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Behind the Mic: Running – Why Me?

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Running – Why Me?

This past week, I filled in for Chris Michael as the co-host of our weekly show, Sports Talk. I do not do it very often and I am beginning to think that Chris takes great pleasure in picking a topic that I know virtually nothing about. Before you say it, I know there is a rather large spectrum of topics to choose from if my lack of knowledge is the main criteria.

Last year, I hosted a show about hunting and fishing. I have always been a firm believer that seafood stores and butcher shops are the best place to garner a good piece of fish or an outstanding steak. I have never had such strong hunger pangs for catfish, trout, rabbit, squirrel, venison, etc. that I would have the urge to grab my fishing rod and rubber pants or my gun and camouflage jacket and rush out the door so that I would have something to eat. And, besides, I do not own any of those items.

I have not come to this conclusion out of ignorance. I have tried both. I fished up until the day I caught two eels. After the second, I cut my line, went home and sold my fishing equipment. My father and older brother both were hunters. I tried it as a young boy, went out with my loaded gun, fell down in the field climbing over a fence, dropped my gun, and my father and brother both agreed I should stick to football, basketball, and baseball. They were safer (for me AND for them).

But I digress. This week’s topic was about long distance marathon running and the triathlon. Since the invention of the tire and the motor, I have never seen the value of running for long distances. I consider running to my car in a parking lot when it is raining as exercise enough. The marathon was a charitable event run by VIA, a wonderful organization. Luckily, there were three representatives who knew about running and VIA’s cause that a few simple questions got the message out and filled the first half hour.

The second half hour was a single guest with a single, yet similar topic – the triathlon, an event which requires the contestant to swim, run, and bicycle ridiculous distances. If I could not understand a marathoner’s drive, how could I relate to this guy?

Kendrick Smith was the guest and he is an Ironman contestant, having chosen this new career full-time after success as an engineer. He is a very likable, sincere, dedicated, and passionate man. I found his goal of chasing his dream to be admirable and inspiring. He talked about setting goals and accomplishing them; about failure and overcoming it; about good health and achieving it. He summed up his life’s philosophy quite simply:

 “EXCELLENCE is the result of CARING more than others think is wise,

RISKING more than others think is safe,

DREAMING more than others think is practical,

EXPECTING more than others think is possible.”

There certainly is a message there for all of us. You do not have to swim, run, or cycle your way through life to pursue the kind of EXCELLENCE Kendrick espouses. Check out his website at . You will like it.

As for Sportstalk, I look forward to Chris’ next vacation when I get to discuss The Ups and Downs of Pole Vaulting.