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People may not realize that the district playoff system for ALL HS Sports (except for golf) has been changed, starting with the current HS sports season this fall. As opposed to the old “power point” system, that no one ever really seemed to fully understand, this new system, although confusing to follow through the initial reading, does feature some advantages, including an emphasis on trying to keep playoff games as close to home as possible. The system also will look to be somewhat easier to follow and is expected to be updated regularly so fans, coaches, players and media members can have a more current idea of the standings and what must be accomplished to make the district playoffs.

District XI’s AAAA Football and AA, AAA Boys Volleyball will be a sub-regional and therefore follow the sub-regional format. The power rating will be a combination of the team’s weighted winning percentage (TWWP) and their opponents’ weighted winning percentage (OWWP). The power rating would be the sum of 55 percent of the team’s TWWP and 45 percent of the team’s OWWP. The TWWP is based on the results of all games that a team plays. It values wins and losses by the classification of the opponent. The TWWP is calculated by dividing the WEIGHTED WIN VALUE by the sum of the WEIGHTED WIN VALUE and WEIGHTED LOSS VALUE. The complete version of new format–based on the system used by District III–is available on their website.

If this new system still seems hard to follow–you’re not alone. We debated the new process a few weeks ago on RCN SportsTalk and it was met with mixed reviews (that show is available on video-on-demand as part of our “Football Preview Show.” ) Also, we’ll have District XI Chair Jason Zimmerman and other local athletic directors on this Thursday’s show (live at 6pm) to help take us through the process and to answer any questions you may have.

Do you think the system needed changing? And does this seem like a marketable improvement over the previous system, or should more be done? Weigh in with your comments and suggestions or email me at with your comments or questions and we’ll address them with our special panelists from the district on this week’s show.