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Need a Rest?

August 9, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

Listen, I know sports fans love to complain. 

It’s what we do. 

It’s part of the passion that drives a fan base. Sometimes the griping is warranted. Other times it’s not.

Without taking a scientific poll, it seems like there has been quite a bit more complaining about pro sports of late. When special athletes are paid millions of dollars and don’t quite live up to the expectations, it is natural for people to call them out from time to time.

But I would like to take a moment to single out something that is getting a little ridiculous.

For over a century of sports action, it is not unusual for an athlete to temporarily take a tiny bit of time off to reflect, recover or just to refocus themselves during a tough stretch.

Baseball catchers usually get the afternoon day game off following a preceding night game. Centers might sit out the second game of a back-to-back NBA contest when the team had a long travel flight earlier that day. Hockey goalies might take the third game off if all three contests are played within six days.

But more and more, athletes are getting rather large stretches of time off for rather minor and, in some cases, inane, reasons.

There was a time when athletes would play through minor pain issues and felt an obligation to their fan base to give a quality effort each and every night. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar gave several interviews after his career was over of what he would go through to participate in a big ball game during a tough stretch in his schedule, (which was much, much more gruesome than today’s NBA athletes have). Pete Rose would take offense if he didn’t play in at least 96% of his 162 games scheduled each year.  And I won’t even bring up the ironman accomplishments of Cal Ripken, Jr. and Lou Gehrig.

Over the last few months alone I’ve heard the following…

One of the Philadelphia Flyers’ top players requested six games (or two weeks) off because he needed time to “sort out his life.”  The Sixers’ Joel Embiid, who has never come close to playing a full regular season schedule, said he needed to take three or four WEEKS off just because of the “grind” of what was a normal basketball schedule this year.

Not to pick on Embiid, who throughout his entire career has never played more than 77% of his games, but when he returned, he did not play well. He blamed it on “having a hard time getting going,” according to 76ers’ beat writer Tom Moore.

Speaking of Philadelphia’s pro basketball team, they played one game in the middle of their season without four of their starters.  No significant injuries to any of them — they just needed a little break. It wasn’t even during a tough stretch of games nor was the team so far ahead in the standings that they could just miss four of their top five players and afford to pick up a loss while still battling for playoff positioning.

Sixers Head Coach Doc Rivers said his players needed a little time off just to “sort some things out.”

But consider…

Imagine a family who works hard, saving enough money to take their family to see their favorite team, only to find out that practically 80% of the squad didn’t feel like showing up for work that day.

To look at this from an NBA perspective, Michael Jordan in his final year, at 39 years of age, played in all 82 games and averaged over 37 minutes played per night.

I could go on, but if you follow any of the major pro sports other than football, you probably have heard more than your fair share of similar excuses lately.

All the while, athletes garnish more and more money while playing less and less. And it’s hard to blame them!

If their bosses are going to let them be less productive and get far less out of their abilities, who am I to cheat them out of getting what amounts to a free ride?

It is the coaches, general managers and owners who are at fault for letting athletes’ minimum requirements per season spiral out of control to increasingly lower levels of efficiency. All the while they milk fans for their hard-earned dollars one way or another. Whether it’s charging insane amounts for tickets, let alone the absorbent prices for seating fees (for football and basketball), food, parking and even the smallest souvenir for a young fan.

If you can no longer afford to attend a sporting event in person, they’re making sports fans pay through the nose with excessive sports broadcast fees that have multiplied at ridiculous rates the last few years — all to help defray the cost of the record high amounts of money they are paying athletes…to play LESS than ever before!

There’s no easy solution to resolve this and lots of luck convincing the players’ unions in any professional sport nowadays of getting athletes to take a pay cut.

So I have an alternate plan.

If athletes truly need to take more than one game off due to the “mental fatigue” of playing a game or claim they need to take over 20% of their work schedule off in order to play their best, how about those players make a donation to a local charity equal to the corresponding amount of that portion of their salary?

To make it fair, each sport establishes a consistent level of expectations for all teams but each organization can set up how these donations can be distributed.

Negotiations can also take place to which charities receive this gift. 

A majority of athletes do donate either their time or money anyway but this rule would make it mandatory for all athletes to give something back to their communities if they have to miss significant time for anything less than a reasonably excusable absence.

And who knows…it might just make an athlete think twice if they really need that 17th consecutive day off just because of all the hard work that goes into playing a game that thousands of others would love to participate in?


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Boys Lacrosse All-Stars ‘22

August 1, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We are wrapping up our listings of the top student athletes in our Astound TV Network’s coverage area for the 2021-22 school year, while also making the transition to the upcoming scholastic seasons (more on that later in this blog entry).

This week we take a look at the top boys lacrosse players from the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.

1st Team – CCHS, Ben Scandone, Senior
1st Team – Freedom, Connor Bevan, Senior
1st Team – Easton, Trent Griffin, Senior
2nd Team – Emmaus, Connor Flok, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jake Hurd, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Augustine Barr, Senior

1st Team – Freedom, Alex Hume, Junior
1st Team – CCHS, Michael Driscoll, Senior
1st Team – Easton, Bryce Billings, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jake Parker, Sophomore
2nd Team – Nazareth, Broc Bender, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Nick Pomajevich, Junior
2nd Team – Liberty, Carson Vella, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Chase Kusko, Junior

1st Team – Easton, Nino Rizzolino, Senior
1st Team – CCHS, Chuck Kuczynski, Senior
1st Team – Emmaus, Ben Thomas, Senior
2nd Team – Liberty, Brennan Mckeown, Senior

1st Team – Easton, Ryan Mayer, Senior
2nd Team – CCHS, Jack Keenan, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Jack Wieder, Senior

1st Team – Easton, Tyler Stem, Senior
1st Team – CCHS, Cade Shaffer, Junior
2nd Team – Parkland, Will Kerrick, Senior

1st Team – Parkland, Marr Barraco, Senior
2nd Team – Freedom, Jared Karabinus, Sophomore

1st Team – Easton, Nathaniel Hudgins, Senior
2nd Team – Parkland, Zayd Afif, Senior

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER: CCHS, Chuck Kuczynski, Senior


Also, we have a compilation of the Colonial League boys All-Stars featuring the teams in the ATVN viewing area (we did not receive the official list from the boys basketball coordinator but thank those in the individual school districts’ representatives who did respond to our requests for information):

First team: Brendan Boyle (Notre Dame)–League MVP Award; Na’Shawn Jones (Wilson); Sean Howlett (Notre Dame); Josh Giaquinto (Bangor); Max Pristas (Southern Lehigh)

Second team & Honorable Mentions: Kyle Aris (Salisbury); Shamel Gibson (Wilson); Matt Tankred (Southern Lehigh); Noah Denton (Southern Lehigh); Dominik LIsicky (Southern Lehigh); Abhi Patel (Moravian Academy); Chris Ray (Moravian Academy); Zach Rodgers (Notre Dame); Anthony Shaw (Wilson); Brayden Strohe (Bangor); Damian Tyminski (Pen Argyl).


We now look ahead to the fall sports season in which the autumn’s first “official” practice date is coming up this Monday.

This Thursday, we’ll begin to look the new season with the first of four “preview” shows on our “SportsTalk” show, with interviews from different teams and sports over the next month.  Make sure you tune in or set your DVRs to get all the insightful information from many different viewpoints as we prepare for the fall!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Girls Lacrosse All-Stars ’22

July 25, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We’re continuing to recap the top teams, players and games from the past scholastic sports season.

This week we will put the spotlight on the top girls lacrosse players of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference from our viewing area (we’ll feature the boys next week)…


1st Team: Easton, Ava Milia, Senior

1st Team: PV, Brielle McInaw, Senior

1st Team: Emmaus, Julia Cote, Senior

2nd Team: CCHS, Lauren Nelson, Junior

2nd Team: Emmaus, Emily Hollinger, Junior


1st Team: Emmaus, Marybeth Smith, Senior

1st Team: Easton, Eran Gleason, Senior,

1st Team: Freedom, Paige Jenkins, Junior

2nd Team: Easton, Kierra Smith, Senior

2nd Team: Parkland, Morgan Napolitano, Senior

2nd Team: Parkland, Mariana Aubele-Gonzalez, Senior

2nd Team: PV, Candyce Fougere, Senior


1st Team: Freedom, Paige Telatovich, Junior

1st Team: Pleasant Valley, Alexandra Bush, Senior

1st Team : Nazareth, Sarah Osmun, Senior

1st Team: Emmaus, Mikayla Viola, Senior

1st Team: Parkland, Gigi Leonzi, Sophomore

2nd Team: Emmaus, Jordyn Poll,Sophomore

2nd Team: Easton, Lea Krieger, Senior

2nd Team: Easton, Reese Krieger, Junior

2nd Team: Parkland, Nikki Boyer, Senior

2nd Team: Freedom, Kailey Turpening, Senior


1st Team: Easton, Kylee Hager, Senior

2nd Team: CCHS, Riley Horoshko, Senior


1st Team: Emmaus, Kameron Watkins, Senior

1st Team: Easton, Meghan Vizian, Senior

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER MVP:  Emmaus, Julia Cote, Senior


Also, we want to get you caught up on some of our ATVN production highlight videos, featuring our local sports coverage.

  1. Astound Sports: Boys 5A Semifinal Southern Lehigh vs. East Stroudsburg South (3/22)
  2. Astound Sports:  Northwestern Lehigh vs. Southern Lehigh (2/22)
  3. Astound Sports: Dist. XI 6A Girls Consolation Round. Easton vs. Nazareth (3/22)
  4. Astound Sports: Dist. XI Girls 5A Bethlehem Catholic vs. Blue Mountain (3/22)

  5. Astound Sports: Northampton vs. Plymouth-Whitemarsh (3/22)


Last but not least, if you missed last week’s “SportsTalk” show, our special guest was Mike Kopp–the all-time winningest coach in ANY sport in Pennsylvania.

Well, we surprised him–on-air–with several special people in Mike’s life; from his first assistant coach from nearly 50 years ago to the star on this (his last) year’s Allentown Central Catholic girls basketball team.

If you missed the surprise and all the great stories about his career–both on and off the court–along with highlights of our recent sports productions, Astound video customers can watch all our locally produced programs for free at any time for up to two months, through our On-Demand services!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Baseball Highlights 2022

July 18, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We want to get you caught up on some ATVN production highlights featuring our full-game baseball coverage.

  1. Astound Sports: Liberty vs. Nazareth (5/22)

  1. Astound Sports: Emmaus vs. Nazareth (5/22)

  1. Astound Sports: Southern Lehigh vs. Notre Dame (5/22)


  1. Astound Sports: Parkland vs. Emmaus (5/22)


These full games are still free to watch OnDemand for Astound Broadband video customers over next few weeks.  Be sure to check out our local student-athletes in action!

More highlights of recent full-production sports broadcasts will be coming up over the next several weeks.


We want to let you know about a special program coming up on this Thursday’s “SportsTalk” show.

Pennsylvania’s all-time winningest head coach in ANY sports–Mike Kopp, who recently announced his retirement from Allentown Central Catholic’s historic girls basketball program–will be our special guest.

We will be talking with Mike about his nearly 50 years in coaching, discussing all his many wins, his league, district and state titles, his most memorable moments and thoughts on some of Eastern Pennsylvania’s greatest girls basketball players who came through his system (a few of his players made names for themselves on a national stage with stellar careers in the NCAA and WNBA).  Plus we’ll have a few surprises on Thursday’s show as well.  Make sure you tune in!

Also, if you missed last week’s annual Blue Mountain League Baseball show featuring League Commissioner Robert Varju and Historian/Treasurer/Secretary Tim Fisher, ATVN video customers can watch the entire program again On-Demand.

Among the topics discussed on the show included:

  •  A record season for the BML in terms of the number of home runs this season
  • Several milestone accomplishments by some of the league’s longest-tenured veterans.
  • Thoughts on the top teams, pitchers and hitters this season
  • A discussion on how the league has evolved over the last several years, and…
  • Predictions for the final two weeks of the regular season and thoughts on who everyone thinks will reach the post-season and the championship playoffs.


Check it out to hear their insights!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Here We Grow Again

July 11, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We are excited to announce another new addition to our ATVN on-air staff for the upcoming new sports season!

Niko Camacho was an all-area athlete in not one, but two high school sports and went on to become a Division 1 college wrestler on a full scholarship to American University in Washington, DC. 

After a very successful collegiate career, Camacho will bring his unique experiences and knowledge in both football and wrestling to our ATVN audience members as a commentator for our scholastic sports broadcasts on the gridiron and on the mats.

Welcome aboard, Niko!

We will also be adding another significant name to our broadcast team soon–keep checking back to “The Shop” for details!

Additionally, our studio is currently accepting internship applications for both the fall (September-December) and spring (February-May) semesters for both on-air and behind the camera opportunities at our studio.  Feel free to contact me with inquiries to facilitate your information to the appropriate personnel.


We also continue to honor teams and student-athletes from all of ATVN’s viewing areas.

This week we spotlight standout stars from our Washington/Virginia/Maryland viewing areas.  Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Winston Page, Roosevelt High School – Football player of the year
  • Evelyn Goldwasser, Jackson Reed HS – Girls Cross Country runner of the year
  • Isaiah Bowman, Banneker HS – Boys Cross Country runner of the year
  • Ceph Christie, Dunbar Sr. HS – DCIAA Baseball Player of the Year and First-Team All-League catcher

We are also still accepting submissions from athletic directors, league/district chairs and booster club representatives for “all-star” listings in all of our viewing areas.

If you have honorary listings from the past school year, please send them over the next few weeks.

We are beginning our preparations for the new school/sports year, so please send us your lists before we start to embark on the new/fall school/sports season.


Last but not least, we invite you to tune in to this Thursday’s “SportsTalk” show at 7pm for our annual show on the Blue Mountain League as we recap the season to date and look ahead to the final weeks of the regular season and the “playoff push.”  Time to get caught up on some very exciting baseball action and see who our experts believe will be the teams-to-watch over the next month.  Plus, we’ll have more local summer sports interviews with coaches and players in our viewing area! 


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Lots of Pictures!

July 7, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We hope that everyone had a fabulous and relaxing Independence Day holiday this past weekend…
…but the ATVN production crew and I have continued to be very busy as we approach the hottest stretch of the summer!

Over the last two weeks, our videographers and I attended:

  • The 42st US Senior Open in Hellertown
  • Northampton County & Lehigh Valley legion games including the daylong “Play Day” at Limeport Stadium
  • Various summer basketball tournaments
  • Stadiums hosting our BML Baseball “Game of the Week”
  • J. Birney Crum Stadium for the Allentown Fireworks Spectacular

A number of the summer basketball interviews aired on last week’s show, and Astound Broadband video customers can watch them for free at any time on ATVN On-Demand, with more interviews coming up on this Thursday’s program.

As a sampler, here’s a few pictures I took of local action on the (hot) concrete recently…

Also available on-demand exclusively for our customers is our USGA coverage from the Saucon Valley Country Club.

Here are more “behind the scenes” pictures from the 42nd US Senior Open.

We are also going to have a very special “SportsTalk” program coming up on ATVN later this month.  Tune in to this Thursday’s show at 7pm for details along with more local sports interviews! 


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

SV Golf Recap

June 28, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We had a very busy last week in the ATVN Sports family!

In addition to broadcasting our usual Blue Mountain League Baseball “Game of the Week,” our cameras were out at several Lehigh Valley and Northampton County league baseball games, featuring teams and players in our viewing area that we’re featuring on our “SportsTalk” program.

Then, we’ve spent the last few days at the 42nd U.S. Senior Open held at Saucon Valley Country Club, interviewing officials with both the USGA and the SVCC, local fans and business people in attendance, as well as some of the biggest “golf names” in the world.A few observations from the championship…

  • The people from the USGA, MSG productions and the Saucon Valley Country Club themselves were absolute joys to work with all week long. This was the third time I covered a major event at this site and each time the people get more and more accommodating and great to work with in covering the event. It was great to meet some new faces for the first time at this year’s major but also good to catch up with some familiar ones from the previous championship back in 2009 when it hosted an LPGA major.
  • I got to speak with a large number of spectators, not only from our coverage area but also from New Jersey, New York and Central Pennsylvania. While it was great hearing compliments from people who traveled in specifically to see this event, it was also wonderful to hear and even see the genuine pride felt by the Lehigh Valley residents in attendance.  I honestly did not come across one person who had a major negative about the event.  It was awesome to see the Valley represented on a national scale and have so many local spectators be part of such a successful accomplishment.
  • Although one-time Pennsylvania resident Jim Furyk was one of the hometown favorites (I particularly enjoyed speaking with him about fishing during his down time), the international field of competitors was all incredibly generous with their time and wonderful to speak with … on and off the record.

It was truly a great experience all the way around, as was my previous PGA/USGA coverage experiences, and I look forward to hopefully covering another major golf event in the near future.

Below, here are some photos I took from this past weekend’s championship…


We’ll have much more on this weekend’s activities for this year’s U.S. Senior Open Championship, coming up on our next “SportsTalk” program.  Co-hosting the show with me will be The Morning Call’s Golf Writer Tom Housenick to recap the proceedings.

Tune in Thursday or set your DVRs to catch all of our exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage of this major golf championship!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

HS Tennis & Swimming Honors

June 21, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We continue our highlights of outstanding performances by individuals in the Astound TV Network’s coverage area this week.

We begin this week’s focus in the pool!

The award for District XI’s Girls’ Swimmer of the Year went to Kayla Johnson (Parkland HS) and the Boys’ Swimmer of the Year was Patrick Gilhool (Liberty HS). The awards are for regular season performances. Both broke the District XI record, as well as the hosting school’s (Parkland’s) pool record.

Next, we take a look at the Eastern Pennsylvania conference tennis honors.

Regular Season and Tournament Champions: Parkland(Reg Season) and Liberty (Tournament)

EPC Most Valuable Player: Noah Potts (Freedom HS)

EPC Boys Tennis (Singles) First Team All-Conference:
Noah Potts – Freedom
Dan Zolotarev – Parkland
John Willis – Stroudsburg
Shayaan Farhad – Liberty HS

EPC Boys Tennis (Singles) Second Team All-Conference:
Armaan Makwana – Becahi
Eddy Chow – Emmaus
Roman Farhad – Liberty HS

EPC Boys Tennis (Singles) Third Team All-Conference:
Arun Chhugani – Freedom HS
Fyodor Souza – Parkland
Alex Rodriguez – Nazareth
Timmy Spinosa – ACCHS

EPC Boys Tennis (Doubles) First Team All-Conference:
Gavin Evans Gartley / Sid Tekumalla – Liberty
Lucas Lee / Kevin Yao – Parkland
Jake Zeller / Danny Patruno – ACCHS

EPC Boys Tennis (Doubles) Second Team All-Conference:
Ishaan Patel / Logan Baltz – Nazareth
Noah Rodburg / Dylan Sarkozy – Freedom
Gabe Huff / Ryan Baig – Emmaus

EPC Boys Tennis (Doubles) Third Team All-Conference:
Dan Smith / Callen Kok – Becahi
Taehyuk Yang / Ryan Wu – Parkland
Chris Giannaras / Jacksen Jobes – Liberty

(Please note: the Colonial League decided several years ago to do away with their league “all-star” lists and that is why no schools from that league are represented.  Their exclusion from these lists is the school administration’s decision and not ours.) 

Keep checking back to the “SportsTalk Shop,” as we continue to highlight the high school sports teams and athletes in our area.

We also feature special guests every Thursday at 7pm on “ATVN SportsTalk.”  Our scheduled guests on this week’s program include the newest member of the ATVN sports announcing team, Erik Schmitt, discussing the new Blue Mountain League baseball season, Jim Holden from MSG Promotions will discuss the latest plans for this weekend’s 42nd US. Senior Open, plus interviews with local Lehigh Valley and Norco legion baseball programs.

Now, here’s our next installment of the best plays from our ATVN sports broadcast season to date: 

  1. Astound Sports: Allentown Central Catholic vs. North Schuylkill  (3/22)

  2. Astound Sports: Nazareth vs. Parkland (3/22)

  3. Astound Sports: Bethlehem Catholic vs. Nuemann Goretti (3/22)

  4. Astound Sports: Bethlehem Catholic vs. South Philly (3/22)

Don’t forget, you can purchase DVD copies of all of ATVN’s broadcast events by calling 610-443-2909.

The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

HS Bowling, Girls Hoops & More Videos

June 14, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We are trying to spotlight as many high school standout student-athletes from our ATVN viewing area over the next several weeks as end of the school year honors and awards are announced.

Over the last few weeks, we have focused on tennis, girls and boys lacrosse. track and field and girls softball.

This week we focus on bowling and girls basketball.

We’ll start in the Washington DC viewing area as the DCIAA announced their All-League recipients for bowling from this past season….

Next, the Colonial League Coaches Association in the Lehigh Valley sent us their All-League athletes for this past girls basketball season. 


Raegan Cooper Notre Dame High School Senior
Brianna Moore Palmerton High School Senior
Jillian Morro Pen Argyl High School Junior
Emma Niebell Northern Lehigh High School Senior
Brielle Reidinger Wilson High School Junior
Paige Sevrain Northwestern Lehigh High School Junior

PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Brianna Moore, Senior, Palmerton


Sofia Ettle Moravian Academy Junior
McCormick Karner Bangor High School Senior
Anna Micklos Notre Dame High School Senior
Beth Morgan Palmerton High School Junior
Cara Thomas Northwestern Lehigh High School Freshman
Quinn Wittman Salisbury High School Senior


Allison Cort Saucon Valley High School Junior
Kaylee Holland Bangor High School Senior
Emma Kupres Pen Argyl High School Senior
Ashley Meinhold Southern Lehigh High School Senior
Reagan Nemeth Palmerton High School Senior
Lailey Polanco Catasauqua High School  Sophomore
Delaney Troxell Catasauqua High School  Sophomore
Keyearah Volious  Wilson High School Junior
Ellianna Wallbillich  Pen Argyl High School Sophomore


Also, the local high school football standouts have been working hard over the last week practicing and preparing for this year’s McDonald’s All-Star high school football game which you can see on the Astound TV Network.

For many, it’s their last “hurrah” for those not going on to play at the next level.  There’s always some great stories, reflections and…usually … LOTS of offensive highlights.

Tune in to ATVN for all the action this Thursday at 10pm for this great annual tradition!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Softball Champions & More Videos

June 6, 2022 By Chris Michael Leave a Comment

We are spotlighting many high school standout student-athletes from our ATVN viewing area over the next several weeks both here at “The SportsTalk Shop” and on our “SportsTalk” television program on ATVN.

Last week we focused on tennis, lacrosse, and track and field.

Today, we put the spotlight on last week’s softball championships, plus more video highlights from recent games broadcast on our network.

It was a busy week of playoff action–both for the players on the field and for the administrators and field workers, trying to get the fields ready to play around A LOT of rain that occurred before and during a number of the games played on the diamond over the last several days.

But as far as the championships, we definitely had some impressive performances–with a number of familiar faces and teams bringing home the hardware!

In the District 6A title, Northampton and Whitehall battled for several scoreless innings before the Konkrete Kids ran off 10 unanswered runs and ended up mercy-ruling the Zephyrettes to capture their second straight district championship.

Bethlehem Catholic (4A), Williams Valley (2A) and Tri-Valley (A) also repeated as district champs for the second straight year.

Southern Lehigh won the 5A championship for the first time in three seasons, giving long-time head coach Brian Neffe yet another trophy in his illustrious coaching career.

Palisades won the 3A championship–their first since 2010.

I was on hand to see the 6A championship and can share some pictures of Northampton’s win over Whitehall.

Now, here’s our next installment of the best plays from our ATVN sports broadcast season to date: 

  1. Astound Sports: Bethlehem Catholic vs. Northwestern Lehigh (3/22)

  2. Astound Sports: Executive Education Academy vs. Christopher Dock (3/22)

  3. Astound Sports: Nazareth vs. Emmaus (3/22)

  4. Astound Sports: Easton vs. Parkland Girls (3/22)

  5. Astound Sports: Parkland vs. Emmaus (2/22)


Come back next week for more information on ATVN’s coverage of local sports in our area.  Additionally on ATVN, we’ll have more interviews from the spring sports season with exclusive comments from the Wilson track and field squad and the Freedom lacrosse team–a unit that set both school and COUNTY records this year.  

Also on this Thursday’s “SportsTalk,” we will have more as preparations continue for the 42nd US Senior Open that will be held at the Saucon Valley Country Club later this month.

Next week here at “The Shop,” we’ll also look ahead to next week’s Lehigh Valley All-Star high school football game, which you will be able to see on the Astound TV Network!


The views expressed in this blog are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Astound Broadband or any other agency, organization, employer or company.


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