to send addition honors for athletes in the Astound TV coverage area, please email me at


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Orioles Domination

June 24, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

About once every decade or so in Lehigh Valley’s Blue Mountain League baseball, a team puts together a great run of success.

Nearly 20 years ago, it was the Hellertown Royals winning three consecutive BML titles with perhaps, the most dominating pitching staff the league has ever seen. Before COVID, the Northern Yankees put together three tremendous seasons, which was unique because the team had just jumped into the league after being a part of the now-defunct Tri-County Baseball Conference.

And to perhaps top both of those team’s accomplishments, last year’s Orioles squad did something that apparently no other team had ever done in the 77th year history of the organization.  It swept ALL of its three rounds of playoff games, without losing a single contest, en route to its second title in a row.

This year, the team changed its sponsorship…a few of its players…and its manager.  Yet, entering this week, the O’s are once again one of the top teams in the league.  If they have had any perceived “hiccups” so far, you could point to the fact that they have several baseball players on the Whitehall High School team–who ended up being the last team from the area standing in the state playoffs.  For that reason, they were missing a few of their young players which may have had a factor in their few early season losses.

That being said, they return many faces from last year’s team.  They also have a pitcher on the brink of shattering an all-time record in the history of the league.

These and other storylines about the Orioles will be discussed on this Thursday’s live “SportsTalk” show.  Tune into the Astound TV Network this week at 7pm or, if you are away from your TV sets, dial the show up on our free live-stream by going to YouTube, type in “Astound TV Network,” and click on the “live” tab on our stations YouTube page.

We’ll also have two of this year’s other premiere teams on ATVN coming up in our next “BML Game of the Week” featuring the Avengers and the Yankees.  Tune in for the broadcast on Tuesday following our coverage of this weekend’s Grandview Racing events!

Lots of great summertime sports action coming up this week on Astound TV – check it out!

Now, here’s highlights of recent sports events broadcast on the Astound TV Network.


Astound Sports: Easton vs. Pleasant Valley (5/24)

Astound Sports: Parkland vs. Easton (5/24)

Astound Sports: Northwestern Lehigh vs. Allentown Central Catholic (5/24)

BML fans – check back to “The SportsTalk Shop” as we’ll have highlights of recent Blue Mountain League games broadcast on ATVN posted here on our site real soon!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Lacrosse & Volleyball All-Stars ’24

June 19, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

If you are fans of these two sports, Astound TV video customers witnessed history for our network as we brought you our first ever district championships for girls and boys lacrosse and for volleyball this past school year!

The ATVN sports team is busy gearing up for even more ‘firsts’ for the 2024-25 seasons.

But before we do, we wanted to honor the members of this year’s Eastern Pennsylvania Conference’s “All-Star” teams for their recently completed seasons.

Girl’s Lacrosse All-Star Team

Low Attack:
Jocelyn Morgan – Easton
Jordyn Poll – Emmaus
Ashlee Gensits – Nazareth
Gigi Leonzi – Parkland
Lydia Attisano – Easton
Brianna McClain – Emmaus
Olivia Iandoli – Pleasant Valley

Low Defense:
Lucy Kontir – Freedom
Sophie Cole – Nazareth
Cecelia Cordova – Pleasant Valley
Alivia Rath – Pleasant Valley
Marley Geiger – Easton
Abbey Thomas – Emmaus
Braygan Bender – Nazareth
Madison Roseman – Parkland
Briana Palmieri – Pleasant Valley

Olivia Schmidt – Emmaus
Devon Bush – Pleasant Valley
Rylee Rath – Pleasant Valley
Kate Raymond – Cedar Crest High School

Arianna O’Keefe – Freedom
Erika Broesicke – Liberty

Karee Vandever – Freedom
Karsen Hippert – Easton

Most Valuable Player: Devon Bush – Pleasant Valley


Boy’s Lacrosse All-Star Team

Mike Restino – Cedar Crest High School
William Barber – Emmaus
Parker Kusko – Parkland
Shae Linegar – Easton
Alex Greenberg – Freedom
Blake Smith – Nazareth

Cael DiSora – Easton
Kaleb Mains – Emmaus
Jake Parker – Parkland
Tate Shoemaker – Cedar Crest High School
Ryan Kane – Nazareth

Luke Placotaris – Easton
Zachary Yenawine – Emmaus
Jonah Ortwein- Freedom
Jack Foley – Cedar Crest High School
Erik Matulevicius – Parkland

Long Stick Midfielder
Cole Angeline – Nazareth
Michael Chies – Emmaus

Short Stick Midfielder
Shawn Quinn – Easton
Jake Beidleman – Parkland
Reilly Bechtel – Emmaus
Sam Neuffer – Freedom

Jared Karabinus – Freedom
James Scott – Parkland

Sam Rainford – Emmaus
Andrew Matulevicius – Parkland

Most Valuable Player: William Barber – Emmaus


Boy’s Volleyball All-Star Team

1st Team
Adam Mittl (Outside Hitter) – Liberty
Jametric Harris (Middle Hitter) – Emmaus
Cristian Matos (Setter) – Liberty
Luke Smith (Middle Hitter) – Parkland
Josh Nation (Outside Hitter) – Parkland
Ethan Ringenberger ( Outside Hitter) – Whitehall
Jack Kocher (Outside Hitter) – Whitehall

2nd Team
Daniel Sledz (Setter) – Bethlehem Catholic
Cooper Henseler (Setter) – Emmaus
Ayden Willman (Opposite Hitter) – Freedom
Dan Soleymani (Outside Hitter) – Freedom
Jackson Biechy (Outside Hitter) – Nazareth
Landon Nickischer (Opposite Hitter) – Northampton
Will Stiles (Setter) – Parkland

3rd Team
Calvin Long (Outside Hitter) – Allentown
Joe Braun (Setter) – Freedom
Jake Rice (Setter) – Nazareth
Owen Hasker (Middle Hitter) – Nazareth
Nicholas Ingrassia (Libero) – Pocono Mountain East
Aaron Jacob Ruiz (Outside Hitter) – Pocono Mountain West
Kumayl Soonasra (Libero) – Parkland


We’ll have more news on other “All-Stars” in the ATVN viewing area as they are “named” by the local sports organizations over the next few weeks.

Also, with the summer basketball season heating up in the Lehigh Valley, be sure to check back to “The SportsTalk Shop” for news and highlights as the action unfolds over the next two months.


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.


June 13, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

   As the high school lacrosse season winds down and after watching the men’s and women’s college National Championships, I thought that I would reflect on my own lacrosse career playing in the Lehigh Valley. Throughout my lacrosse career, I have been able to play in high competition both in high school and college. I went to Saucon Valley High School and then went on to play at Moravian University. During my time at Saucon, we were the 2A District XI champions three years in a row in 2017, 2018, and 2019, making an appearance in the State competition all three years. Although the 2020 season was canceled, I’m sure that it would have been another good battle for the title. Then at Moravian, although I was only on the field for one season due to injury, we made it to the Landmark Conference playoffs all four years. 

   The end of the season in high school was always exciting because it was always towards the end of the school year. Getting to the District finals game and getting to play in Lehigh or DeSales’ stadiums was always special because we didn’t get to play on many turf fields so getting to be able to do that in a new and special environment was something that everyone always looked forward to. Then once we got to States we got the police escort down Main St. and getting to see our families and friends cheer us on along the road was something that was so fun. 

   In 2017, it was Saucon’s first District XI title and PIAA State appearance. Being able to be a part of our program’s history is something that I will always remember. One of the things that we were most looking forward to was finally getting a “Girls Lacrosse” banner hung up in the gym. Being a part of our school’s program history was even more meaningful because our head coach, Jane Hoff had started the youth program and had coached most of us from the time that we started playing until we graduated so that was something very special to experience. Then to be able to do it with all of my friends was even better. We had all been really close and played other sports outside of lacrosse together whether that was field hockey, soccer or basketball. I think that our team chemistry was something that led us to our success and something that made playing lacrosse so enjoyable. 

   In college, it was a similar experience. I got to be teammates with some of the girls that I had played against in high school like Meaghan McMullan (Moravian Academy), Liv Clearie (Nazareth), Bre Frederico (Naazareth), Rylee Soltis (Easton), Alise Downey (SoLehigh), and Liv Williams (Quakertown) and play against some of my former teammates Sarah Duffy (Muhlenberg) and Kat Naiburg (TCNJ). The Landmark playoffs were always during our finals week which was always a little bit stressful, but an exciting time of year. Every year we knew that it was the start of a “new season” and that there was another level of competition. The game that stands out to me the most was beating Scranton for the first time in program history in 2023 after losing to them in every matchup. Being a part of the team and being out on the field to experience it first hand was a moment that I will never forget. 

   Although my lacrosse career was not a traditional one with many roadblocks and setbacks, I could not have asked for a better one. I was able to learn and gain so much knowledge of the game throughout my time watching and playing. Getting to experience and be able to make history in both my high school and college careers is something that I will cherish forever, and I could not have done it without my coaches, parents, athletic trainers and amazing teammates.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company

VIDEOS: Baseball Recaps ’24

June 10, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

This Thursday, we’ll have our final high school sports event of the “school year” – the McDonald’s All-Star football game.

As we normally do, we invite you to see the game in person–all proceeds go to charity.  However,  Astound TV will once again broadcast the game and air the game on a tape-delayed basis for people who can’t get to Nazareth on Thursday.  We also will have DVD copies available and provide a link for the broadcast – you can call the ATVN Studio at 610-443-2765 for more details.

With the Lehigh Valley baseball season coming to an end with Whitehall’s loss to Governor Mifflin, we start our look back at the top plays from this spring’s postseason action.

While we are losing many talented seniors to graduation this June, the future is still very bright for all the teams we saw in the league and district playoffs and I think we’ll see many of these teams again this time of year twelve months from now.

Now, part one of the top plays from this year’s baseball playoff season…

Astound Sports: Northampton vs. Liberty (5/24)

Astound Sports: Liberty vs. Neshaminy (6/24)

Astound Sports: Whitehall vs. Pocono Mountain East (5/24)

Astound Sports: Bethlehem Catholic vs. North Schuylkill (5/24)



The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.



June 6, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Photo by Ashley Rodrigues and Moravian Athletics

Today we bring you part two of our interview with college standout Jackie Savatore (see our last entry for part one of this interview)…

How do you approach each game mentally and physically to consistently perform at such a high level? 

I personally go into every game with no expectations. I have watched so many lacrosse games where the “expected” team to win loses, and where the “expected” team to lose wins, so I genuinely go into every single lacrosse game not thinking whether my team is going to win or to lose because I know anything can happen. Lacrosse is a game in which it can go either way any day, and I believe with that mindset and no expectations you are encouraged to push yourself and work as hard as you can every game no matter who you are playing. This mentally eases my mind because when I think too much about a team we are playing I don’t play to my potential.

Can you share any particular challenges you’ve encountered during your collegiate career and how you’ve overcome them? 

During my collegiate career I have had trouble with keeping myself in shape on my own. I was always used to going from back to back seasons in high school so I was always in shape, but in college I had to teach myself how to train on my own. In the off season I would make a schedule for myself where I would either run, shoot, or do wall ball every day. This would keep me in shape and motivated. I have also struggled with figuring out how to eat properly before practices and games. I would struggle on how to find a balance between eating enough to properly nourish me, but also not eating too much to where it’s unhealthy. My strength and conditioning coaches would help me with eating and learning what is good and not good to eat before training, or when not training. 

Another challenge I would encounter being in season was with mental health. Being a full time college student while also practicing 4 times a week and having 2 games is a lot. It can be very difficult to keep stress levels low when all of this is going on. Having a bad game and then learning how to try to forget about it and keep playing 100% the next day can be hard, but it is doable. A lot of times this season I tried to remind myself that I only play college lacrosse once in my life, so I should be enjoying it. Seeing it as a privilege and not a job helped my mental health a lot. It allowed me to be thankful for what I have and realize that mistakes and stress are okay, and to know that everything will end up okay.

How has your experience as a collegiate lacrosse player shaped you as a person, both in terms of character development and future aspirations? 

Playing collegiate lacrosse has helped me improve my teamwork and leadership skills that I would have never learned in the classroom. I will be able to use these interpersonal skills in my future career. I have learned skills from my teammates and coaches like communication, trustworthiness, commitment, and empathy. I have learned that being committed to something and putting in all my hardwork and effort into something will come with rewards. I have also learned a lot about myself while playing lacrosse like my ability to stay level headed or at least try to stay level headed in stressful moments during games. Although I get frustrated at times, I would say for the most part I stay level headed and have been working on trying to not get frustrated over little mistakes.

Reflecting on your time at Moravian, what achievements or moments stand out to you as the most memorable or significant, on and/or off the field? 

I would say my most significant achievement was either beating Scranton in the 2023 season, or beating Susquehanna in the 2024 season. Both of these games were such great team wins and showed what our team was capable of. These were very good teams in our conference who are usually competitive games for us. Not only did these games put another win for us on our schedule, but our team became so much closer because of them. It really puts into perspective how good we can be, and what we can work towards. This was such a unique experience and is really unexplainable at times because of how special it was. 

When I came into Moravian as a freshman, I created goals for myself going into my first season. I worked so hard going into that season to get rookie of the year for my conference, but earning offensive player of the year this year, my junior season has been the most meaningful to me. It is such a great feeling being awarded for all the hard work and dedication I put in leading up to this year. It really made me feel like I was working towards something great, and it paid of . There were so many great players in the conference so it really felt great to be awarded for this. I am so thankful for my teammates and coaches that helped me get these accomplishments as well.

Lastly, what advice would you give to younger athletes who aspire to follow in your footsteps and achieve success in collegiate lacrosse? 

If I had any advice to give to a younger athlete it would be to never be complacent and that anything is possible when you put your mind to it. Coming in from high school to college, I never would have thought that I would be getting the achievements I have and having so much fun while doing it, but I put my mind and energy into getting better every single day. Whatever level you play, whether it be DI, DII, or DIII, you can always become the best version of yourself with confidence and dedication.

Another piece of advice I have is to find what makes you happy. If you are not happy while playing lacrosse, it is not worth it to try and force it. Do what makes you happy and what you enjoy doing. This can be bitter-sweet, but happiness is the most important thing.


If the Whitehall baseball or Northwestern softball teams advance in the PIAA playoffs this week, Astound TV will try to broadcast that state semifinal game on Monday, provided it’s held at a site that is conducive for broadcasting.  That decision is made by the PIAA and is out of our hands, but we hope to bring any game involving these local teams in our coverage area home to our viewers, if possible.  Please keep checking back to our website for information on any potential broadcasts for this upcoming Monday!

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company


June 3, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Astound Sports: Grandview Speedway (5/24)

Astound Sports: Freedom vs. Nazareth (1/24)

Astound Sports: Polo Highlights

Astound Sports: Grandview Speedway (08/23)


Next up in the College Spotlight series is an interview with one of my teammates and good friends, Jackie Salvatore. Salvatore just completed her junior season on the Women’s Lacrosse team at Moravian University. As a three year starter, she has had standout seasons earning numerous honors throughout her time thus far. In just three seasons she stands with 134 goals, 125 assists, 92 ground balls, 127 draw controls, and 39 caused turnovers. Salvatore now holds the school record for number of points in a single season standing at 109. She registered 52 goals, 57 assists, 91 draw controls , 32 ground balls and 13 caused turnovers this past season. Additionally, she has earned Landmark Conference Rookie of the Year her first year in 2022, Landmark All-Conference 2nd Team in 2023, Landmark Conference Athlete of the Week once in 2023 and twice in 2024, and Landmark Conference Offensive Player of the Year in 2024. She also made the Intercollegiate Women’s Lacrosse Association (IWLCA) All Metro Region 1st Team in 2024. I am excited to see Jackie succeed in her senior season and I wish her the best of luck.

What position do you play and what did you/are you studying? 

I play attack, and I am a public health major.

How/when did you start playing lacrosse and how did it lead you to where you are now? 

I did a pee wee lacrosse clinic in kindergarten, but then actually started playing for my hometown’s recreation team in 6th grade. When I reached high school, I tried out for a club lacrosse team-T3 lacrosse. Playing for my club team was really when I started loving lacrosse more than soccer or basketball. My club team allowed me to meet my college lacrosse coach. It also allowed me to play at higher levels and be pushed to a new level.

What inspired you to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level, and how/why did you choose Moravian? 

My hometown has always been known for having very competitive and high levels of girl’s and boy’s lacrosse, so I was used to playing with girls that would go DI to play lacrosse in college. This pushed me to want to play lacrosse at college. I became aware of Moravian because my club lacrosse coach was also the head coach of the Moravian Women’s lacrosse team. I saw this as an opportunity to play at a higher level of lacrosse while also being able to focus on academics at a D3 level.

Throughout your college career, what do you believe has been the key to your success both individually and as a member of your team? 

I believe my key to success has been keeping myself motivated. It is not always easy but in my off season I always have goals of something new I want to achieve. This keeps me working hard and working towards something new that will make me better. I am never complacent and I believe this is a part of my success. I contribute playing on multiple teams in high school of soccer, basketball, and lacrossel to my success in being a member of my team. I have learned ways in which to communicate, be emotionally intelligent, be flexible, and be positive in teams to be a good teammate.

As a leader on your team, what role do you play in motivating and supporting your teammates to achieve their best both on and off the field? 

I believe that in order to be a good leader there has to be an equal mix of being honest and blunt with your teammates while also being positive. While being at school I would try to constantly work in the off season whether it was running, going to the wall, or shooting, and would encourage my teammates to come and join. Little gestures like this are motivating to my teammates and encouraging them to come and get better at the little things. Outside of lacrosse I would try to be a good role model by being someone that my teammates could come talk to if they needed help with anything. It is important to be a good role model and push your teammates to be better like you wish they pushed you as well. I love being very positive to my teammates because I know sometimes that’s all it takes to change a mood. I would also like to believe I am someone that my teammates can come to for help with mental health and to just be someone to talk to when things get difficult.

More coming in the next edition of “The SportsTalk Shop.”

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company


May 28, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Photo by Avery Saladino and Moravian Athletics


This past week I interviewed Trevor Dzama who not only is one of my friends, but also has had a standout lacrosse career at Moravian University so I decided to get an insight from Trevor to see what led him to lacrosse and how he was able to dominate on the field. Dzama completed his career playing in 53 games, and even with a shortened season in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions, he has been able to make a name for himself not only at Moravian but across the Landmark Conference and nationally. He holds the school record for total career points standing at 203 points, registering 75 goals, 128 assists, and picked up 69 ground balls. He has earned numerous accolades including holding the Landmark Conference record for total number of assists, which also surpasses the Moravian record which was previously held by Clint Quedenfeld with 124. Additionally, he has earned Landmark Conference Player of the Week in 2024, Landmark All-Conference 2nd Team in 2024, and been on the United States Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association (USILA) Team of the Week in 2022, 2023, and 2024.

What position do you play and what did you/are you studying? 

Attack, and majored in History.

How/when did you start playing lacrosse and how did it lead you to where you are now? 

I started playing lacrosse before I learned how to walk just by throwing with a stick in my house, but I started playing for real in kindergarten. Obviously starting that young I have gotten very good at the technical skills of lacrosse just by playing for so long but it has also gotten me to a point where I have seen everything that could ever happen on the lacrosse field so that I feel comfortable in any position.

What inspired you to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level, and how/why did you choose Moravian? 

I think the interest in me as a lacrosse player after my junior year of high school from college coaches really inspired me to play at the collegiate level. For much of my high school career I was undersized and not good enough to play varsity lacrosse so I didn’t ever think I would play in college, but after seeing how many coaches were recruiting me from DI to DIII after my junior year, I felt it would be a waste of my talent to not play at the next level. I chose Moravian because I liked the campus and the city of Bethlehem a lot.

Throughout your college career, what do you believe has been the key to your success both individually and as a member of your team? 

I think my knowledge of the game has been a big help in college as the game is much faster than in high school. Second is the confidence I have in myself and my abilities which is something that I think is vital in team sports. As a member of the team, my leadership abilities and selflessness has helped create both individual and team success.

As a leader on your team, what role do you play in motivating and supporting your teammates to achieve their best both on and off the field? 

In our current leadership group, I have found that where I can most effectively help our team is through individual leadership. Some of our other captains are quite good at motivating an entire team, but I think I really help our team by getting the most out of every individual player, whether that is through encouraging them to be their best or just helping them through tough times at practice and in games. 


We will have more news on local high school and college lacrosse interviews and videos in the next edition of “The SportsTalk Shop.”


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VIDEOS: League Baseball Highlights ’24

May 22, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Last week, the ATVN Sports department had a busy week broadcasting EPC and Colonial League playoff games.  Below are highlights of those games.

For the upcoming baseball and 6A girls softball district playoff games next week, tune in ATVN and also watch the games streamed live on our YouTube channel:  @AstoundTVNetwork


Astound Sports: Liberty vs Bethlehem Catholic (5/24)

Astound Sports: Northwestern Lehigh vs. Wilson (5/24)

Astound Sports: Pocono Mountain East vs. Liberty (5/24)

Astound Sports:  Bethlehem Catholic vs. Nazareth (5/24)

Astound Sports: Nazareth vs. Freedom (9/23)


  DVDs and links to these games can be purchased by contacting the ATVN studio.


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Baseball All-Stars ’24

May 20, 2024 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Before we present this year’s EPC high school baseball all-star teams, a few notes about last week’s league playoff games seen on the Astound TV Network.

First, despite the weather and prom season radically changing almost ALL originally scheduled games (both the EPC and Colonial League tourneys were supposed to start the previous Friday, with most games being delayed as many as three days) there were some outstanding performances by all teams.

Secondly, congrats to Liberty (again) and Wilson (for their first league baseball title since 2008) for bringing home the gold medals.  Most of the games were very competitive and we also saw an abundance of non-seniors stepping up, which indicates next spring’s playoffs should be intense with so many returning players…not to mention the upcoming district playoffs, which begin later this week.

Speaking of this week, ATVN will broadcast for the first-time ever on our network, the 2A & 3A girls and boys District XI lacrosse championships.  It’ll be a very busy “week-plus” around the Memorial Day weekend as we will also have District XI baseball title games involving teams in the ATVN viewing area, along with the 6A girls softball championships all between now and the end of the month.



Now, here’s the complete listing of EPC “all-conference” and “all-division” team members–the first team members were honored before last Friday’s championship.

Eastern Pennsylvania Conference
2024 Baseball

All-Conference 1st Team

Pitcher (2):
Noah Gyauch Quirk- Liberty
Adam Horvath – PME

Catcher (1):
Franklin Pichardo – Liberty

Infielders (4):
Jacob Rivera – Liberty
Rocco Delgiudice – PME
Chad Kauffman- Emmaus
Louis Inserra – Parkland

Outfielders (3):
Braylen Gonzalez – Liberty
Aidan Butz – Nazareth
Jarred Peluso – Freedom

Utility (2):
Josiah Williams – Emmaus
Alex Suarez – Freedom

Noah Gyauch Quirk – Liberty

All-Conference 2nd Team

Pitcher (2):
Cole Moreau – Emmaus
Chase Walker – Freedom

Catcher (1):
Luis Reyes – Allen

Infielders (5):
Vincent Paar – Nazareth
Mason Haupt – Northampton
Caden Deegan – Bethlehem Catholic
John Phillips- Freedom
Bobby Ehrmann – Pocono Mt. East

Outfielders (3):
Andrew Klotz – Parkland
Noah Hogan – Emmaus
Adam Horvath – Pocono Mt. East

Utility (2):
Matt Daems – Nazareth
Cohen Schadler – Emmaus

All-Division Team
Division: Lehigh

Pitcher (2):
Cole Moreau – Emmaus
Logan Higgins – Northampton

Catcher (1):
Luis Reyes – Allen

Infielders (4):
Louis Inserra – Parkland
Chad Kauffman – Emmaus
Mason Haupt – Northampton
Trevor Golden – Allen

Outfielders (3):
Andrew Klotz – Parkland
Noah Hogan – Emmaus
Seth Hodorewski – Whitehall

Utility (2):
Josiah Williams – Emmaus
Cohen Schadler – Emmaus

All-Division Team
Division: Northampton

Pitcher (2):
Noah Gyauch Quirk – Liberty
Chase Walker – Freedom

Catcher (1):
Franklin Pichardo – Liberty

Infielders (4):
Jacob Rivera – Liberty
Caden Deegan – BECA
John Phillips- Freedom
Vincent Paar – Nazareth

Outfielders (3):
Braylen Gonzalez – Liberty
Aidan Butz – Nazareth
Jarred Peluso – Freedom

Utility (2):
Alex Suarez- Freedom
Matt Daems – Nazareth

All-Division Team
Division: Monroe

Pitcher (2):
Adam Horvath – PME
Liam Huffman – East Stroudsburg South

Catcher (1):
Thomas Gonzalez – Stroudsburg

Infielders (4):
Will Mecca – PMW
Rocco Delgiudice – PME
Bobby Ehrmann – PME
Jayden Martinez – PME

Outfielders (3):
Logan Rasmussen – ESS
Adam Horvath – PME
Dakoda Lucas – PV

Utility (2):
Zach Pandolfo – PN
Eric Rivera – PMW


Check back to “The SportsTalk Shop” for more all-star listings as they become available to us.


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

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