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Blessing in Disguise (Part 1) by Cameron Nunez

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Wrestling has always been a part of my life, whether it was watching my elder brother, cleaning mats, or wrestling on them. Wrestling has taught me throughout the last 17 years to never give up, to overcome any challenge, and to stay disciplined. But I believe the most important lesson I have learned in life is to work hard at anything you do, whether on or off the mat. This year, I applied what I learned off the mat. Injuries are one of the most difficult challenges to overcome for any athlete, not just wrestlers. As an athlete, it is physically and mentally hard to deal with. Yet, I feel that how you choose to tackle this challenge is an even more worthy opponent.

In my experience, participating in sports has always resulted in some sort of damage. It ranged from little injuries like thigh bruises from field hockey to major ailments like a tear in my UCL from wrestling. Injuries are never enjoyable to cope with as an athlete. When it came to sports, my dad and I were always very careful. I would strive to avoid injuries by wearing my equipment, stretching my muscles, eating good meals to strengthen my bones, receiving treatments such as ice baths, and resting my body when necessary. If I was injured, I always tried my hardest to push through the minor and sometimes significant pains, but this year was different.

We had just begun practicing for the 2022-2023 wrestling season in the middle of October. I was eager to improve my technique after training hard all summer to prepare for this season. This year, my teammates and I were prepared to lay it all on the line. That is, until one day after practice, my upper back became sore, which I dismissed. I saw my athletic trainer, who suggested I complete some stretches before receiving stim treatment on my upper back. Two weeks had flown by, and it was time for our first tournament, the ESU Open. I was eager to wrestle, but my upper back still hurt. I didn’t want to miss the competition, especially because I had worked hard all week to lose weight. So, I decided to keep wrestling and deal with my back problem tomorrow.

My back was in excruciating discomfort, so I went to see the team doctor the next day, uncertain of the road ahead.

Check back to our website next week to hear more of Cameron’s extraordinary journey and life lessons regarding her experiences as one of the first female wrestlers from the Lehigh Valley.