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Orioles Domination

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About once every decade or so in Lehigh Valley’s Blue Mountain League baseball, a team puts together a great run of success.

Nearly 20 years ago, it was the Hellertown Royals winning three consecutive BML titles with perhaps, the most dominating pitching staff the league has ever seen. Before COVID, the Northern Yankees put together three tremendous seasons, which was unique because the team had just jumped into the league after being a part of the now-defunct Tri-County Baseball Conference.

And to perhaps top both of those team’s accomplishments, last year’s Orioles squad did something that apparently no other team had ever done in the 77th year history of the organization.  It swept ALL of its three rounds of playoff games, without losing a single contest, en route to its second title in a row.

This year, the team changed its sponsorship…a few of its players…and its manager.  Yet, entering this week, the O’s are once again one of the top teams in the league.  If they have had any perceived “hiccups” so far, you could point to the fact that they have several baseball players on the Whitehall High School team–who ended up being the last team from the area standing in the state playoffs.  For that reason, they were missing a few of their young players which may have had a factor in their few early season losses.

That being said, they return many faces from last year’s team.  They also have a pitcher on the brink of shattering an all-time record in the history of the league.

These and other storylines about the Orioles will be discussed on this Thursday’s live “SportsTalk” show.  Tune into the Astound TV Network this week at 7pm or, if you are away from your TV sets, dial the show up on our free live-stream by going to YouTube, type in “Astound TV Network,” and click on the “live” tab on our stations YouTube page.

We’ll also have two of this year’s other premiere teams on ATVN coming up in our next “BML Game of the Week” featuring the Avengers and the Yankees.  Tune in for the broadcast on Tuesday following our coverage of this weekend’s Grandview Racing events!

Lots of great summertime sports action coming up this week on Astound TV – check it out!

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