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Coach Carnes’ Corner

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Last week we “teased” that there will be new additions and elements to the Astound TV Network launching this winter that we believe our viewers will like and enjoy going forward.

Today, we unveil one of them here at “The Shop.”

Jarrett Carnes is a local basketball standout from Bethlehem who played at the collegiate level and is now back in the Valley doing some great things with the Liberty girls basketball program.

There is no question that boys basketball has gotten the lion’s share of media attention on local, regional and national levels.

In one of our efforts to help bridge that wide gap and put more emphasis on women’s athletics, Coach Carnes will be featured every few weeks with his opinions and observations on girls basketball and other observations on the local sports landscape.

Here is the first episode of “Coach Carnes’ Corner.”


Check back for more of Coach Carnes’ insights and highlights on girls basketball in a few weeks!

Also, check back to “The Shop” in a few days for some exciting news concerning our high school sports schedule for this new winter season on ATVN, along with other new surprises coming soon!



Our winter schedule season “kicks off” with perhaps our most important broadcast of the year–the 37th Annual Dream Come True Telethon–on Monday, December 5, at 6pm on ATVN.

The bidding on this year’s great selection of auction items has already begun here: www.bidding

We are also going to showcase many of our auction items on our telethon, with the money raised going to benefit this great local charity in our viewing area.  There are also some very special guests and performing artists lined up for this year’s event, plus very emotional stories told by young people and their families in the DCT program.

We would greatly appreciate you tuning in and making a tax deductible donation to the Dream Come True Foundation.  (It’s also a terrific way to do some “easy” Christmas shopping while also raising money for a worthwhile cause!).

Hope to see and hear from you this Monday at 6pm!


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