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New 2023 Coaches – Part 3

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We hope you’ve been enjoying our summer series introducing you to some of the brand new head coaches in our viewing area!
Our latest show not only featured two more dynamic head coaches who are working hard to turn around their new programs for the better, but also some news about the upcoming school year, including some radical changes to scheduling for future seasons!

In addition to talking about the competitiveness of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference, the coaches talked about their backgrounds and playing days, the strengths of their individual programs and thoughts on their schedules this year.

We not only preview the Astound TV Network’s first set of games for this year, but also announced some news about ATVN’s new broadcasters joining us this season – more on that coming up right here at the “SportsTalk Shop” blog in a couple of weeks!

Video customers will also be able to watch these and other local sports interviews in their entirety at any time, for free, through the Astound’s On-Demand services.
Check back to “The SportsTalk Shop” here on our website for more on local sports news and insights as we get ready for the upcoming fall sports season!


Coming up on this Thursday’s live “ATVN SportsTalk” (at 7pm), we will have Blue Mountain League Presiden Bob Varju and members of the organization to recap the regular season and preview the upcoming playoff games.
In addition to our “games of the week” every Tuesday during the regular season, ATVN will be broadcasting upcoming championship games – please check back to our website for more information on the broadcasts of the playoff dates and times.

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