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Boys Lacrosse All-Stars ‘22

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We are wrapping up our listings of the top student athletes in our Astound TV Network’s coverage area for the 2021-22 school year, while also making the transition to the upcoming scholastic seasons (more on that later in this blog entry).

This week we take a look at the top boys lacrosse players from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.

1st Team – CCHS, Ben Scandone, Senior
1st Team – Freedom, Connor Bevan, Senior
1st Team – Easton, Trent Griffin, Senior
2nd Team – Emmaus, Connor Flok, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jake Hurd, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Augustine Barr, Senior

1st Team – Freedom, Alex Hume, Junior
1st Team – CCHS, Michael Driscoll, Senior
1st Team – Easton, Bryce Billings, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jake Parker, Sophomore
2nd Team – Nazareth, Broc Bender, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Nick Pomajevich, Junior
2nd Team – Liberty, Carson Vella, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Chase Kusko, Junior

1st Team – Easton, Nino Rizzolino, Senior
1st Team – CCHS, Chuck Kuczynski, Senior
1st Team – Emmaus, Ben Thomas, Senior
2nd Team – Liberty, Brennan Mckeown, Senior

1st Team – Easton, Ryan Mayer, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Jack Keenan, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jack Wieder, Senior

1st Team – Easton, Tyler Stem, Senior
1st Team – CCHS, Cade Shaffer, Junior
2nd Team – Parkland, Will Kerrick, Senior

1st Team – Parkland, Marr Barraco, Senior
2nd Team – Freedom, Jared Karabinus, Sophomore

1st Team – Easton, Nathaniel Hudgins, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Zayd Afif, Senior

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: CCHS, Chuck Kuczynski, Senior


Also, we have a compilation of the Colonial League boys All-Stars featuring the teams in the ATVN viewing area (we did not receive the official list from the boys basketball coordinator but thank those in the individual school districts’ representatives who did respond to our requests for information):

First team: Brendan Boyle (Notre Dame)–League MVP Award; Na’Shawn Jones (Wilson); Sean Howlett (Notre Dame); Josh Giaquinto (Bangor); Max Pristas (Southern Lehigh)

Second team & Honorable Mentions: Kyle Aris (Salisbury); Shamel Gibson (Wilson); Matt Tankred (Southern Lehigh); Noah Denton (Southern Lehigh); Dominik LIsicky (Southern Lehigh); Abhi Patel (Moravian Academy); Chris Ray (Moravian Academy); Zach Rodgers (Notre Dame); Anthony Shaw (Wilson); Brayden Strohe (Bangor); Damian Tyminski (Pen Argyl).


We now look ahead to the fall sports season in which the autumn’s first “official” practice date is coming up this Monday.

This Thursday, we’ll begin to look the new season with the first of four “preview” shows on our “SportsTalk” show, with interviews from different teams and sports over the next month.  Make sure you tune in or set your DVRs to get all the insightful information from many different viewpoints as we prepare for the fall!


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