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ATVN Sports Talk

Want to know what’s happening in the world of sports? Join Chris Michael and The Morning Call’s Keith Groller, Thursdays at 7:00pm on ATVN Sports Talk, presented by The Morning Call for a lively roundtable discussion covering the hottest issues in local, regional and national sports. Guests include local sportswriters, coaches, athletes and announcers.

ATVN Sports Talk airs LIVE every Thursday at 7:00 pm, during which viewers can call in or email their questions, comments and opinions! Sports fans can call into the RCN TV studio at 844-234-4488 during the live broadcast or email their comments/questions any time to    

Replays of ATVN Sports Talk Presented by The Morning Call air Thursdays at 9:00 pm and Saturdays at 9:00 am.

Basketball and Swimming

Guests:  Tom Steward, Joe Stellato, Caleb & Malek Mims, Tim O’Connor & Emmaus’ team
Date Released:  February 6, 2020  Genre: Talk

District XI Wrestling Previews

Guests:  Scott Barr, Ryan Nunamaker
Date Released:  January 30, 2020  Genre: Talk

Leagues’ Wrestling Previews

Guests:  Gene Waas, Jim Best, Bob Frankenfield
Date Released:  January 23, 2020  Genre: Talk

Muhlenberg/Notre Dame Wrestling

Guests:  Nate Milne & his players, Matt Veres & his athletes
Date Released:  January 16, 2020  Genre: Talk

Coaches vs Cancer / Southern Lehigh Basketball

Guests:  American Cancer Society Reps, Ben Tannous & his players
Date Released:  January 9, 2020  Genre: Talk

2019 Year-In-Review

Review of the year’s top moments & in-depth look at the new HS basketball season.
Date Released:  December 19, 2019   Genre: Talk

New Winter Sports Coaches

Guests:  Jon Trenge, Brandon Hall, Brenton Ditchcreek, Colin Kressler, Phil Ham, Gregg Dietz
Date Released:  December 5, 2019  Genre: Talk

Lafayette/Lehigh Football Preview

Guests:  Matt Kerr, Mike Joseph
Date Released:  November 21, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Football Playoffs: Semis Previews

Guests:  Tony Cocca
Date Released:  November 7, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Football Playoff Preview

Guests:  Roy Cortez, Steve Shiffert, Kevin Ronalds
Date Released:  October 31, 2019   Genre: Talk

World Series/HS & NCAA Football

Guests:  Luke Monaldo
Date Released:  October 24, 2019   Genre: Talk

Mid-Season Football Report 2019

Guests:  Gary Laubach, Wilson Football Team
Date Released:  October 10, 2019   Genre: Talk

Easton Football 2019

Guests:  Ali and Jeff Zimmerman, Jeff Braido and his players
Date Released:  October 3, 2019   Genre: Talk

College Football/HS Survey

Guests:  Shane Simpson, Bob Headen, Mark Wogenrich
Date Released:  September 26, 2019   Genre: Talk

Former Sports Writers

Guests:  Tom Hinkel, Ted Meixell
Date Released:  September 19, 2019   Genre: Talk

New Head Football Coaches

Guests:  Ramie Moussa, Matt Walters, Dave Lutte
Date Released:  September 12, 2019   Genre: Talk

NCAA and High School Football

Guests:  John Breidinger, John Leone
Date Released:  September 5, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Football Previews

Guests: Keith Jones, Mike Joseph
Date Released: August 22, 2019 Genre: Talk

HS Fall Sports Previews

Guests: Various local teams are featured
Date Released: August 15, 2019 Genre: Talk

Central Catholic Football

Guests:  Tim McGorry & his team
Date Released:  July 25, 2019   Genre: Talk

Notre Dame “Surprise” Tribute

Guests: Tony Koury, Amy Rogers & special guests
Released: July 18, 2019. Genre: Talk

Baseball 2019 “Mid-Season Report”

Guests:  Tom Housenick
Date Released:  July 11, 2019   Genre: Talk

Blue Mt. League Baseball 2019

Guests:  Bob Varju, Tim Fisher & BML Coaches/Players
Date Released:  June 27, 2019   Genre: Talk

Becahi Hoops/State Champs 2019

Guests:  Jose Medina and team
Date Released:  June 20, 2019   Genre: Talk

NFL/NBA Off-Season News & Rumors

Guests:  Al Thompson
Date Released:  June 6, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Baseball/Softball Playoff Previews

Guests:  Gary Laubach
Date Released:  May 9, 2019   Genre: Talk

Tim Tebow; New Whitehall Football Coaches

Guests:  Tim Tebow, Matt Senneca, Sam Senneca
Date Released:  April 25, 2019   Genre: Talk

Colonial League News/Football “Co-op”

Guests:  Marc Zimmerman, Monica Deeb, Bryan Geist
Date Released:  April 25, 2019   Genre: Talk

Golf, College Hoops & Spring Football Recaps

Guests:  Jermaine Ferrell, Mark Wogenrich
Date Released:  April 18, 2019   Genre: Talk

Minor League Baseball Primer

Guests:  Earl Peck, Tom Housenick
Date Released:  April 11, 2019   Genre: Talk

MLB Season Primer; 76ers Talk

Guests:  Tom Moore, Steve Gross
Date Released:  April 4, 2019   Genre: Talk

Spring Sports 2019 Previews

Guests:  Freedom Baseball & Parkland Girls Lacrosse Teams
Date Released:  March 21, 2019   Genre: Talk

HS Hoops 2019 Recap

Guests: Larry Starr, Doug Snyder, Josh Stout, Quinton Stewart, Disley Mendez-Garcia, Evan Wilt, Allen Young
Date Released: March 14, 2019  Genre: Talk

PIAA Hoops Playoff Previews

Guests: Tom Stoudt
Date Released: March 7, 2019  Genre: Talk

HS Basketball Playoff Previews

Guests: Monique Lindell, Josh Kopp, Cassie Murphy, Mary Kate Altmire, Abby Wachter
Date Released: February 7, 2019  Genre: Talk

Wrestling Playoff Previews

Guests: Tom Housenick, Scott Barr, Ryan Nunamaker, Gene Waas
Date Released: January 24, 2018   Genre: Talk

2018 “Year-in-Review”

A look back at the top moments, teams and players.
Date Released: December 20, 2018 Genre: Talk

HS Hoops/Wrestling Previews

Guests: Bethlehem Catholic Wrestling/Basketball teams
Date Released: December 13, 2018 Genre: Talk

Football Wrap/Hoops Preview

Guests: Tony Cocca, John Leone, Daniel Tyson
Date Released: December 7, 2018 Genre: Talk

PIAA Football Playoffs

Guests:  Corey Sharp, Dave Mika
Date Released: November 29, 2018.  Genre: Talk

HS FB Playoff Preview #2

Guests:  John Breidinger
Date Released: November 8, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Lehigh Valley HS FB Playoff Preview

Guests: Gary Laubach
Date Released: November 1, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Giants, Yankees & HS Playoff Scenarios

Guests: Greg Joyce, Mike Joseph
Date Released: October 25, 2018.  Genre: Talk

HS Football/Giants & Eagles

Guests: Monty Fritts, Jason Zimmerman
Date Released: October 11, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Ballou HS / Steriods in Sports

Guests: Minoso Rodgers, Al Thompson
Date Released: October 4, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Penn State-Ohio St / Equity Summitt

Guests:  Len Rich, Mark Wogenrich
Date Released: September 27, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Villanova FB / More PIAA Issues

Guests:  Louis Csaszar, Rep. Joe Emrick
Date Released: September 20, 2018.  Genre: Talk

College and High School Referees

Guests:  Frank D’Angelo, Jim Haney, Jack Keiter
Date Released: September 13, 2018.  Genre: Talk

PIAA “Hot Button” Issues

Guests:  Melissa Mertz, PIAA Associate Executive Director
Date Released: September 6, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Actor/Boxer Jack O’Halloran

Stories on Big Names in Hollywood and Sports
Date Released: August 23, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Fall Sports Preview #2

Guests: Northwestern Boys Soccer, Parkland Girls Soccer
Date Released: August 16, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Fall Sports Preview #1

Guests: Easton Cross Country; Parkland Boys Soccer
Date Released: August 8, 2018. Genre: Talk

Eagles Cheerleaders/Phillies Interviews

Guests: Barbara Zahn & Cheerleaders; Jesmuel Valentin, Matt McBride
Date Released: July 26, 2018. Genre: Talk

HS Transfers / Baseball Topics

Guests: Tom Housenick, Chuck Hixson, Mike Ventola
Date Released: July 19, 2018. Genre: Talk

MLB All-Star Preview/DMV Sports & Baseball Topics

Guests:  Natalie Kalibat, Steve Gross
Date Released:  July 12, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Blue Mountain League Baseball

Guests:  Bob Varju, Tim Fisher, Tom Housenick
Date Released:  July 5, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

NBA Rumors & Analysis/Summer Hoops

Guests:  Jake Fischer, Toomey Anderson, Randy Atiyeh, Terrence Bomar, Tom Mosser
Date Released:  June 28, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Lafayette Football 2018 Preview

Guests: John Garrett, Luke Thompson, John Van Dam, Marc Nudelberg & Lafayette players

MLB Draft Recap/Events for Veterans

Guests:Jim Callis, Bobby Koch, Merry Troper
Date Released:  June 7, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Senior Football Players/All-Star Preview

Guests: Kevin Ronalds, Tom McCarroll & various players
Date Released:  May 24, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

MLB’s Trivino/NFL Draft Recaps

Guests: Lou Trivino, Al Thompson, Rock Hoffman
Released:  May 3, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

NBA Playoffs/NCAA Spring FB/Baseball All-Star

Guests: Becca Winkert, Mike Joseph, Frank Carazo, Dan & Chad Waelchli
Released:  April 26, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

NFL Draft/Penn State FB Previews

Guests: Mark Wogenrich, Dennis Laub, Nick Fierro
Released:  April 19, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Draft Preview 1/Hall of Fame 2018 Inductees

Guests: Jeff Kerr, Tony Cocca, Gene Legath, Steve Shiffert, Tom Redding
Released:  April 12, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Spring Sports Outlooks

Guests: Emmaus & Freedom Volleyball, ACCHS Lacrosse, Liberty Baseball
Released:  April 5, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Women HS Wrestlers; DKN Sports

Guests: Bruce Walker, Dave Crowell, Kasey Kruczek, Dana Harris, Emily Simpon, Melina Ronca
Released:  March 29, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Baseball Spring Training; Wrestling/Hoops Wrap-Up

Guests: Steve Gross, Gary Laubach
Released:  March 22, 2018.  Genre:  Talk


Basketball Past & Present; Redskins Executive

Guests: Tony Wyllie, Gabe Lewullis, Toomey Anderson
Released:  March 15, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

League Lafayette Women BB/NCAA & HS Playoffs

Guests:  Kia Damon, John Leone
Released:  March 8, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

League BB Championship Previews 2018

Guests:  Megan Kane, Joe Jarjous, Kyle Hutnik
Released:  February 15, 2018.  Genre:  Talk

Colonial League Hoops 2018

Guests: : Bangor Basketball Team
Released: February 8, 2018.  Genre: Talk

Eagles/Patriots Preview

Guests: Live Guests from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Released: February 1, 2018. Genre: Talk

HS Wrestling 2018

Guests: : JaMarr Billman, Tom Housenick, Ryan Nunamaker
Released: January 25, 2018.  Genre: Talk

2017 “Year-in-Review”

Released: December 14, 2017. Genre: Talk

Eagles/NFL & MLB Hot Stove Talk

Guests: : Steve Gross, Nick Fierro
Released: December 7, 2017. Genre: Talk

PIAA Football Playoffs

Guests: Nick Lincoln, Paul, Reduzzi, Kevin Ronalds
Released: November 30, 2017. Genre: Talk

DMV HS Football; Lehigh/Lafayette Preview

Guests: Monet Anderson, Matt Kerr, Paul Reinhard
Released: November 16, 2017. Genre: Talk

GW Men’s Hoops & HS Football Playoffs

Guests:  Maurice Joseph, Dave Mika
Released:  November 9, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

NFL Talk & HS Football Playoffs

Guests:  John McMullen, John Breidinger
Released:  November 2, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

Penn State/Ohio State & College Football

Guests:  Matt Millen, Mark Wogenrich
Released:  October 26, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

College Football; More 76ers Interviews

Guests:  Rob Sgarlata, Mike Joseph
Released:  October 12, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

MLB Playoffs; HS Football Issues

Guests:  Luke Monaldo, Jason Zimmerman
Released:  October 5, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

Highland Games/HS Football

Guests:  Dan McKim, J. L. Craig
Released:  September 28, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

Eagles/Giants Preview, Redskins Notes

Guests:  Al Thompson, Rock Hoffman, Kelsey Nicole Nelson
Released:  September 21, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

HS Football: Good Counsel/Parkland

Guests:  Gary Laubach, Andy Stefanelli
Released:  September 14, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

NFL, MLB & HS Football

Guests:  Freddie Coleman, Steve Shiffert
Released:  September 7, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

HS Football Primer #5/Cheering & Bands

Guests:  Dave Mika, John Breidinger
Released:  August 31, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

HS Football Primer #4/Cheering & Bands

Guests:  Dave Mika
Released:  August 30, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

HS Football Primer #3/Cheering & Bands

Guests:  Dave Mika, Tony Cocca
Released:  August 29, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

HS Football Primer #2/Rules Changes

Guests:  Jim Haney, Jack Keiter, Bob Andrews
Released:  August 24, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

NFC East Preview/Redskins; HS Football Primer #1

Guests:  Craig Hoffman, Dennis Laub
Released:  August 17, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

Eagles Training Camp; Coaching Legends

Guests:  Jeff Kerr, Bob Stem, Bob Shriver
Released:  August 3, 2017.  Genre:  Talk

Catty “TOC” Reflections & 2017 Preview

Guests: Organizers, Coaches & Players
Released: July 27, 2017. Genre: Talk

Phillies & NL/AL-East Prospects Updates

Guests:  Steve Gross, Mike Ventola
Released:  July 20, 2017.  Genre: Talk.

Fultz’s HS Coach/Phillies & BML Baseball

Guests: Mike Jones, Pete MacKanin, Bob Varju, Tim Fisher
Released: July 13, 2017  Genre: Talk

NBA Draft Recap/Summer Hoops

Guest: Devon Givens, Randy Atiyeh, Tom Mosser

Released: July 6, 2017.  Genre: Talk

MLB Draft Recap & Phillies Talk

Guests:  Eric Longenhagen, Tom Housenick, Chuck Hixson
Released: June 22, 2017. Genre: Talk

NBA & MLB Draft Previews; Charity Event

Guests: : Jim Callis, Jon Johnson, Dan Waelchli, Chad Waelchli
Released: June 8, 2017. Genre: Talk

State Champion Central Catholic Volleyball

Guests: Members of the Allentown Central Catholic Volleyball Team
Released: May 25, 2017. Genre: Talk 

Carpenter Cup Baseball 2017

Guests:   JF Pirro, Ted Plessl
Released: May 11, 2017. Genre: Talk

NFL Draft Recaps

Guests: George Wallace, Nick Fierro
Released: May 4, 2017. Genre: Talk

Wizards/Hawks; Nat. FB Hall of Fame Inductees

Guests: Glenn Consor, Dan Persa, Jim Morgans, Jason Kremus, Tom Redding
Released: April 27, 2017. Genre: Talk

NFL Draft Preview

Guests:  Al Thompson, Rock Hoffman, Ben Standig
Released: April 20, 2017. Genre: Talk


76ers/NBA Playoffs & HS Sports Issues

Guests: Tom Moore, Dennis Csensits, Bryan Geist
Released: April 13, 2017. Genre: Talk

Nationals Primer / Nazareth State Champs

Guests: Mark Zuckerman; Dave Crowell & Blue Eagles Wrestling Team
Released: April 6, 2017. Genre: Talk

Phillies Preview #2 / John Thompson’s Dismissal

Guests: Gene Wang, Steven Gross, Matt Provence, Lindsay Knupp
Released: March 30, 2017. Genre: Talk

Phillies Preview/Local Athletes

Guests: Scott Franzke, Jen Wescoe, Sarah Pastelyak
Released: March 23, 2017 Genre: Talk

District Recap/State Hoops Previews

Guest: Tom Stoudt
Released: March 9, 2017 Genre: Talk

League Championships Previews

Guests: Megan Dellegrotti, Eric Snyder, Joe Stellato
Released: February 16, 2017 Genre: Talk

HS Hoops / Super Bowl Preview

Guest: Toomey Anderson
Released: February 2, 2017 Genre: Talk

Wrestling / College Hoops

Guests: Rodney Williams, Tom Housenick, Jim Best, Richard King
Released: January 26, 2017 Genre: Talk

NFL Playoffs/ College & HS Hoops

Guests: Brian H. Waters (Fox Sports), Lynn Worthy, Dave Fedor
Released: January 19, 2017 Genre: Talk

Allen Basketball/Girls BB Features

Guests: Allen coaches & players are our in-studio guests
Released: January 12, 2017 Genre: Talk

2016 Year-in-Review Show

A look back at the top players, teams, moments & other special memories from the past year
Released: December 21, 2016 Genre: Talk

George Washington Univ. Wm. Basketball/Easton HS Girls Basketball

Guests: Jen Rizzotti, Dave Lutz & his players
Released: December 15, 2016 Genre: Talk

Penn State Football; Eagles/Redskins Preview

Guests: Mark Wogenrich, Scott Jackson
Released: December 8, 2016 Genre: Talk

State Football Playoffs, HS Basketball Previews

Guests: Dave Mika, Trey Mines
Released: December 1, 2016 Genre: Talk

HS Football History, Georgetown & GW Hoops, Redskins

Guests: Alex Parker, Paul Reinhard
Released: November 17, 2016 Genre: Talk

PA & DC HS Football Playoffs

Guests:  Steve Miller, Chad Ricardo
Released:  November 10, 2016  Genre: Talk

District Playoffs & DMV HS Football; NBA Talk

Guests:  Lynn Worthy, Eric Goldwein
Released:  November 3, 2016  Genre: Talk

Georgetown/Lafayette, HS Football, MLB/Phillies, Flyers

Guests:  Rob Sgarlata, Stephen Gross
Released:  October 27, 2016  Genre: Talk

Eagles vs Redskins Preview / MLB Playoffs

Guests:  Rick Snider, Al Thompson, Rock Hoffman
Released:  October 13, 2016  Genre: Talk

Eagles / NFL Talk; Nationals / MLB Playoffs;

Guests:  Nick Fierro, Bill Ladson
Released:  October 6, 2016  Genre: Talk

Notre Dame & DeMatha HS Football

Guests: Elijah Brooks, Phil Stambaugh & his team
Released: September 29, 2016 Genre: Talk

HS Football; Giants/Redskins Preview

Guests: James Kratch, Lynn Worthy, Tony Cocca
Released:  September 22, 2016  Genre: Talk 

New PIAA Classes/Playoff System; Sidwell Friends Football

Guests: Jason Zimmerman, Brian Gilbert, John Simon
Released:  September 15, 2016  Genre: Talk

NFC East Preview/Freedom Football

Guests: Rob Maaddi, Jason Roeder & his players
Released:  September 8, 2016  Genre: Talk

HS Football Primer #3: EPC North/Colonial

Guests:  Dave Mika, John Breidinger
Released:  September 7, 2016  Genre: Talk

HS Football Primer #2: EPC South

Guests: Gary Laubach, Tony Cocca, Dave Mika
Released:  September 6, 2016  Genre: Talk

HS Football Primer #1: Polls & Team Interviews

Guests:  Randy Trivers, Dennis Laub
Released:  August 25, 2016  Genre: Talk

Local Summer Baseball Highlights

Guests:  Various
Released:  August 18, 2016  Genre: Talk

Women Sports Issues / BML Baseball

Guests:  Natalie Randolph, Tim Fisher, Eric Schmitt
Released:  August 11, 2016  Genre: Talk

Redskins & Eagles Camp / Local HS Sports

Guests:  Tim Shovers, Josh Folck
Released:  July 28, 2016  Genre: Talk

Parkland Volleyball State Championship Team

Guests:  Head Coach Mike Krause & team members
Released:  July 21, 2016  Genre: Talk

MLB Prospects/Summer Hoops/HS Issues

Guests:  Jim Callis, Keith Groller
Released:  July 14, 2016  Genre: Talk

Nationals Prospects / “New” HS Football Coaches

Guests:  Terry Byrom, Phil Stambaugh, Harold Fairclough, Chuck Muller
Released:  July 7, 2016  Genre: Talk

76ers News / JP Crawford / “PA” Announcing Legends

Guests:  Tom Moore, JP Crawford, Jim Finne, Bill McCoach
Released:  June 30, 2016  Genre: Talk

Frankenfield Tribute/Wilson Basketball

Guests:  Bob Gehris, Don Benner, Mike Glovas
Released:  June 23, 2016  Genre: Talk

Pro Baseball Talk

Guests:  “Thunder Dan” Moyer, Jack Logic
Released:  June 9, 2016  Genre: Talk

State Champs: Emmaus Field Hockey

Guests: Head Coach Sue Butz-Stavin & her team
Released: May 23, 2016. Genre: Talk

MLB Draft, Phillies/Nationals Prospects

Guests: ESPN’s Eric Longenhagen, Nick Williams, Pedro Severino, Brian Goodwin, Bryan Salmond
Released: May 19, 2016. Genre: Talk

Washington Sports, Phillies Prospect, Spring Football

Guests: Kevin Sheehan, Tommy Joseph, Gary Laubach, Brian Ludrof
Released: May 12, 2016.  Genre: Talk

Carpenter Cup / Georgetown Lacrosse

Guests:  Mark Appel, JF Pirro, Ted Plessl, Joe Bucci
Released: May 5, 2016.  Genre: Talk

Phillies/Nationals Prospects; PA Football Hall of Fame

Guests: John Bendekovits, Bob Mitchell, Tom Redding, Mike Ventola
Released: April 28, 2016.  Genre: Talk

Eagles, Redskins, 2016 NFL Draft

Guests: Ben Standig, Al Thompson, Nick Fierro, Rock Hoffman
Released: April 21, 2016.  Genre: Talk

Olympics, 76ers, GW University, HS Sports

Guests: Marty Nothstein, Joetta Clark-Diggs, Eric Goldwein, Jacob Williams, Talitha DiggsReleased: April 14, 2016.  Genre: Talk

Flyers, 76ers, Phillies, Villanova, HS Sports

Guests: Eytan Shander, Kyle Craig
Released: April 7, 2016.  Genre: Talk

NCAA Hoops; Nationals/Phillies Season Previews

Guests: Todd Dybas, Matt Provence
Released: March 31, 2016.  Genre: Talk

DC Hoops Wrap; Parkland Basketball

Guests: Doug Craig, Andy Stephens, Kenny Yeboah, Kyle Stout, Jack Dreisbach, Sam Iorio
Released: March 24, 2016.  Genre: Talk

NCAA Basketball Tourney; PIAA BB Semis/Finals

Guests: Josh Verlin, John Leone
Released: March 17, 2016.  Genre: Talk

DC & PA State Basketball Playoffs

Guests: Marcus Helton, Rich Bickert, Nazareth Girls Basketball Team
Released:  March 10, 2016.  Genre:  Talk

Lafayette Men’s Basketball; HS Wrestling

Guests: Fran O-Hanlon, Scott Barr, Jim Best
Released:  February 25, 2016.  Genre:  Talk

District HS Basketball in PA & DC

Guests:  Toomey Anderson, Andre Williams, Tom Stoudt
Released:  February 18, 2016.  Genre:  Talk

EPC/Colonial Title BB Game Previews

Guests: Megan Dellegrotti, Kyle Hutnki, Joe Jarjous
Released: February 11, 2016.   Genre: Talk

Salisbury HS; American U/Patriot League Hoops

Guests:  Mike Brennan, Jason Weaver, Salisbury basketball players
Released:  February 4, 2016.   Genre: Talk

St. Joe’s/Big 5/A-10 Hoops; EPC/District Wrestling

Guests: Isaiah Miles, Gene Waas, Jack Logic
Released: January 28, 2016.   Genre: Talk

St. Joe’s/Big 5/A-10 Hoops; EPC/District Wrestling

Guests: Isaiah Miles, Gene Waas, Jack Logic
Released: January 28, 2016.   Genre: Talk

Georgetown/Big East Basketball, HS Wrestling

Guests:  Rich Chvotkin, Dave Crowell & the Nazareth Wrestling team
Released: January 14, 2016.   Genre: Talk

Geo Washington/Atlantic10/EPC Basketball

Guests: Guests Mike Lonergan, Steve Yoder & the Emmaus Basketball team
Released: January 7, 2016.   Genre: Talk

Redskins, Eagles, NFC East & NBA Talk

Guests: Pistons Darrun Hilliard, Nick Fierro
Released: December 11, 2015. Genre: Talk

State Football Playoffs/Fantasy Football

Guests: Dave Mika, Tom Braun
Released: December 3, 2015. Genre: Talk

Temple University Football/HS Football Playoffs

Guests:  Avery Williams, Tony Cocca, Brian Fortner
Released:  November 19, 2015.  Genre:  Talk

NFL, NCAA & HS Football

Guests: TalkDistrict XI Playoff Previews, DC Football Feature
Released: November 12, 2015. Genre: Talk

Cowboys/Eagles Preview & HS Football Playoff Scenarios

Guests:  Cowboys WR Devin Street, RCN Sports Dir Gary Laubach
Released:  November 5, 2015.  Genre:  Talk

DC & Pennsylvania HS Football

Guests:  Eric Goldwein (Washington Post), Referee Joe Diorio, John Breidinger (Football Analyst)
Released: October 29, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Eagles, Redskins & the NFL

Guests:  Eagles LB Bryan Braman, Dave Spadaro (, Al Thompson & Rock Hoffman (Footballstories).
Released: October 1, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Redskins/Eagles Preview; PIAA Sports Issues

Guests:  Jon Marks (ESPN 97.5), Athletic Directors Bryan Geist, Amy Rogers and Ray Ramella
Released: October 1, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Georgetown University Football / Colonial League Football

Guests:  Hoyas Head Football Coach Rob Sgarlata, Saucon Valley football team.
Released:  September 24, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Penn State/Eagles/HS Football

Guests:  Fox’s Erin Dugan, Bethlehem Catholic Football Team
Released:  September 10, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Redskins Preview, PA Football, Coach Tracy Tribute

Guests: Redskins Radio’s Craig Hoffman, Eastern PA Football’s Dave Mika
Released:  September 10, 2015.  Genre: Talk

Fantasy Football & HS Football Previews

Fantasy Football Strategies, Interview & Insights on High School Football Season
Released: August 27, 2015. Genre: Talk

Whitehall HS Football

Former Coaches/Players discuss the school’s football history
Released: August 21, 2015. Genre: Talk

Merrill Reese/MLB “Deadline” Recap

NFC East Preview, Nationals/Phillies trade analysis
Released: August 14, 2015. Genre: Talk

Nationals Baseball, NCAA Football, HS Volleyball

Guests: MLB’s Tony Gwynn Jr., Lafayette’s Matt Smalley, Parkland players/coaches State Champion
Released: August 6, 2015. Genre: Talk.

Becahi Softball / Joe’s Surprise

Guests: Softball State Champions & Joe Craig’s former players; legion baseball feature.
Released: July 23, 2015. Genre: Talk

Joetta Clark-Diggs / Marathons

Joetta Clark-Diggs, Olympian, marathons, running, 2015 Via Marathon, RCN TV Sports Talk, Chris Michael
Released:  July 16, 2015. Genre:  Talk

HS State Champions (Part 1)

The Parkland softball and Moravian Academy tennis teams are featured.
Released:  July 13, 2015. Genre:  Talk.

MLB News and Rumors

AP’s Rob Maaddi discusses Phillies moves, the trade deadline and the NFL.
Released: July 2, 2015. Genre: Talk.

Buffalo Wild Wings All-Star Football Live Remote

HS Football All-Stars discuss their careers and the upcoming season.
Released: June 18, 2015. Genre: Talk.

Major League Draft/Local Baseball Issues

ESPN’s Eric Longenhagen talks 2015 MLB draft; plus local sports topics
Released: May 21, 2015. Genre: Talk.

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