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Winding Down

You may have read in Keith Groller’s column that I have stepped away from high school sports and I am focused on Lafayette football and basketball only. So, I am soon to be semi-retired. I love the word “semi” because it allows me to wean myself away from the microphone and not go cold turkey. After all, I have gotten used to hearing myself talk and it would be very hard to just stop.

In addition, I am down to my final four blogs. That’s right – I will stop after my 441st one. I cannot believe there have been that many, nor can I believe I was able to find that much to write about. I have been going through some of them and decided this week to bring out one I wrote back in 2012. It just proves the adage that “the more things change, the more they remain the same”. In nine years, nothing in this blog has changed.

Blog #12

Since I offered up my sports highlights for 2012 last week, I decided to venture into the world of New Year’s resolutions this week. Since I couldn’t think of anything worthwhile other than play more golf, I decided to check on the most common resolutions and see if I could fulfill those. In no particular order, I found these:

  1. Drink less alcohol. Check! No problem for me. I drink some red wine because I heard it is good for you, but only in moderation and not very often. Mixed drinks once in awhile. That’s it.
  2. Eat healthy food. Impossible! If you went from gym to gym and stadium to stadium, I defy you to find healthy food. By my count, I have devoured @ 8000 hot dogs on the job, 4000 Diet Cokes, and a 1000 or so candy bars.
  3. Get a better job. Unnecessary! If you exclude the eating problems (see #2), there is no better job.
  4. Get fit. See #2 (again).
  5. Lose weight. Ha! Have you seen #2?
  6. Save money. I can do that.
  7. Manage debt. Check! It’s managed.
  8. Manage stress. I was fine until I started to think about #2!! Now I am hoping to live through 2013.
  9. Quit smoking. Can’t. Never started.
  10. Take a trip. If you insist.

Wow! My resolutions could all be resolved if I would just eliminate the hot dog! No hot dog – no need for the Diet Coke – no need to take a trip to the snack bar – therefore, no candy bars.

I have four games this week – I’ll get back to you on that NO hot dog thing!

These resolutions are as true today as they were back then only now I have the opportunity to cut back on the hot dogs (I’m guessing I must have eaten around 4000!), the diet sodas, and the candy bars. The result could be that I could accomplish #2, #3, #4, #5, and #8. That would mean I would not only be semi-retired, but, also, only semi-happy.


  1. The Eagles had many opportunities to win Sunday’s game against the 49ers and didn’t. The Birds were not able to score touchdowns. They moved the ball and they defended, but in the Red Zone, they were totally ineffective. Let’s hope this game does not come back to haunt them. They should be 2-0.
  2. The Phillies are doing it to their fans again this week. After a dismal previous week, they are winning again and building up the hopes that they just might win the NL East. Bryce Harper is playing MVP baseball right now and the Braves are not having a very good week. As I write this, the Phils are two games out of first place. They have two games with the Braves on September 28 and 30. Those two games might decide their post-season fate.
  3. I suffered a bit of déjà-vous on Saturday night watching Penn State beat Auburn. The SEC officiating crew cost Penn State a down on an offensive series when they inadvertently took two downs away on an intentional grounding penalty. When it should have been third down, they said it was fourth and Penn State punted. The same thing almost happened in the 2019 LafayetteLehigh game, but after a punt and a 15-minute delay to discuss it, the officials got it right. It was not corrected in the Penn State-Auburn game.
  4. Speaking of Penn State, in the first poll out on Sunday, they moved up from being ranked 10th to #6. Nazareth’s Jahan Dotson was the best player on the field against Auburn (78 yards receiving and a TD, a 22-yard pass, and a 16-yard punt return).
  5. Our Lafayette football coverage continues this Saturday at 3:30pm when the Leopards take on the University of Pennsylvania. Lafayette has yet to win against three very formidable opponents, but they are playing good football. Join us.

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