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New Football Coaches – Part 2

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After a busy offseason for local athletic directors and high school administrators as a number of head football coaching positions opened up since the end of the 2022 season.

We’ve continued to bring you interviews with these brand new coaches in the ATVN region to introduce you to them and give them an opportunity to talk about their new programs.


Both Lloyd Brooks and Joel Rupp Jr. are facing obstacles for the upcoming season.  In addition to these openings presenting themselves later in the off-season, both coaches have spent much of this summer playing “catch up,” doing the equivalent of nine months worth of work  compressed into roughly 15 weeks.

Also, both coaches have a very competitive schedule lined up for them for the fall, which both coaches addressed in greater detail during our live program.

Video customers will also be able to watch these and other local sports interviews in their entirety at any time, for free, through the Astound’s On-Demand services.

Check back to “The SportsTalk Shop” here on our website next week for more on local sports news and insights as well as our final listing of highlights of high school productions from the past school year on Astound Broadband’s ATVN.  We will also have more “all-star” listings as announced by the local leagues, conferences and districts in the Astound viewing areas over the next several weeks!


Coming up on this Thursday’s live “ATVN SportsTalk,” our special in-studio guest will be Astound TV’s women’s basketball broadcaster Mimi Griffin.

Mimi became the ‘face’ of NCAA women’s basketball in the early 1990s when it was almost unheard of to have a female broadcaster calling a game.

In addition to talking about her pioneering experiences as an announcer for ESPN and other major networks, she will be on to talk about her current projects with the professional golf organizations and her current experiences announcing games with us on ATVN.

Viewers are encouraged to send questions and comments prior to the show to my email address – – and we may read and respond to your opinions on the air.

Be sure to tune in and hear some of Mimi’s great experiences and observations on current broadcasting issues.


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