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Behind the Mic – Oct. 18th

October 18, 2012 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

I am not above “shilling” for the company and, in fact, enjoy doing it. So let me set the record straight right away. This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a “shill”. This is my opinion. I love the NFL RedZone!!

Let me preface that thought by telling you that I do not root for a particular NFL team – the Baltimore Colts stopped playing years ago (old-age wisecracks belong here). I do, however, love NFL football. And I have no trouble watching a game from beginning until the end – I did that last Thursday when the Steelers played Tennessee.

But on Sunday, it’s the NFL RedZone for me. Every big play, every scoring drive, every touchdown, up-to-the minute (although, I think they’re even quicker than that) updates, etc. A few weeks ago, I had family over for dinner and the men gathered around the TV for NFL football. I put on the NFL RedZone instead of the network broadcasts and they absolutely loved it. Even those who root for the Eagles wanted to watch every game instead of one game. For the casual fan, the fantasy nut, or the homer who needs to see what every other team in the league is doing, this is, literally the best ticket in your living room!

I counted 53 touchdowns this past weekend between 1:00 and a bit after 7:00. Included in the highlights was the 108 yard record-tying touchdown run by Jacoby Jones of Baltimore against the Cowboys. I had to watch on NBC all of the Green Bay vs Houston game in order to see the final contest of the day. Even better, right before the NFL RedZone goes off the air for another week, they recapped all 53 touchdowns right after the final play of the day is recorded. It’s ESPN on a case of Red Bull!!

I know it can be expensive and I know it is not for everyone, but, if you are truly an NFL fan, give it a look. It may just be worth the investment; worth giving something up to have it (except, perhaps, your family life).

Call 1-800-RING-RCN or go on (Now that IS “shilling”)



  1. After traveling to Williamsburg and Pittsburgh during September to do Lafayette football, I am really impressed with the organization and coordination it takes to get a college football team ready to play an opponent on the road. Take the game in Williamsburg when Lafayette took on William & Mary. For about 100 people (players, coaches, media, etc), there were 2 breakfasts, a lunch, 2 dinners, a late-night snack, 2 airport check-ins, 2 plane rides, an historical tour, a hotel check-in, 3 buses at each location, 4 rental cars, and a huge boxed lunch after the game. Add to that a trip to the supermarket for bananas, Fig Newtons, energy bars, energy drinks, etc to keep players from cramping up during the game. Pour (and I mean pour) in a terrible storm that pushed all the after-game plans back about an hour and a half and all 100 arrive home at 4 AM. Now do that 5 or 6 times a year if you are a big-time college football program. I’m exhausted just writing this.
  2. Why is there always one week in the NFL when upsets abound – you could easily make the case that 9 games of the 14 played this past week were upsets.
  3. Did it have to be the first week of my picks?
  4. Does Andy Reid need to win 9 games this year to keep his job? The Eagles are 3-3 right now.
  5. Why do the NY Giants look so good one week and rather average another?
  6. The baseball playoffs have had some amazing games with some amazing coaching decisions (pitch-hit for A-Rod, for example – totally unprecedented and umpire calls (why can’t “instant replay” work in baseball?). How sick do you think the Nationals’ fans are??

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Behind the Mic – Oct. 10th

October 10, 2012 By Gary Laubach Leave a Comment

“Gary, we would like you to blog on our RCN TV Web page.”

That request from our marketing department is responsible for the ruminations, ramblings and some coherent thoughts that will occupy this space. I call the blog “Behind the Mike” because that is where I have been for over 40 years and it is the perspective I bring to this space. I anticipate that most (but, perhaps, not all) of my blogs will concern the sporting world. I will offer up some NFL weekly predictions, much like I used to do on the radio each week. I am most associated with sports and I assume there might actually be a few people who care about my opinions (I am not sure why) on both the local and national level.

From time to time, I will probably get particularly irritated or, hopefully, excited with events outside of sports and feel compelled to say something. No matter what, my goal is to be interesting. That critique, however, is entirely up to you.

In addition, I will have a section called “Above the Ears” where I will offer short comments and observations about almost anything, but, again, sports will be the focus.

I certainly welcome YOUR thoughts and comments. After all, a blog is only interesting if there is dialogue.

Let’s chat next week.



  1. Do you look at political debates like a sporting event and root for a loser or a winner? Do you cheer on your candidate and inwardly boo the other? OR, do you even watch??
  2. Two weeks ago, I was in Pittsburgh to do a football game and headed out to eat with four other people. On the way, the decision was made to go to the Pirates game instead. We bought $28 tickets on the street for $10. Unbeknowst to us, it was “Fan Appreciation Night”. We received a free T-shirt on the way in, had box seats along the third base line, and proceeded to watch Homer Bailey of the Cincinnati Reds add to baseball history by pitching a no-hitter. Good $10 investment.
  3. Do you think if Tim Tebow was really better than Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan still would start Sanchez? Coaches play the player that they believe is better, especially if their livelihood depends on it.
  4. I do not think any team can challenge Alabama for college football’s national championship. Do you?
  5. Joe Paterno’s successor, Bill O’Brien, was the perfect choice for Penn State University.


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