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2024 EPC Wrestling All-Stars

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Before we present you with the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference wrestling all-stars for the recently completed season (a list which also–non coincidently–includes some of the top wrestlers in the nation), a quick programming note for an historic 28 hours for Parkland High School and Lehigh Valley basketball, coming up.

The Trojans girls AND boys basketball team, both coming off impressive wins against perennial state basketball powers, will play Monday and Tuesday night (respectively) for the right to move on to the PIAA state championships.

PLUS, we will also have Bethlehem Catholic girls basketball’s semi-final game against Archbishop Wood, which will precede the Parkland boys game Tuesday at 6pm.

If you can’t make it to the gym, Astound will present live coverage of all three games.

Don’t miss a minute of these state playoff games live on ATVN and available to Astound video customers on-demand any time for free to watch for the next two months!

Now, here’s the EPC All-Starts for the 2023-24 season…

Weight 1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team West North East
107 Emilio Albanese, Emm Wilmont Kai, Whi Nick Salamone, EA E. Albanese, Emm J. Jasionowicz, Stb N. Salamone, EA
114 Gabe Ballard, Nor Reef Dillard, BC Remy Trach, Naz K. Pascoe, Whi H. Brown, Stb G. Ballard, Nor
121 Keanu Dillard, BC Blake Dergham, Prk Teagan Casciolo, Emm B. Dergham, Prk K. Gearhart, PME K. Dillard, BC
127 Trey Wagner, Nor Ryder Campbell, BC Christopher Kelly, EA R. DeLucia, Whi Z. Berwick, Stb T. Wagner, Nor
133 Tahir Parkins, Naz Ben Fanelli, EA Trokon Kai, Whi T. Kai, Whi M. Alicea, ESN T. Parkins, Naz
139 Jack Campbell, Naz Marco Frinzi, BC Kamal Abboud, Lib E. Sallitt, Prk B. Roca, ESN J. Campbell, Naz
145 Shane McFillin, BC Cade Campbell, Naz Austin Noe, Nor S. Pascoe, Whi C. Harmon, PME S. McFillin, BC
152 Kollin Rath, BC Keegan Demarest, PME Quentin Hammerstone, EA Z. Sallitt, Emm K. Demarest, PME K. Rath, BC
160 Charlie Scanlon, BC James Geiger, EA Jesse Scott, Emm J. Scott, Emm X. Gonzalez, PME C. Scanlon, BC
172 Brayden Zuercher, Naz Justin Cosover, EA Noah McIlroy, Fre J. Kocher, Whi R. Bibeau, ESN B. Zuercher, Naz
189 Jared Karabinus, Fre James DeLuise, BC Shae Linegar, EA J. Hopkins, Whi E. Gillespie, PV J. Karabinus, Fre
215 Brandon Stiehler, PMW Kurtis Crossman, EA Dante Morrison, Lib J. Rodriquez, All B. Stiehler, PMW K. Crossman, EA
285 Sean Kinney, Naz Gavin Grell, Nor Michael Gavrilesku, Prk M. Gavrilesku, Prk A. Mihalichko, PV S. Kinney, Naz


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