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Do I need 1200 Mbps internet?
(and what is it good for?)

Do I need 1200 Mbps internet? (and what is it good for?)

1200 Mbps internet has many benefits including access to more bandwidth to power multiple devices simultaneously, better overall performance for your household, quicker downloads of your favorite content, faster load times, lower chance of buffering, and a more reliable connection.

Keeping up with the demands of twenty or more connected devices in a single home is no small feat.

With the rise in connected devices and smart everything, there’s an ever-increasing need for more bandwidth.

Slower speeds and outdated technology not only put a noticeable strain on your internet connection, they can also ruin your online experience.

Whether it’s listening to music in your backyard, binging the latest series everyone’s talking about, or blasting the baddies in your favorite game, a less than stellar connection can bring you down.

That’s where supersonic speeds up to 1200 Mbps paired with state of the art technology comes in to save the day.

In this article, we explore what 1200 Mbps internet is, what you can do with it, and why you might want to consider this solution.

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What Is 1200 Mbps?

1.2 Gigabits per second (Gbps) is a 1200 megabits per second (Mbps) Internet connection. 1200 Mbps may be referred to as 1.2G, or 1.2 GIG.

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The benefits offered by 1200 Mbps are real and very exciting, especially as technology advances – 1200 Mbps is the next generation internet for today’s home and its insatiable demand for faster downloads, quicker response times, higher quality streaming and more.

While we provide 1200 Mbps speed, many factors that are beyond our control can impact your speeds.

What is 1200 Mbps good for?

From smartphones, to PCs and tablets, to TVs, lights, HVAC controls and video cams – the majority of us use multiple internet connections every single day.

If you have several devices connected or users accessing the Internet at the same time, 1200 Mbps will provide more total bandwidth which will, in turn, result in a better overall experience for everyone in your house.

What you can do with 1200 Mbps internet

Stream with Wifi icon

You could have everyone in your house streaming Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Pandora, iHeart Radio, Spotify and gaming all at the same time!

Every person in your home can be doing something on every device – all at once.

You’ll be ready for future technology, like a super 8K video service that doesn’t exist yet.

Plus, you can brag to your neighbors that your internet is the strongest and fastest of all!

Benefits of high speed internet include:

  • Quick downloads
  • Fast page load times
  • Lower chance of buffering or dropped connections
  • Reliable connection on video conferencing and livestreams
  • Better support for multiple users on the same Wi-Fi network

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Is 1200 Mbps worth it?

1200 Mbps internet is worth it if you use a large amount of bandwidth on a regular basis.

It’s also worth it if you share your Wi-Fi with several family members or roommates.

Your household’s activities and number of connected devices dictate what internet speed you need. Activities and devices increase bandwidth usage and therefore require much faster speeds to operate smoothly.

1200 Mbps will provide more total bandwidth for your home, which will, in turn, result in better overall performance and happiness for everyone in your house.

Why would I need that much speed?

Device pie chart

For the same reason you’d want the latest gadgets – you want the best experience for you and your family.

Today the average household has 25 devices tied to one Internet connection in the home.

These devices can be smart TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, home security systems, appliances or game consoles.

Faster internet speeds will offer you an online experience that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Not to mention you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

If my device isn’t capable of receiving 1200 Mbps, why do I need it?

1200 Mbps internet is ultra fast and offers huge benefits for your home.

If you have multiple devices connected to the internet or individuals accessing the Internet at the same time, 1200 Mbps service will provide more total bandwidth to go around, which will result in a better overall experience for every device and user in your house.

1200 Mbps speed enables you to run all your devices at the same time and have faster downloads, quicker response times, higher quality streaming, better video viewing and more.

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What speed do you need?

Maybe you just need the essentials—or maybe you need to unleash the ultimate internet speed. Explore your options to get the best experience for every device in your home.

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How much speed do I really need?

Ask yourself: do you want to curl up on the couch and watch a show you recorded on your TiVo earlier in the week…while someone else in your house is on a computer catching up on the day’s events…and another is checking out a trailer for the next superhero movie then jumps to the latest TikTok craze…and somebody else is gaming…?

And on top of all that, you’re simultaneously running a software app update on your Tablet and smartphone – and all of you are doing these things faster than ever before.

With 1200 Mbps you can accomplish all this without giving it a second thought – it’s fast, it’s awesome.

Your life doesn’t have to come to a halt while waiting for that frustrating spiraling circle or hourglass to disappear or before being forced to shut everything down and start it back up.

You just get high-quality, fast, reliable streaming – for everyone, on all your devices.

How do I get 1200 Mbps with
Astound Broadband?

1200 Mbps is only available to new customers at this time. Astound Broadband will provide rental equipment capable of delivering the 1200 Mbps speeds.

Current customers: you can visit and enter your information to get on our VIP list. We will contact you when 1.2 Gig speed is available in your area.

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Where is 1200 Mbps offered?

1200 Mbps service is available to residential and small business customers in the following areas:

Not available in all areas. However, we will continue to work to make higher speeds available over time in areas where it’s not currently available.

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Can I bring my own modem and router?

Wifi routerYes you can bring your own modem and router with 1200 Mbps. Please refer to the recommended guidelines for equipment needed for speed tiers above 1000 Mbps.

5GE (Multi-Gig Ethernet) ports are newer types of Ethernet ports used on some modems and routers.

2.5GE ports support higher connection speeds than the Gigabit Ethernet ports previously used on most devices.

Equipment specifications and configuration

These specifications/configurations are known to work.

If you do not have these, you may not get the most from your 1200 Mbps plan:

OS Windows 10 Mac OSX 10.8
Processor Intel Dual Core i5 AMD Ryzen 5
RAM 8GB (16GB recommended) 8GB (16GB recommended)
Hard Drive 64GB 64GB
NIC (1.2G) 2.5G Base T 2.5G Base T
Windows 10
Intel Dual Core i5
Mac OSX 10.8
AMD Ryzen 5
Windows 10
8GB (16GB recommended)
Mac OSX 10.8
8GB (16GB recommended)
Hard Drive
Windows 10
Mac OSX 10.8
NIC (1.2G)
Windows 10
2.5G Base T
Mac OSX 10.8
2.5G Base T

Whole home WiFi

eero deviceAstound’s enhanced Whole Home WiFi system, powered by eero, blankets your home in fast, reliable WiFi.

The mesh network enables greater internet connection and reliability throughout your entire home.

The new eero Pro6E is now available and capable of delivering speeds up to 1200 Mbps.

Nighthawk® Pro Gaming Router

Nighthawk routerThe Nighthawk® Pro Gaming Router features WiFi 6e and the DumaOS 3.0 operating system to lower your latency, optimize your ping, and up your gameplay with a router built for gaming.

Now available with speeds up to 1200 Mbps!

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*Internet speeds may vary & are not guaranteed. Certain equipment may be required to reach advertised speeds. DOCSIS 3.1 modem with 2.5GE physical LAN port is required for 1 Gigabit speeds and higher. See for why speeds may vary. To view Astound’s FCC Network Management Disclosure see Modem required for Internet service. No contract required. Subject to availability. We substantiate that the cable modem equipment provided, and the configuration of such cable modem, meets the broadband speeds advertised when attached to a wired connection based on SamKnows testing procedures.

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