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More All-Stars & Track League Champs ’24

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We continue to honor our local student athletes in the Astound TV coverage area here at “The Shop.”

First, here’s pictures of the Northwestern boys and Southern Lehigh girls track and field Colonial League champions…


Next, here are the EPC girls field hockey “all-conference” players for the 2023-24 campaign…

First Team

Sr. FWD – Jocelyn Morgan, Easton

Sr. FWD/MID – Morgan Herceg, Nazareth

Sr. FWD/MID – Raegan Iasiello, Northampton

Sr. FWD/MID – Melea Weber, Emmaus (MVP)

Sr. MID – Lexi Causa, Easton

Sr. MID – Elaina Fragassi, Parkland

Sr. MID – Aurora Gery, Parkland

Sr. MID – Eleanor Kirkwood, East Stroudsburg South

Jr. MID – Alyssa Laubach, Freedom

Sr. MID – Ruby Miller, Liberty

Sr. MID – Riley Tepper, Stroudsburg

Sr. G – Mackenzie Mann, Nazareth

Second Team

Sr. FWD – Kendall Iasiello, Northampton

Sr. FWD – Ava O’Connor, Stroudsburg

Sr. FWD – Molly Sobers, Pleasant Valley

Jr. FWD – Tiana Weeks, East Stroudsburg South

Sr. MID – Cameron Alvino, Nazareth

Jr. MID – Autumn Kernechel, Emmaus

Sr. MID – Ella Steirer, Northampton

Jr. MID – Abby Wortmann, Nazareth

Sr. MID/DEF – Dakota Stiff, Pocono Mountain East

Sr. DEF – Raegan Day, Easton

Sr. DEF – Mena Kazista, Nazareth

Jr. DEF – Mackenzie Lopez, Pocono Mountain East

Jr. DEF – Sydney Moritz, Stroudsburg

So. DEF – Morgann Orobono, Emmaus

Jr. G – Lily Trocki, Whitehall

Third Team

Jr. FWD – Emmy Horner, Emmaus

So. FWD – Julianna Zumas, Liberty

Sr. FWD/MID – Haley Kvacky, Emmaus

Fr. MID – Jodi Bowen, Pocono Mountain West

Jr. MID – Lydia Keppel, Whitehall

Jr. MID – Aubre Krazer, Easton

Sr. MID – Aubrey Steiner, Whitehall

Jr. DEF – Jordan Brunnabend, Parkland

Sr. DEF – Ashlee Gensits, Nazareth

Jr. DEF – Ava George, Liberty

So. G – Lilla Berces, Bethlehem Catholic

Sr. G – Emma Cari, Emmaus


Last but not least, here is the rundown of Easter Pennsylvania Conference’s girls softball “all-league” players for their recently completed season…


2024 Softball 1st All Conference Team

1st Base – Brianca Pridham, Pleasant Valley

2nd Base – Kate Miller, Freedom

2nd Base – Alina Weaver, Nazareth

3rd Base – Maia D’Amico, Freedom

Shortstop – Madison Glick, Freedom

Catcher – Hannah Duerr, Northampton

Outfield – Brooke Rummel, Freedom

Outfield – Addison Sabo, Liberty

Outfield – Molly Yard, Emmaus

Outfield – Lydia Borger, Pleasant Valley

Designated Player – Maria Moore, Parkland

Utility Player – Abby Derr, Emmaus

Pitcher – Adelynn Smith, Liberty (MVP)


2024 EPC Softball 2nd Team All-Conference

1st Base – Emma Cozy, Emmaus

2nd Base – Kylie Eberts, Northampton

3rd Base – Rosalie Echevarria, Northampton

Shortstop – Ariana Castillo, Liberty

Catcher – Shauna McNamee, Nazareth

Outfield – Vanessa DeFalco, Stroudsburg

Outfield – Alyssa Mayorca, Easton

Outfield – Natalie Chloros, Nazareth

Designated Player – Souadou Barrie, East Stroudsburg North

Utility Player – Allison Hunsberger, Parkland

Pitcher – Kailyn Getz, Pleasant Valley


Division All-Conference Teams

2024 EPC North Softball 1st Team All-Conference

Brianca Pridham, Pleasant Valley

Johanna Carey, East Stroudsburg South

Eva Massaro, East Stroudsburg North

Dorothy Elko, Stroudsburg

Sierra Thieme, Stroudsburg

Souadou Barrie, East Stroudsburg North

Lydia Borger, Pleasant Valley

Vanessa Defalco, Stroudsburg

Hailey Krock, Pleasant Valley

Kailyn Getz, Pleasant Valley


2024 EPC North Softball 2nd Team All-Conference

Karlie Jurasits, Pocono Mountain East

Elizabeth Molinaro, Stroudsburg

Riley Evans, Pocono Mountain West

Madison Nadasi, East Stroudsburg North

Alexa DelGiudice, Pocono Mountain East

Sarah Tsantker, East Stroudsburg South

Isabella Thomas, Stroudsburg

Jillian-Grace Alvarez, East Stroudsburg North

Katie Verwys, East Stroudsburg South


EPC West 1st Team All-Conference

Emma Cozy, Northampton

Kylie Eberts, Northampton

Rosalie Echevarria, Northampton

Ashley Cruz, William Allen

Abby Derr, Emmaus

Maria Moore, Parkland

Molly Yard, Emmaus

Anna Belletieri, Parkland

Page Tacker, Whitehall

Hannah Duerr, Northampton

Autumn Held, Emmaus


EPC West 2nd Team All-Conference

Avery Deibert, Northampton

Hailey Kahr, Allentown Central Catholic

Taylor Gitski, Emmaus

Brianna Amey, Emmaus

Alison Hunsberger, Parkland

Taylor Bruckler, Emmaus

Aubrey Steiner, Whitehall

Ava Cascario, Northampton

Gianna Montone, Allentown Central Catholic

Masielys Hiciano Reynoso, William Allen


EPC East 1st Team All Conference

Leah Onia, Liberty

Alina Weaver, Nazareth

Kate Miller, Freedom

Maia D’Amico, Freedom

Madison Glick, Freedom

Shauna McNamee, Nazareth

Brooklyn Pronovich, Freedom

Brooke Rummel, Freedom

Addison Sabo, Parkland

Alyssa Mayorca, Easton

Adelynn Smith, Liberty


EPC East 2nd Team All-Conference

Hailey Mandala, Nazareth

Faith Zimmerman, Easton

Taylor Friel, Nazareth

Ariana Castillo, Liberty

Madison Noll, Liberty

Natalie Chloros, Nazareth

Lily Moretti, Nazareth

Hannah Heidemann, Freedom

Kylie Grover, Nazareth


Congratulations to all these honorees!

We appreciate our local athletic directors and conference chairs for sending this information to my attention.  If you would like to send addition honors for athletes in the Astound TV coverage area, please email me at Chris.Michael@astound.com


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